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chandamheer stacker  contrary to popular belief, my name is not pancake. food-loving fashionista sharing sticky sweet 🥞 of #pancakewisdom in sf ✌🏾 📬:

this is my “i made it to friday & mercury retrograde ends tomorrow” face 🙌🏾

reminder: one step at a time. fancy footwear optional, but highly encouraged.

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD AN ANGEL SING? thanks to osl, i can now say yes. @florenceandthemachine 😭❤️👼🙌🏾

@sutrofootwear takes the stage #outsidelands ✌🏾

thank you all for entertaining my huji overload. we will know return back to regularly scheduled programming of wine & sf hangs... but #huji #latergrams may/will/are going to reappear at any time 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏾😁🤙🏾

“sweatpants are all that fits me right now.”

fifty shades darker isn’t just the name of a shitty book, y’all ✌🏾

‘bout to take free ukulele lessons at the laylow. feel free to hire me for your next event 🤙🏾

my vibe for this trip is huji & hawaiian print 🌴

if udon know, now you know 🍜

sucker for a good souvenir 🌈

squeezing the day one pineapple citrus spritz at a time 🍹

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