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Agnes Kwan 🌸  Co-founder of The Write Partner Watercolor & Calligraphy Invitations, cards & customs Watercolor Classes πŸ’Œ paperblobs@gmail.com Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This is for the days I force myself to wake up earlier, to paint even if I'm tired, to spend time with family and friends even though I just want to stay home and days I force myself to be productive so that I don't worry about work at home or the next day instead. #hello2018lettering with my thankful girls @conceptcalligraphy and @doodlingdarling πŸ’™

When I started painting back in 2016, I never thought I'd be able to put my creations to designs nor have it ever occurred to me that people would actually want me to be their designer. This is wayyyy beyond my expectation. So thank you, for trusting in both my painting and calligraphy capabilities ❀️ #etsernity .
On a side note, learn loose florals and brush calligraphy all in one this 27th January 2018 with @doodlingdarling and I.
Date: 27th January 2018
Venue: Glasshouse Damansara Perdana
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Price: RM360 per pax, RM700 for 2 pax
DM for more info!

While many can only hope, if you have the luxury and the capability to do so, just do it. #hello2018lettering with my do it girls @conceptcalligraphy and @doodlingdarling 😊 friyay!

Calling true friends, talk to the hand haters! 😎 wanted to have a yellow blend, but it was too light. Oh well.. #hello2018lettering with my friendly girls @conceptcalligraphy and @doodlingdarling β€οΈπŸ’›

I've never taken a hand-holding-artwork piece cause I can't stand how empty it looks. Some people can pull it off but somehow not me, BUT I like this one like that. Improvement! ☺️ I am like that most of the time, I feel bad for making another individual sad or unhappy. The urge to please is one tough call! 2018 shall be the year I learn to be more reasonable to myself, just like this quote! #hello2018lettering with my amazing girls @doodlingdarling and @conceptcalligraphy πŸ’›

It's actually Finetec blue green but can't see the shimmer and it looks dirty here 😐 oh well, better things are yet to come! Maybe Finetec camera just to show Finetec shimmer πŸ€— #hello2018lettering with my shimmering girls @doodlingdarling and @conceptcalligraphy ✨ oh and that pretty background? I took it from Delicious 😬

Somehow I find this quote very motivating for me. You feel the same? #hello2018lettering with my try-hard girls @doodlingdarling and @conceptcalligraphy 😎

Always wanted to create a gold geometrical background and so glad I finally did it. Modern calligraphy gives me the freedom and I love it! Of course I've also learned to love copperplate as much ☺️ #hello2018lettering with my chancy girls @doodlingdarling and @conceptcalligraphy

I actually forgot about this until I saw @doodlingdarling 's post! It's a new style I'm working on, so bear with me ok. Improvement will come! Just like what this quote says, I need to just do it sometimes as I'm too much of a planner it hurts! #hello2018lettering with my girls @conceptcalligraphy and @doodlingdarling

Happy New Year guys! Sorry for the super late wish, I'm back at work (no more holiday 😭) and you know how anal I get if I don't have natural light to take my photos. So here's a late new year wish, hope you like it anyhow πŸ™‚ and let's get #hello2018lettering started with my gorgeous girls @doodlingdarling and @conceptcalligraphy ! Oh btw! I blended my midnight blue Finetec with my Arabic gold and tada!

2017 has been by far the most memorable year for me. I've met beautiful, kind and talented people throughout this year through workshops and art jams. Words can barely express how grateful I am to be able to experience what I've experienced but would really like to thank the people who have created the opportunities for me by trusting my capabilities and those who've been uber supportive in my creative journey (like helping me scan and stuff πŸ˜‰). Most importantly, @paperblobs wouldn't be where it is now if it's not for my followers (YES YOU!) So, do accept the gratitude from the bottom of my heart and let's kick 2018's ass! ❀️ #bestnine2017

Hello hello! It's almost the end of 2017. While we sit back and reflect on 2017, it's also time to kick 2018's butt! So here we are again, @conceptcalligraphy @doodlingdarling and I, hosting a #hello2018lettering kick ass challenge. So get your nibs, waterbrush, brush and watercolor all ready! 2018 we comin for ya 😎

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