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Genesis P-Orridge 

Known this beauty FULL soul since 1982‼️ One Bee we never want to go extinct. Happy Fucking Bee Earth Day sweetie💋

New friend at Little Annie’s gig

This weeks progress on thee torso poor trait 19th July 2018

Writing in Volume Six ov Clarity Haynes book where she asks each being she paints a torso poor trait ov to spontaneously write about anything thee experience triggers in their thoughts. Then a photo goes next to what you write.

Little Annie is singing beauty FULL-Y at PANGEA In thee East Village...right now. And telling amazing stories!

With Lady Jaye in A22 Gallery, London for opening ov BREYER P-ORRIDGE art exhibition curated by James Birch. Early days ov public declaration ov PANDROGENY 2003

Final option for new hairstyling choices...

Or THIS haircut we had..? What is thee consensus ov which haircut to have to hopefully strengthen my currently weakened hair? Please all let me know? We are vacillating, leaning towards thee first option ov short “ pixie” cut with thee red lips.

Or THIS haircut we used to have..?

It’s when we coum across a photo like this that we see how much thee leukemia has affected my body, my hair, butter NEVER MY MIND NEVER MY ABILITY TO LOVE NEVER MY CALLING TO CREATE NEVER MY URGE TO CHANGE...

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