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✂️paper flower templates✂️  Project of @SydneyPaperFlowers by Anastasia Ivanova ✂️templates & video tutorials 💻online classes 📽free YouTube videos 👇👇👇

Always wondered how to make these fluffy flowers centres?
We have a few FREE videos on YouTube about them 😉
Use direct link in profile 👆

Dripping vs NON dripping glue gun
👌I have my best friend!
What about you?
📽Watch my new video on YouTube right now - link in profile

Do you know how to make these small spiky paper flower centres? 😉
If not - go to my YouTube channel right now (direct link in IG Stories today) and watch it 👌

We are on school holidays with kids 💪 working hard on paper flowers details.
Yes! I pay them) $2 for a bunch 😂

Simple things are the prettiest 👌

See the PREVIOUS post about tomorrow live video details.
If you wish to learn how to make this camellia flower - see our FREE video tutorial on YouTube (direct link in IG Stories right now)

No filters and this awkward times.
I just had a conversation half an hour ago with one of my old friends (he is old in all ways). He saw one of the photos from my recent photo shoot (which I personally adore) and said
- what have you done to it?
- nothing 🤷‍♀️
- photoshop?
- nope. Just professional photographer and minimal retouching nothing
- something wrong with it...
Then I went to the bathroom and had a look at myself in the mirror. This is what I saw. Old pullover, no makeup, exhausted, kids just went to bed, I just have got a shot of Hennessy, head ache all day long, and a pimple on top of all these.... I took a photo and sent to him.
- like it now?
- that’s much better. Now I see YOU!
I went nuts! Are you bloody serious?
But as I said he is literally the very old friend, he knows me for decades now. He saw me through so many different life periods.
So I though - whatever we do, whichever way we feel, it’s better to be natural. It’s better NO filters.
I thought I’ll do a live video here on Instagram tomorrow morning. I’ll tell you where have I been during the last month or so, what do I plan to do now, how do I plan to change everything here.
See you MY tomorrow morning, Sydney Australia 9.30 am Friday, AEST time
(almost in 12 hours from now)

Ooops, we did it again 👌
Sorry my dear friends out here the the quite times. I am like a lion before the jump..... I was busy busy for a few weeks here. Cause I have been working on something very special.
Stay tuned for a surprise 😉
Comment below that you are STILL HERE and reading me so I know I can start sharing some new stuff with you)

Paper flowers centres video tutorial right from our set up 👌
Do you do this on site? Or do you come always ready 100%? 😉

Look at this gorgeous set of flowers 😍
@wildfleurblooms used so many of our tutorials and templates - big tattered peony, small smooth peony, poppy flower (and how cute she modified this 3 layered poppies (!), poppy leaves, eucalyptus leaves and flower centres
👌Sooooo cute yet natural looking arrangement for a little girl’s room!
Very well done!
☝️all template and tutorials available in our shop - use l no in profile

My super favourite, super beautiful and super easy to make flowers here👌
Wild rose, peony, chrysanthemum, cherry blossom (all templates available from our shop - see link in profile ☝️)
Do you know why I am pretty white here during the last few weeks?
👌I work on dozens and dozens of these flowers at @sydneypaperflowers , and at the same time we learn in details how to make these flowers on our ONLIE course here at @PaperProTutorials
And I can’t wait to start the second group of our course in September. I’ll take only 10 students 🙃just stay tuned

This is how the colour sample for the customer looks like 🤗
👌not flat sheets of paper as they will CHANGE the look/shade completely once assembled into 3D flowers
I am a bit quite here for now as we have a massive list of orders at @SydneyPaperFlowers right now 🙈
☝️also I’m working on our brand new web site for @PaperProTutorials and
💥running our first group of ONLINE COURSE for paper florists )

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