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chandamheer stacker  contrary to popular belief, my name’s not pancake. food-lovin fashionista sharing #pancakewisdom in sf ✌🏾 📬: 💼: @stackedtogether

new tote, new hood, new jeans... now, all i need is a new pose 🤷🏽‍♀️

beep beep who got the keys to the... hatchback 🤔 vrooom 🚙💨 icymi, i spent last week celebrating chinese new year with @toyotausa! from driving around to fill up on the best dumplings in town 🥟🥟🥟 to *finally* watching the sf parade irl (and not on tv!), it was an action-packed week. catch the recap on my stories + highlights 👀 #letsgoplaces #ad

i uni have eyes for you 👀 okay, and who took me to this magical place 🙈 @sushiondo is one of the latest in a string of #omakase restaurants to open up in sf. only five weeks young & this japanese + korean spot is already so, so good. yes the sushi is simple, but that’s what makes it so good. we got lucky & came on a night when it was relatively quiet, which i think helped to make the experience that much more enjoyable. sit at the sushi bar if you can & definitely order the “supplements.”
ok, now your turn: favorite sushi spot in sf/east bay? new, or otherwise 🍣

who wants to be my flowmate? @yogaworks is letting members bring a pal to class for free on the 14th + 15th, which is perfect because my friday afternoon flow class is my favorite 🙃 who’s in? 🧘🏽‍♀️
📸: @karabethnixon

perfect weather for spoonin’ 🤤🥄
happy spoon oyster a la @pabusf: uni, ikura, tobiko, & ponzu crème fraîche. keep warm & pair it alongside one of 12 featured cocktails from pabu’s latest drink menu, which pays homage to the work of haruki murakami 🥃

why yes i do have these @everlane pants in almost every color. thx for asking!

@lemaraisbakery is one of my favorite coffee shops to work in when i’m in sf. their sutter street location just started serving brunch, which basically makes it a no-brainer whenever i find myself in the area. it’s quiet, beautiful, and on nice days, the sun shines through their large windows & warms up their whole space 😊

reminiscing back to a time when it wasn’t 40 degrees & the sunshine was out so my highlighter could do it’s thing. needless to say, this is not that time. 🥶#wheniswinterover

instagram told me to come here. (and i did not regret.) #kayatoast 🍞

i feel most myself when i’m moving, grooving, and flowing. @yogaworks invited me to flow with them for the next few months & it’s already been such a game changer in getting me out of the house & out of my head.
for those 75 minutes that i’m on the mat, i’m not thinking about my client work, my to-do list, or whether or not i remembered to follow up on that email. it’s just me and my sweat 🧘🏽‍♀️😂
still in the process of finding my go-to cardio & dance classes in the east bay, so if you have any that you love, holler. & for now, thank god i have yoga to help me feel more myself 🙌🏾 oldie but goodie shot by @karabethnixon

my love note to the wknd 🙃
p.s. here’s another east bay spot to put on your list. so fresh & so 😋 @superjuicedoakland

one of my goals for 2019 is to explore more of oakland. i am a sf city girl by heart, but now it’s time to carve out a little spot for the east bay. since i work from home 99% of the time, i want to start by finding cool coffee shops to hole up at least once a week. criteria: plentiful parking, scrumptious snacks, soy or oat milk alternatives (lol), and laptop-friendly. any east bay friends have suggestions? 🙏🏾

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