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誰も  🤼‍♂️ mma | gaming 〰️ @bodybuildingcom 〰️ @dymatize @youfreshnaturals 🌱 vegetarian’ish bass-head bodybuilder

🎥: @buendiaa_3 recorded on the brand spankin’ new iPhone but Instagram quality downgrades it to potato quality // song name is Rudestorm by Da Sand 🐫

*game face Omurr don’t fucc dis up, everyjuan is watching, can’t lewk weak, got2 keep c0mposure since I’m now a #Gymshark athlete like @darrentill2 🦍*

Haven’t been active as of late because of boring adult stuff going on so bare 🐻 with me. For now, here’s a video of me pretending to lift heavy

This was a few weeks ago before I grew my beard out when I finally managed to hit four 45-pound plates for one all-natty rep. Did all that with a hat on too 😌

Not a whole lot of reps but fucc it, I’ll take it, not competing with anyone but myself, as corny as that sounds 🌽👨🏽‍🌾

💙 @bodybuildingcom @dymatize

#bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #strengthtraining #powerlifting #powerlift #powerlifter #crossfit #fitness #iifym #dymatize

🙏🏼Thank you @onohawaiianbbq for sending me a gift card for my birthday...almost three months ago lol I’ve been meaning to go but I’ve legit been busy with adult stuff. Adulting is hard 🌚

🥗Both of these dishes are the island fire chicken plates. You need this in your life if you love spicy chicken, just saying🔥

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Strawberry Shortcake protein pancakes because strawberries are delicious, short because I’m 4 foot 19 inches, and cake because there’s no better way to start off Hump Day than with some Cakes in your face 🍰🍰

Made with 👉🏼 79.5g of @KodiakCakes Power Cakes Mix, 1.5 scoops (49g) of @Bodybuildingcom Vanilla Signature Whey Protein, 6oz of @RippleFoods Plant-Based High Protein Milk, and a handful of strawberries, chopped finely into small cubes

👉🏼Topped off with a @SnapNutrition Vanilla Marshmallow bar (this protein bar was amazing, you guys weren’t kidding), @YouFreshNaturals Sugar Cookie Muscle Nut Butter, and more strawberries because health 🌱

✅ Macros: [not including the muscle nut butter or strawberries] 682 calories, 17g of Fat, 63g of Carbs, 16g of Fiber, and 80g of Protein 🤤

#bodybuilder #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #weightlifter #weightlifting #strengthtraining #powerlifter #powerlifting #crossfit #proteinpancakes #proteina #iifym #iifymgirls



If you haven’t had Ube yet, Ube’tter go get some ASAP because you’re missing out on those purple yams🍠

👉🏼 Made with 40g of a Red Ribbin Ube Mamon pastry, 53g of @kodiakcakes Power Cakes pancake mix, 1 scoop (33g) of @bodybuildingcom Signature Vanilla Whey protein, and 6oz of @ripplefoods Plant-Based High Protein Milk

👉🏼 Topped off with a @optimumnutrition Berry Cheesecake Bite and drizzled in Sugar-Free Maple Syrup from @wincofoods

👾 MACROS: [excluding the syrup] 572 calories, 13g of Fat, 55g of Carbs, and 54g of Protein 💪🏼

#proteinpancakes #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #powerlifter #powerlifting #strengthtraining #weightlifter #weightlifting #weighttraining #iifym #crossfit #proteina

The brand new #QuestNutrition Maple Waffle protein bar 🍁


🔬 190 calories, 6g of Fat, 24g of Carbs, 16g of Fiber, and 20g of Protein

🧐 So how was it? It was good. I actually tried the bar twice before writing this review because of its salty aftertaste

👉🏼 It takes some getting used to but it’s not overwhelming. It was just unexpected. Maybe it’s just me but all the maple syrup I’ve had before wasn’t salty

🍁 The maple syrup gooey filling was so really good. I just wish it had more because it was just that good. It’s also very sticky but sticky is a good thing in this case 🤤

✳️ 7/10. It’s a good protein bar with excellent macros. Their recent brownie bar is still my favorite from the recent flavor releases

#onaquest #proteina #proteinpancakes #proteinbar #proteinbars #legday #chestday #powerlifter #powerlifting #strengthtraining #bodybuilder #bodybuilding

📍Found at @target

Rocky Road Trip @Oreo Cookies. Finally @nabiscosnacks makes an #Oreo that sums up 2018 so far

First off, lewkkk at those chunkzzzz 🤤 I’m all for chunky snaccs so I was pretty stoked when Nabisco announced this flavor. I really do hope they make a carrot cake flavored Oreo one day, that’ll be the end of me

I loved it. I love chocolate Oreos. So these having marshmallow nutty chunks just made them so much better

✅ 8.5/10. These are worth trying out. And definitely worthy of finishing a whole box of. “But Omurr thass a lotta calories and fat. I’m going to waste all my macaroons for the day 😢” complete nonsense. Finish the whole box, believe in yourself, and don’t track it on my fitness pal so you won’t gain weight. Easy.

