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First hike of spring!!
#flowerhair #tuscany #maremma

Heerlijke dag in De Pont in Tilburg.

Heerlijk avondje Wunderbaum met de collega's.
Super leuk en volgende keer zijn we er weer bij!

Het deed toch weer deugd om met deze twee heren op pad te zijn. #wefreekings

The best part of traveling with a professional photographer is that you look at familiar things with a fresh eye and a new appreciation for their beauty. Even at yourself ;)
Two days ago I spent the afternoon in an olive grove with @isissturtewagen to model for her, and I enjoyed every second of it, especially the quiet moments together. Waiting for the sun to set under an olive tree, talking about the small and little things, a perfect afternoon with the very best of friends.
#tuscany #adventureswithfriends #portraits

Waiting for the sunset in an olive grove. Had @isissturtewagen for company because I got to model for an evening photo shoot.
#vacationswithfriends #arethebestvacations #tuscany #poderesantapia

Nu eens niet achter de lens maar voor de mijne ;) Wandelavonturen met @isissturtewagen in Toscane.
#maremma #tuscany #poderesantapia

Gazpacho by me, picture by @isissturtewagen .
It's easy to live the good life in #tuscany, especially with good food and even better company.
#poderesantapia #maremma #mmmmmfood

Recovering from the heat in my grandparent's garden. Long live trees and shade.
#grandparents #deschalmei #welovemutti

One day later, I'm still blowing bubbles to celebrate the love between Isis and Bertus.
Yup, my best friend, @isissturtewagen, got hitched and I got to celebrate and master the ceremony in a fabulous dress made by my mom, @wis_g.
It was a day filled with love, as wedding days should be.
#mcinthahouse #weddingbubbles #madebymom

Enjoying the good life with my mom, @wis_g
Homemade pizza, wine and good conversation.

Even collega steunen, heerlijk concert van Binti meegemaakt vanavond. #erzelfsnaarantwerpenvoorafgezakt

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