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Pamela Pekerman  mom +wife + TV host + editor 💛time-saving tips, drinking Rosé & home spa nights are my jam 💛YouTube every Monday👇Hustle Like a Mom 💛#HustleLikeAMom

Good morning, mamas. Let’s get motivated and kick off the week with extra hustle. In today’s episode of Hustle Like a Mom, I am chatting with @nikicheng55, an interior designer turned NY furniture franchise mogul. 💛

Niki is a mom of 2, a major hustler, and the embodiment of the American Dream. We chat about what it was like to be 25-year-old Asian immigrant in NY, with poor English skills, and seeking work. We also discuss how yoga plays a roll in her life. Fun fact: most of the #hustlelikeamom videos are filmed in @calligarisny which are owned by Niki. 💛

Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this #momchat and many more loaded with momspiration. 🌸💛 COMMENT: if you like this video, drop some love here and on YouTube, let me know you want more. If you relate to Niki’s immigrant hustle or Asian American experience, sent her love. #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurlife

I love my Sunday Spa Night - even if it’s 15-minutes for a shower, a simple body oil indulgence followed by a coconut collagen latte (see link in bio for recipe). Tonight, I’m pampering my body with @10&Co for Mom Sunday Spa Night.

@10&Co are all natural Pure plant oils. It’s the ultimate skin squad for clean beauty. Skin meets oil. Oil meets skin. It’s the meet-up we all want to join. I am using the Mother Lover tonight- it is rejuvenating body oil, loaded with an antioxidant-rich blend that soothes irritation and lightens scarring. It’s ideal for baby bumps, to help avoid stretch marks, as well as all mamas seeking extra mother lover for their body. I focus on my inner and outer tights, which stretched quite a bit during both pregnancies. 💛

With my new website launching this week, god willing 🙌, I’d love to know ... COMMENT: What is your beauty dilemma? What do you want me to test for upcoming Spa Nights? what product are you searching for and just can’t find? 💛 I’m here to help find you time-saving beauty and wellness tips, and remind us all that we need to carve out time for #MeaningfulMeMoments. #momSundaySpaNight #SkincareRoutine

With school being out, and mamas seeking ways to keep the littles occupied + get them ready for pre-K and Kindergarten, I’ve found my new BFF to keep the kids entertained and on board with learning.

This week, we’ve been exploring the Big Fun Activity Books from @highlightsforchildren and I’m elated that the munchkins enjoy learning with these colorful and engagement books. Seriously fab find 🙌 that we do for 20-30min per day, per munchin. It doesn’t take much, just takes persistence to teach them to love words/books/learning.

Does anyone else remember Highlights from their childhood? Mom 💛 @askmalvina watching my kids enjoy these books reminds me of the many amazing memories learning, reading and crafting ideas from #HighlightsMagazine. PS Stay tuned for a fun giveaway from @highlightsforchildren #studytime #schoolsoutforsummer #learningtime

It's National Pink Day, a favorite hue of mine to wear ... and drink! Put on your fav pink dress, grab some Rose (hiding it in a non-wine glass and calling it “mama’s juice” is acceptable) and enjoy this beautiful Saturday. 💛

PS this is my super stretch, where it any way @tinastephens.stores dress. It’s one size fits most (I wore it while preggers - see instastories). Plus it’s an easy wash and wear, no dry cleaning, no fuss. 💛
COMMENT: What is your favorite clothing item? #momstyle #wearpink #balancing

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate 🍫 and that is kind of the same thing. 💛

Our amazing new nanny made me smile by making her famous chocolate eclairs, but with gluten free flour and less sugar than usual! The two of us are also cooking up some gluten free and high fiber desserts, this summer. Stay tuned for recipes, on the new website.