🍓 The Strawberry Delight Oreos from a few weeks ago are still better in my opinion🦄

#oreos #rockyroad #cheatday #cheatmeal #iifym #iifymgirls #legday #chestday #bodybuilding

🔹Kicking off the week with this #bodybuildingcom Signature Whey Protein Stacc 💦 -
🍰 Made with 👉🏼 1.5 scoops (50g) of @bodybuildingcom Chocolate Whey (use my code GURU to save some cash), 79g of @kodiakcakes Power Cakes, and 6oz of @ripplefoods Plant-Based High Protein Milk
🍰 Topped off with the brand new Rocky Road @oreo and drizzled in @youfreshnaturals Death by Chocolate Muscle Frosting 💀🍫
✅ MACROS - [excluding the muscle frosting and Oreo] 532 calories, 10g of Fat, 48g of Carbs, and 64g of Protein 💪🏼
#strengthtraining #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #proteinpancakes #proteina #iifym #powerlifter #powerlifting #crossfit #edm #chestday #foodie #oreo #oreos

Happy Sunday everyone. Late breakfast today. Usually in the early morning wood I do some poké’ng but I decided to sleep in a little longer 😴

[the bowl had spicy tuna, spicy salmon, salmon, and tuna. With seaweed salad, cucumbers, cilantro, pineapple, jalapeños, and onion drenched with garlic ponzu, spicy ponzu, and eel sauce with a shit ton of ginger, all on a bed of brown rice and a salad because fitspo]


I have a long week coming up 🤖I got some cool stuff from @questnutrition and @bodybuildingcom in the works, I’m bringing back one of your favorites [can’t say what it is 🤫 if I do I have to kick you], and I’ll be doing another giveaway so stay tuned for that 🤤🍕

Have a good rest of your day!!🤟🏼

#pokebowl #foodie #foodporn #sundayfunday #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #crossfit #strengthtraining #powerlifting #powerlifter #poke

🎉#RSPNutrition Chocolate Brownie Buckwheat Protein Pancakes for some much needed hump day motivation 🍑 it’s Wednesday my dudes, we’re halfway there 🙏🏼

👉🏼Made with 46g of @bobsredmill Organic Buckwheat flour, 4.5oz of @ripplefoods Unflavored Plant-Based Protein Milk, and 1.5 scoops of @RSPNutrition’s Truefit Chocolate Protein powder

👉🏼Mix all dry ingredients in a mid-size bowl, add the milk, mix thoroughly and let sit for 5 minutes, to get the batter nice & thicc

👉🏼Spray coconut oil into a flat pan, bring the heat up to 1-2 and let it warm up for a bit. Cooking at a lower heat is ideal to getting perfect cakes 😌

🍦Topped off with the brand new @RSPNutrition Protein Brownie, a scoop of @halotopcreamery Candy Bar ice cream, and drizzled in Hershey’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Syrup

✅Macros for dis stacc are: 749 calories, 21g of Fat, 86g of Carbohydrates, 20g of Fiber, and 70g of Protein

[Chocolate Syrup was not included in the macros]
#bodybuildingcom #strengthtraining #proteina #bodybuilding #weightlifter #powerlifting #proteinpancakes #crossfit #cheatday #legday


🎉 Happy to announce that I’m part of the @bodybuildingcom team 🎉 so I guess you can say I’m officially a “bodybuilder” hehehe 🙂

I never thought that I’d be part of the team where it all began. Whether I was looking for recipes, supplement information, reading blogs, looking up workouts, or buying supplements, BBCOM has always been my go-to website so I’m really thankful of now being a part of it 💯🙏🏼

You can use GURU for a discount on all of the @bodybuildingcom products 🙏🏼

I got some cool stuff planned ahead. Especially one in particular! 👾 I hope everyone’s having a good day!!

📷: @buendiaa_3 🙏🏼💯

#bodybuildingcom #bodybuilding #proteina #powerlifting #strengthtraining #weightlifter #weighttraining #crossfit #bodybuilder #legday


📣 #RSPNutrition Giveaway 📣

What better way to cure those Monday blues than hosting a giveaway?? 😁 I tried these out this weekend and can confirm that these protein brownies are the real deal 🤤 (the brownie that was melted was my favorite. I left it in my car for a bit and the hot 100° degree weather came in clutch🏀)

The winner will get a FREE box of the brand new @RSPNutrition Protein Brownies (which are exclusively launched only on @Bodybuildingcom), you can choose from:

🎂Birthday Cake
🍪Chocolate Chip Cookie dough

These are packed with 16g of high quality protein, 4g of fiber, zero artificial colors and flavors, and zero trans fats. This gluten free soft baked brownie is here to satisfy all your cravings, in three delicious flavors, without any of the guilt!

🎉It’s easy to enter, all you have to do is:

1️⃣Must be following @rspnutrition and my page @pancakeguru (we will check)
2️⃣Tag at least ONE friend (each tag is an entry)

🇺🇸US Residents only
🏆Giveaway ends this Wednesday!!

#bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #proteina #proteinpancakes #weightlifting #weightlifter #powerlifting #strengthtraining #crossfit #iifym

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