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BRENNY GIOVIS  Modern Lettering + Graphic Design Tomboy making pretty things. Questions+ Collabs: Courtice, ON

This was my first Love Card. Back in 2012... damn. All our favourite cards are up in the shop! Stay warm friends 💛

@kanepg I’m looking at you. Whyyyyy is it sooo cold out!? 🥶 Stay cozy friends! 😘

I don’t really remember how I met Lesley, it was back when Instagram was new and fun and we all used those ugly Instagram filters 🙈 We became fast friends and I got to help her with some of her first books. I couldn’t be more grateful to have such amazing online friends. For you always supporting me and helping me grow. Happy birthday @mushybooks! It’s been a pleasure watching your journey! And thank you so much for all the goodies. You truly are THE BEST!!! ♥️♥️♥️ Head over to her page for SALE details! #mushybooksturnsfive #shoplocal

Rushed around this morning trying not to forget anything for school. Happy last day of school to all the kiddies! My kids were so excited to give their teachers their gifts. I never know what to get them... my teachers were all old crotchety ladies. Teachers theses days are younger than you and so trendy. Any teachers out there that can give me some tips for next year?


Currently hanging out by the tree, folding laundry, in denial that it’s almost Christmas. Twinkly lights always make everything seem better right? This isn’t my ornament, but it is my tree, and really it just made me think of all the mamas that have ordered from me for their babes. Whether it’s big babes, adult babes, new babes, grand babies or furry babes. I’ve had one dad order an ornament, and I still remember his name. And that’s ok, but I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge all the mamas/aunts/grandmas who think of all the little things. Especially around this time of year when we’re all running around like crazies trying to get things done. ♥️ I hope you take a moment to yourself at some point this holiday season. 🎄

I love when you guy get your packages and are oh so happy with them. ♥️ The prettiest pictures by @bethkellmer

All the monochrome 🖤🖤🖤

How is it almost Christmas already? I have concerts, trips, meetings, lunches, dinners, appointments and volunteering all week. I haven’t cleaned my house and I need to do groceries and wrapping and teacher gifts. I only work part time. Howwwww do you full-time parents do it? Hats off to you. I’m gonna go have a coffee and try to catch a moment because my laundry isn’t going anywhere. Night friends 🤯

Sunday night vibes and The Christmas Chronicles for the 5th time with my girl. 🎄💕

✖️ CLOSED ✖️ Winner has been contacted!
Giveaway time! Just a little thanks to all you guys for supporting me by liking or sharing posts. And even buying things 😊 I’m giving away a set of personalized ornaments.

Like and tag a friend! Winner will be announced on Monday morning! Happy weekend friends! 💕

Im done! 🤗 all orders are done. Packed. And ready to be dropped off at the post office or picked up! Check your email friends! If you missed out, there is still time to pick up! The shop will be open from 10-12 with the last of our inventory for pickup/locals only! If you’re not local, stay tuned for our ornament giveaway! Happy Friday friends!

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