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P A N I 💋  👻 Snapchat• PANISABET 📩 Contact• ♠️ Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt, Take on the World

Block his number and enjoy your summer just like👆🏼

If you've ever experienced how amazing imperfection is, you wouldn't search for perfection💯

Soft like summer rain, gangster like Pablo

Beauty starts with healthy skin✨ thanks to @hebe_claremont for my first blackout facial treatment and thanks to @lipsandlattes for doing it so perfectly💜 I absolutely love the results👌🏼 #hebeclaremont #lipsandlattes

Baby dontchu take my kindness for weakness

Minding my own business like always



Lost in a thought💭

If all the women woke up one day liking the way they look, how many businesses would go bankrupt?

"Well, you can stick your nine to five livin’ and your collar and your tie. You can stick your moral standards
’cause it’s all a dirty lie. You can stick your golden handshake. And you can stick your silly rules. And all the other shit that you teach to kids in school"

I fuck with tim

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