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Hey there 👋

It’s been a while.. While we are sorry for that, we have some exciting news for the first time in a long time. The first of which is that we have some new music coming out very soon.

We have been in the process of recording a new EP for you which started about a year ago. We are in the final stages of the EP and so we are finally excited to announce that our EP, “If It’s Worth the Fall”, will be released February 22nd.

Our second bit of news is that we have our final show on Sunday December 23rd at The Chieftain in Worth, IL.

Let us explain what we mean by “final” show. As you can probably tell from our social media presence, we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past 6 months. As three of our members have graduated college and have started the next chapter of their lives, it becomes harder to make this band a priority. With this EP and final show we are putting Paper Planes to rest for the time being. This doesn’t mean that Paper Planes is over, but that we will all be focusing on other projects as of February.

That all being said, we are all extremely excited for this final show and would love to see as many of you there as possible. We will link the event page in the comments below if you need more information on the show. Thank you to anyone who has supported us thus far. We have had a fantastic four years as a band, but it would have meant nothing if it weren’t for you all. Hearing you sing our songs back to us at shows is why we do this in the first place ❤️ Hopefully we will see you on December 23rd so we can celebrate everything we’ve accomplished as a band, and if you cannot make it, we just want to say thank you for everything.

Much love,
Your Favorite PP Boys

Reggie seemed to enjoy himself last weekend! If you missed us at the @adpi_isu Picnic you can catch us on the @illinoisstateu quad this Friday at 7 PM, and midnight at Relay for Life at Redbird Arena

Working that marvelous studio magic for all you lovelies. 😘😘 #whateverittakes

Had a very productive weekend writing and enjoying the vibes. Can’t wait to #believeinnashville again sometime soon. Until next time ✌️#springbreak #musiccity #ibelieveinnashville

Nashville day one session, success ☑️ Photo creds: @bookofrach

@j9seahack this is for you

Happy post-Valentine’s Week! Whether you fell in love with a special someone or Pizza and Netflix, this goes out to you! #Love #music #rockoutwithyoursocksout #nakedbrothersband

The one, the only, Anthony TJ Gomez

This is pretty insane. Thank you all for everything.

Breaking this dry spell and tracking this new sound.
#customcymbals #bass #newmusic #newsound #thereclife

Happy birthday to our own Jack, can’t you tell he’s so excited for 22?

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