For now, off to celebrate shabbat and National Chocolate Eclaire Day! 😋 COMMENT: what are you eating tonight? Are you able to make it a family dinner night? #fridayvibes #chocolateeclair #familydinnernight

A little yoga tree pose, to kick off summer. Why not! 🧘‍♀️ 💛

Being a mindful mama, living in the moment is not easy. We have a million and one things on our plates, ladies. But, I find that when I kick off the mornings with a zen routine of any kind - journaling, closing the bathroom door and laying on the rug and listening to my own breath, sipping some tea, or enjoying a few yoga poses, does make the day flow better. So here’s my self reminder and my mama tribe kick in the booty for all of you, lets all try to devote the first 5 minutes of the morning to mindful activities that anchor our bodies in self love, mindful motherhood and joyful living. Be open to new ways to live, flow and #mamaste 💛

PS Today is #internationalyogaday and @adidaswomen @onetreeplanted will plant a tree for every yoga tree pose shared on social media #adidastreefortree xo @candicekumai for sharing this awesome #dogood campaign with me 💛

About yesterday ... 💛🌸🙌 a special, little man turned 4-years-old. 🎂 A sweet, little girl graduated from pre-kindergarten. 👩‍🎓 A seriously blessed mama was fully mindful of the magic that swirls around her.

We did not go photo crazy. We did not try to have super tight plans. We were perfectly imperfect, as my friend @candiceKumai says an appreciation for #wabisabi is key to your joyful life.

When we over plan, over commit, over photograph (ya, I know it’s hard not to whip out the phones and videotape all the precious moments) but when we do all that we are not enjoying, living, experiencing. I love a good photo, and I love sharing with all of you, but often times I don’t share our evening routine. I don’t insta-instagram my family life. These mama-drama-crazy-cuddles days will fly by, I want to cherish them in my heart, fully feel/smell/taste their goodness. I hope this doesn’t come off as preachy, but I think us 30-something mamas need to know when to snap and share, and when to feel and focus on the now. 💛 #mamaste PS today is #internationalyogaday let’s yogi our way into mindful living. 💛

COMMENT: how do you bring yourself into the moment and stay mindful? #mindfulmama #liveinthemoment #powerofnow

When you know you’ve found your Prince Charming, fireworks always go off. 💛

Happy National Kissing Day. I hope you’ve been kissing your man, your munchkins, your mama - but not with the same style 😃. 💛

For tips on how to keep your lips kissably soft and youthful, click link in bio. COMMENT: What’s your favorite lipstick or lip care products? #kissing #kissingday #lovemyhubby #livingthegoodlife

Let’s get motivated to live our best lives, mamas. Today, on #hustlelikeamom I am chatting with Jessica Luengo, the founder @naturallycleaneats my fav health bars. She is a mompreneur that makes Clean Eating Nutrition Bars that taste delicious and are loaded with ingredients you can actually pronounce. We chat about what it’s like to break into the male-dominated food industry, when to say yes and when to park your ideas, and, of course how to manage life with a business and kids. 💛

Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with momspirarional interviews. 🌸💛 #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurlife

To the man who made me believe in my womanly and motherly confidence. To the father that worships his children. To the little man that someday (long from now!!!) will make me a proud grandma .... to the men that love their strong, sexy women, Happy Father’s Day. 💛 #fathersdayfun #dadsrock #fatherandson

Happy Fresh Veggies day 🍅 🌽! The munchkins and I love our veggies, and make a game out of eating our rainbow 🌈 ! But getting them into healthy eating habits started from day one, which is why I used to give them @pure_spoon yummy, cold pressed purées created by this fab mama-on-a-mission Alyson Eberle. Pure Spoon makes the best in fresh baby food (because the process of making it is way better than competitors, retaining more nutrients !!) that is shipped right to you. Savvy new mamas like @daphneoz love them! COMMENT: what veggies and fruits do your kids love? And do you do anything creative to squeeze in more veggies into the munchkins? #eatyourveggies #eattherainbow #mamaonamission

Nothing makes me happier than finding stylish items that are easy to put on, easy to wear, and have extra storage. Mama needs pockets to store the junk .... errr essentials ... she collects from her kids. 💛 •
“Mama I don’t need this bandaid.” “Mama can you hold my car.” “Mama I don’t want this hair clip anymore.” “Mama here’s a rock from the playground.” 💛

Well, this mama is smiling pretty with some super cute, pocket-loaded dresses I’ve been scooping up from @amazon for under $30!! Now that’s a reason to smile and properly celebrate National Smile Day! COMMENT: what makes you smile? Do more of it!! And if you need momspiration, check out my Instastories. #smilejustbecause #nationalsmileday #dresswithpockets

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