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Crossing the road may be dangerous if you are a Black man in the US and 21-year-old Devonte Shipman has recently proved it.
After Shipman crossed the crosswalk on Rogero Road he was approached by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Deputy J. Bolen. Shipman was told that he crossed the crosswalk illegally and would have to pay $65 fine for it. When Bolen saw a camera in Shipman’s hands he became furious and the situation escalated.
Shipman was told that he had committed three crimes: crossing the road without using the crosswalk, crossing while the signal displayed a “red hand,” and not having identification on him while being questioned. Shipman asked for a warning, instead of a citation, but was detained and threatened with arrest.
During the video, it’s clear that another pedestrian jaywalked, but he wasn't detained or arrested or yelled at. It’s clear that the jaywalking is only an excuse to attack a Black man. This situation could get much worse. We all remember cases when Black people were literally killed and it was caused by the jaywalking. It’s the fact that cops these days don’t need a serious cause to attack a Black man. When they need it, they will find a reason and a corrupted system will protect them. No justice for a Black man in this country.

Video by Vonte Shipman (facebook)

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Don't let anyone stop you. Word can hurt, but you can use this pain and turn it into something beautiful. It was never easy to be Black in America, but you should make a lemonade.

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Myya D. Jones is only 22-years-old but she overcame a great number of obstacles that would break anyone. Starting with the raising five siblings all by herself, suffering from a bipolar disorder and surviving sexual abuse. But she didn’t let it stop her.
She was accepted into Cass Technical High School and was awarded 18 scholarships to attend Michigan State University where she’s currently studying business management.
Jones who was born and raised in Detroit wants to use all of her energy and knowledge to help enact change in her hometown. This is why she’s running for mayor of Detroit. As she said, her main goal is to give voice to the voiceless. She also says that Detroit’s current administration doing a good job, but she has the ideas for improvement.
If someone can rebuild a whole city and make it great again it should be the Black Woman!
It’s such a pleasure to see the whole nation waking up and seeing so many Black Queens taking action and changing the game!
#move9 #move #themove #moveorginization #westphiladelphia #somethingsneverchange #onthemove #cornelwest #mumiaabujamal #hate5six #philadelphia #knowledgeispower #blackpride #blackpower #blacklivesmatter #unite #panafricanrootsmove

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