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the sun will shine on us again  do everything with style creator of "Blaitelite AU" and bees queen I love spamming💕 mood: Loki [too many fandoms] pizza, pasta, mamma mi

I love Peter so much, he's a precious cinnamon roll, and he made me cry in Infinity war.
Btw, today, @arukoneko and me we are going to do a marathon of the Marvel films, I'm a happy panda now
#peterparker #marvel #spiderman

here a little cinnamon roll that I draw because I was bored and I haven't had ispiration.

you know, I'm starting to get tired of the people, like...most of them don't fight or they don't even try to get better or anything.
Sorry, I'm a bit against the humanity in this days, I'm really sorry

oh, another things that piss me off, and that I want you to stop doing, please, stop talking about me and cute in her this crush. Thank you and have a good day.
#metadora #drawing #fanart

these are my sister and me uwu
if you have read my stories you know that I'm gonna post some of my sketch ♡
hope you like it
#sketch #traditional #sister

I had this little idea, and I draw it uwu
I think it's really cute qwq/
hope you like it!
P.S.: sorry if I don't post wips in my stories, or drawings, but here it's really hot, and I hate drawing in this way. I hope y'all can understand qwq" ilysm ♡
#family #drawing #tired #blaitesans #undersavefrisk #thecuteblogger #pingu #panda #cute #chibi

I'll draw more fake screenshot soon uwu
for now, enjoy this badass Ink lmao-
(In my youtube channel there is the speedpaint btw)
#inksans #underverse #fakescreenshot #undertale

Nightmare!sans deserved much more, he didn't do anything wrong qwq
my poor little cinnamon roll twt
let him be happy òwó
#nightmare #nightmaresans #drawing

>> swipe!
today is the anniversary of one of my favourite Au: Undersave owo
Cute is not here but I'll hope she will come back soon uwu
Anyways, I'm very proud of this, and Frisky is so cute and perfect awww (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
I hope you like it ❤
#undersave #undersavefrisk #undertale #anniversary #first #gaster #chara #flowey

draw something near Pandy!
I'll post the drawing in my Stories xd, have fun and be creative (´•ω•`)♡
#drawing #pandy #challenge

who is the most beautiful pingu?
Who will answer correctly will receive...a pingu
#thecuteblogger #pingu #question

my soft bunny 💕
#blaitesans #traditionalart

I love my messy hair

I wanted to draw Frisk, so here we go!
Guys I want to take a "break" from this account, I will not spam in the stories or I will not talk with people, I'll just post stuff and watch the posts of the others
have a nice day!
#undertale #frisk

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