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panosskoulidasPART1  DEATH IN VENICE is a collection, a kaleidoscope, a myriad of mirrors, a massive mind spinning vortex. Get a grip . David Alan Harvey / Magnum Photos

Kicking shadows

This shadow wasn't here 3 hours ago .. everything constantly changing ( everything is subjected to Perspective , that's all to it )


Today I got stung ! You know when a GENUINE piece of ART came through the skies and through your eyes and tip of fingers used your body just like electricity uses a piece of stainless steel gave you that SHOCK . An "out of this world" BOOK ( a great , classic to be , in the future concept / design penetrated my soul, mind , spirit , today ... although these kind of revelations are becoming more rare and even more rare as Im still growing up and soul searching, this parallel universe that I call "ΣΥΜΠΑΝ ΤΗΣ ΤΕΧΝΗΣ" or "ART-Verse" - derives from the ART UNIVERSE ... as much as I respect Banksy to give an idea , same way I respect , look up to@evambk . EVA MARIA KUNZ is a great philosopher , a multi talented "out of this world" artist . It's the Artist that redefined the WORLD OF BOOKS ( paper publications , that is ). VISUALS is her middle name , CEIBA is the name of her rock n roll band . Yes it's ONLY RNR but I like it , yes WE LIKE it.. Blessed are the people that trust her fully with their work . Everything she touches she turns into gold . Yet Eva does not pay attention to any of those truths above . In fact I believe that Eva , doesn't know or doesn't care about any of the above . No I'm not saying she's arrogant , although I doubt if she knows how many LUCIE AWARDS for example she already have been awarded with . I bet you she will feel uncomfortable reading this ( hey I'm returning her a favor because her book that just arrived at my Shore "I DITCHED CLASS AND I TOOK A BATH" scared me when I opened it this morning .. why ? I'll explain in the comments , but to give u a hint : because all I saw was MEMORIES , I recognized legit memories although not mine , not from my life , but drawn from our collective subconscious .. omg , what an experience . Visit for more . Please do . If you don't know Eva's massive work and all the books she has CREATED/ designed , all her concepts by now . Now you do. Visit website and social media and.... you can thank me later .. thank you .

3pm ( 1st photo )- 4pm ( 2nd photo )

Starting to snow !!!! Bababouiiiiiiiiiii

This man says he has a mental condition called "GUITARded"

Selfie No63. 2-23-2008. Indio California ( from the LOST SELFIES series )

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