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Christian Owens  Skate 3 Youtuber• @ItzChrisOwens is bae

Hey guys, I'll be doing a Gram Yo Selfie at the Youtube Plaza! Comment below on what I should do! Thanks guys! #skate3

I think I'll be posting more on here. Cool?

I do other things beside play Skate 3 all day. really! I actually do! It'd be dope If you could follow my IRL account! @itzchrisowens
Thank you and more videos coming today! 👍🏻

Bitch don't kill my vibe. Street League New Jersey 2015 is coming along well! Part 2 of the Park build is now up! #skate3
[Song:Bitch don't kill my vibe-Kendrick Lamar]

Testing out the new race track. Turns out, it's really fun. #skate3 w/@J_is_4_Jack @low_ice_

The internet is so weird man.

Filming a new secret project🎥 shhhhhh....

Mornin' Everybody! I love making these short edits cause I can use any damn song I want! 🙌🏻
[Can't Feel My Face-The Weeknd]

Comment with some song suggestions I should use in the future!👍🏻

#1 in #pancancakesphotocontest is

This is such an epic photo. I mean doing a handplant on a car in a pool? THATS AWESOME! He framed it perfectly just everything about this photo is so damn cool. Congrats and make sure to go like the original photo!
Thank you to everyone that participated in the photo contest! I was genuinely surprised over a 100 people submitted photos! We'll definitely be doing another one in the future.

#2 in #pancancakesphotocontest is @djdmnd
Honestly it was super difficult to decide if he should be in 1st or 2nd. The nollie inward heel looks fantastic as well as the spot he's at. Go LIKE the original post on bis account.

#3 in #pancancakesphotocontest is @rideaabike
Can't get better than a great view and a treflip.
Love how the boardwalk is in the background with the city as well! Go LIKE the original photo on his account.

#4 in #pancancakesphotocontest is @poopandpee1012

Not only does he have a hilarious name he always takes some dope skate 3 pics. Two things I love about this photo: the crook and how the angle shows the vastness of the stairset!
Go check out the original on his account!

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