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I don't usually post non artsy pictures on this account but I need to share this with you guys! We were so lucky to catch the northern lights last night by chance! It's still summer in Iceland but the Iceland meteorological website said it was Aurora active! Caught this from our hotel room. So blessed to able to witness such beauty.

Finally continued my bakery series after the longest time. Been so caught up finishing off my commissions before the long holiday and I miss painting for something of my own! Hope to get this series done soon!

Today's agenda besides playing with my newly acquired @danielsmithartistsmaterials paints, are these paintings for a wedding menu. The bride gave me the freedom to match her menu but insisted on the wine πŸ˜‰ it will be a Chinese dinner but I'm hoping to bring a different light to it.

Happy Sunday everybody! Here's something red to brighten up your day and also less than 6 months till Christmas! (Still my favorite season πŸ˜‰)

Lately I've been gathering more inspirations from flower bouquets and flower arrangements, through which I've learnt more about flowers and color combos which filled the creativity void a tad bit more. Painting loose florals is still my go-to style, it doesn't constraint me with shapes and sizes and the best part is I can always come back and fix it easily! Or perhaps I'm just too lazy to sketch and paint along the lines. What's your style and what do you like painting most?

Here are some of my stamp hauls from #bmppendidikanseni last weekend. Shameless to say I don't even own a stamp pad at the moment πŸ€— Please admire them wrapped for now ☺️

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! That's a baguette if you can't tell, still a long way to go training up my realistic painting 😩 but here's one to serve as a reminder that we do not all start out great, it is practice that makes us fabulous *toss hair and then comes the unicorn & sparkle*πŸ¦„βœ¨

A little birdy told me I have not been painting for the longest time. Seriously don't know what I have been spending time on. Perhaps the longer working hours and having to plan for my upcoming trip to Iceland this August. So here's a birdy, if you know the name of this bird, let me know!

I wana take a moment to appreciate this setup. I've always been the one opting out from getting a traveller's notebook cause I knew I wouldn't be discipline enough to do it and that I have zero extra time to work on it. Thanks to great friends like @doodlingdarling and @liliankam , I got myself drowned in toxic. Vowed to make it only a travel journal, Ive been infected to add a lot more inserts and now I'm thinking it should also be a journal for meaningful occasions as well as a food diary. Die lah! HOWEVER, I'm gona try to make this journey as thrifty as possible (still exploring ways to do that) so that I can continue to spend on paints 😐

Did something different from my usual style but pretty happy about it. What's more fun is to be surrounded by these girls sharing art and not forgetting all the OCDs we share are hilarious. Can't wait for the next round!

Finally someone decided on a watercolor paint making class! Attended @gerald.chong 's paint making class yesterday at @stickerrific and it was innnnsightfullll! Mulling those paints sure ain't no easy job, but thanks to that, I'm done working out for the week πŸ’ͺ🏻 thanks again for an interesting class!

Something soft and subtle. Actually its because I can't seem to darken the blues especially even after multiple layers! But anywayyyy, spot the odd one out? πŸ˜‰

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