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hey y'all. I forgot about squishies and this account and wow. I wonder if anyone still likes my account

Hey guys πŸ‘‹πŸ» wow, I haven't been on this account in so long! I've missed this! I was scrolling through someone's Instagram and found a comment I made from this acc and I decided to come back online 😊 honestly I grew out of squishies, and didn't have an interest in them anymore! I never posted on here and eventually never logged on! My sister, @squishygalorex is officially quitting squishies! She is selling all of her squishies! This makes me incredibly sad as squishies were such a huge part of our lives and it really brought us together and I really miss bonding with her through squishies :( I remembered how fun squishy collecting was and decided to start collecting again! I might also start up my YouTube channel again! So yea, here I am! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who still follows me! I lost about 200 followers while I was gone! But I still have 1500 followers/besties who I love and cherish! I can't wait to continue this acc and see how it grows! For now, enjoy this donut! ❀️ ~taylor

FULL SET OF STITCH MARSHMELLOWS OMFG CAN I JUST SAY IM IN LOVE 😍😍😍 I can't believe I have the full set! I have Squishies worth $500 CAD in my hands! Am I dreaming? Thanks to my sister, @squishygalorex, for helping me complete the set! Incredibly grateful πŸ’«

Stitch icecream πŸ¦πŸ’—
I love this squishy a lot and I'm so grateful to have it! I am aware it is missing the rubber tag! I do not care! It's still adorable! ****FOR TRADE: DM ME OFFER****

These are my favorite tags πŸ‘½
They are all so adorable 😍😍
You can find these tags on:
Stitch ice-cream 🍦
Hk fruits collection πŸ“
Hk jumbo panda 🐼
Stitch marshmallows ☁️

I'm kinda obsessed with
this squishy like omfg ❀️
Hope you guys enjoy the
New theme!! I love it πŸ’«πŸ’«

Original pie Chou 😍
Yes I do have the
Packaging for it ✨
QOTD: favourite food?
(Update - march 20th: my sister just told me this isn't the original 😭)

Omfg I've had this squishy
For so long! It's probably my
Most meaningful squishy! I
Wanna say we've been thru
"Ups and downs" together
lol but it's just a squishy! I
totally recommend this cute
Fellow to anybody who does
Not Own one! Thanks to my
amazing & talented sister...
@squishygalorex ❀️❀️❀️
For this squishy 😍😍😍😍

This is so squishy 😊😊
I adore this squishy lots -
Thank you to all who
Answered last posts
Question! If you did
Not answer already
Be sure to do so πŸ’—

Cake? Yes please! 🍰
Love this so much 😊
Hey guys should I
Create a website
And sell different
Squishies? Please
Comment below πŸ‘‡

Another post !
Love this squishy

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