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*Dj Khaled voice*
Another one.

More like the last one though 😂 not gonna post anymore Selfies of this haha.

I love cosplaying Honoka but I feel like the next version I'll be wearing of her at the Cosday will be the last one.
Right now I'm not too keen on cosplaying anyways.
I still have characters I want to do/already started on it but my motivation to actually wear them/make it is zero right now. Idk if I still enjoy Cosplay as much as I used to 🤷
Well we'll see how this will work out lol.

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Posting a selfie as well bc why the hell not 💕. let's enjoy me being active for a while 😂. #llcosplay #lovelivecosplay #cosplay #honokacosplay #idolcosplay #honokakosaka #lovelive #schooldidol #germancosplay #animecosplay #llsif #llsifcosplay

Some pictures from #Japantag2018 with my lovely group.
Give them some love ya'll they all deserve it.

I wasn't sure if I just wanted to post pictures and leave the things that have happened at the #Japantag as they are - thus not writing anything about it.

But tbh I'm tired of this bullshit.
We were pretty much sexualized the whole freaking day. I can deal with comments once in a while but getting them everytime you walk by a group of men is exhausting. It wasn't just comments tho. People grabbed us in inappropriate ways and took pictures us without consent. Now I can live with the later, because that happens all the time at Convention but we asked people to delete the pictures and they wouldn't do it and get angry at us. Or if we didn't want to pose for pictures people would get rude af.
I posted about this whole ordeal in my Instagram story but the most disheartening thing was people writing us something along the lines of "well you should have expected this" "just ignore them" and what not.
Tbh I did not expect this to happen. I expected for us to have a fun day and not for us to get treated like animals.

I try to not write about too much personal stuff on this account but this is something I was deeply disturbed by at the Japantag. Being drunk is not an excuse. Japantag not being a normal anime/manga Convention is not an excuse either.
We might have dressed up and shown our bellies and some leg but this does not give anyone the right to treat us the way some men did.
I wouldn't even bother writing this down if it was just a few men who were assholes. As @hirikihime said "we are able to count the nice men on two hands while we need a bunch to count the trash"
I'm not even sure what to write anymore.
I'm glad I that we were a whole group and I still had lots of fun with my friends. Ya'll slayed in those Cosplays!
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Throwback to Jday 2016.
I'm so excited for this year we'll look so cute
Got a full arabic dancer group.
Pray for us not getting sunburned haha
Anyways say hi if you see us 💕

#lovelive#lovelivecosplay #muse #musecosplay #honokakousaka #honokakousakacosplay #germancosplay #cosplay #idol #idolcosplay #nicoyazawa #nicocosplay #hanayokoizumi #kotoriminami #nozomitojo #japantag #rinhoshizora #umisonoda

Too lazy to edit any of them so half of them are filter free haha idc.
Dokomi was fucking weird. I'm so glad that @crea.x @chocosplai @tjcosplay and @tcasone slept at my place (big thanks to Tugay for driving us btw). I don't like the fact that you can't find anyone because it got so big. I mean I saw most people I wanted to see but it felt like it was only for a second or so.
Also my original plan of cosplaying Link on Sunday fell through because it was too hot and bc of my small hangover haha (don't drink kids)
I'll wear him some other time haha.
Also special shoutout to @_seokjo_ for being so spontaneous and coming over as well 😂 hope we/I didn't annoy you too much it was a fun evening/morning with you haha you're welcome to stay here again 😂

Dokomi has never been my fav Con but there were some experiences that I would not want to trade for any money in the world.
Srsly big thanks to everyone I had a talk with. [Ach ja und an die Hamburger, wuerd euch das nur besoffn oder ueber n gammel Post sagn, aber ihr seit mir so derbe ans Herz gewachsen und immer wenn ich mich verabschieden muss wein ich n bissl. Bin leider n Steinbock deswegen muss ich so tun als waer ich zu cool fuer Emotionen haha.] #dokomi #cosplay #germancosplay

Rest in piece, Jared.
This selfie is for you. You'll always be one of the Chocobros at heart. (If you don't know Jared can you even say that you've played the game?) #ff15cosplay #promptocosplay #germancosplay #ff15 #lastminutecosplay #jaredmyman #jaredff15


Srsly I tried to edit them out but it looked weird so whatever.

It's really hard to portray a character like Saber she would never pose like this but I still wanted to post a picture.
I actually think that the wig suits me I just can't portray her that well cry.

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I wasn't able to take many selfies at the LBM.
Mainly bc of us only being there for around 4 hours and it's just really hard to ask a stranger for a selfie together when it's so freaking crowded.
If anyone knows the cosplayer that I have not tagged pls tell me 😭

#lbm #germancosplay #personacosplay #persona5 #persona5cosplay #cosplay #harucosplay

Before I post any Selfies that I took on Sunday I want to make an appreciation post for my airbnb/travel/phantom thieves squad.

As you might have seen, we were not able to debut our Phantom thieves cosplay as a group on Saturday because of the train situation. We stood in the cold for 4 hours or so trying to get a train or bus to the Con. Apparently east Germany is even worse at taking precautions for snow and they've never heard of salt. We waited until 2 pm and then we gave up bc we were too exhausted/cold/hungry.
Anyways I feel like without them I wouldn't have been able to handle the situation as calm as I did with them.
We still somehow managed to make it a nice day by taking silly pictures and recreating some vines. So yeah huge thank you to my squad. And a huge thank you for taking me in so well 😭
I only knew Chio before and only met Yukki and Yatty twice or so, and I didn't even know Lisa so I was kinda afraid that we wouldn't get along that good or that there would awkward silence between me and them while being together for 2 days (I worry too much lol). Anyways that didn't happen. I had such a good time with them and despite us only being at the Con on Sunday I'm still kinda happy that this weekend happened and that I got to know everyone so much better srsly thank you 💕💕 You guys were the best group I could have asked for 😭💕 #persona5 #personacosplay #germancosplay #lbm

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