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"A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Mamas, we are so strong. We are so smart. We are so capable of handling it - whatever it is. But, we must never forget that asking for help (from our moms, husbands, friends, etc) is not a crime. It doesn’t make you less motherly, less “perfect”, less worthy ...

Click link in bio to check out my Hustle Like a Mom chat with @randizinn about her life as a mom, flowing from yoga teach to mom mogul, and cultivating the Beyond Mom within herself. #hustlelikeamom #momspiration #mondayquotes #beyondmom

I may not have all it all together, but at least I have the tools and tricks to weather the storm ... like when my still-newish nanny gives m notice, just when I think I’ve figuring out work/family/fun/breathe/hit repeat schedule ...

That’s when mama phones another mama friend to b*tch + stock up on time-saving beauty essentials! That salon visit isn’t happening for a while. Fortunately, today’s mani was created courtesy of @sally_hansen Big Polish Guards cuticle protectors. Because you can usually make one hand look semi presentable, but that second hand just looks a hot mess. (see Instastories for more)

Mess no more, with these easy to use, wraps that come off and remove all your mani overflow mistakes. And, opt for a quick dry shade, so you can pop back into mom mode in seconds, OR like-tonight pop into bed and start writing up a new schedule. 💛 COMMENT: what are your beauty time savers? #momsundayspanight #selfcarefirst #momtruth

It’s official the end of summer, the crisp winds have ushered in a new harvest of activities. Were swapping out pool days for lazy walks along the pond.

The munchkins and I really love playing in the autumn leaves, trying to climb trees, and, occasionally, staying out in the rain. Let them enjoy the leaves, the mud and the fun - that's why we have washer machines! COMMENT: What is your favorite acitivity to do in the fall, with your kids? #familyfun #fallfoliage #suburbanliving

Suburban life brings a need for new fashion essentials, of course. And mama is stocking up on capes and wraps and all things cozy.

The crisp fall freeze means I’m living in my new gray, ruffled wrap from @pookiescarsdale. It’s super versatile taking me from school drop off, to train ride, to Costco (my current location) to meetings in the city. Major points to Pookie & Sebastian a fashion-forward, contemporary boutique that gets mama’s need for a shop to be open past 5pm!! Hello 🤗 #imstillaliveafterfive 💛

Wraps are the perfect way to transition from summer to fall. Belt them, layer them under you summer maxi. Swap in a sexy 90s-inspired turtle neck when temps drop even more. Wrap yourself in cozy love and keep checking my instastories all weekend for great wraps. 💛
COMMENT: What is one transitional piece you cannot live without? #scarsdale #westchestermoms #fallfashions

Mama loves a good nap, and she also likes a little pre-bedtime beauty shopping combined with crossing off food/family essentials off her list.

I’m super pumped about e-shopping on the newly re-launched @jet which is catering to us millennial and 30-something mamas, that love a well curated food, home, fashion and beauty experience that really speaks to our need for time-saving and lux-loving finds. They carry a ton of eco-friendly brands, plus an assortment of city-specific goodies (for now just NYC, but more is coming). 💛

Did I mention they are kicking off same-day and next-day delivery services in most NYC areas, with other urban hot spots coming soon? So I can snag some Freeman face mask, and lunch box snacks within minutes. Best of all, when you shop it feels like someone sat down and thought about that you need - someone actually did ... i Met those someone’s and I was delighted it wasn’t a computer algorithm, but real humans thinking about what other real, busy mama humans want to help them manage the cuddles meets the crazy? COMMENT: have you ever shopped on @jet ? What’s the weirdest combo of items you ever placed in your checkout? Me - diapers, pink sweeter dress and bounty. #momtruth #onlineshopping #ourcartsaredifferenthere

Bee-grateful. And enjoy those apples 🍏 dipped in honey 🍯 for a sweet New Year. 💛 #YomKippur #livewithjoy #gratitudeattitude

This month is chock full of holidays, with tonight’s Yom Kippur (day of atonement) being a big one. All I can say/wish for us all is the mantra Bee-grateful. 💛

The holdiays for me are all about feeling grateful for being together with family, and, of course, creating a settling that is beautiful ... and super simple. I love going to crafty stores like @michaelsstores and stocking up on faux flowers, leaves and ribbon. I’m also obsessed with using terrain vases on table scapes, as well as Chalkboards 🙌 of all shapes and sizes. Now, off to cook the rest of dinner - okay so most of the food is done by the grandmas ... but at least I make time to set the table! Can’t do it all, all the time #momtruth COMMENT: Do your kids help you decorate and dress up the table for dinner?

My mama was, and continues to be, the greatest teacher - a teacher of love, compassion and kindness. 💛 Today on #hustlelikeamom I am chatting with another mama @nicoleyoungstyle that teaches me the joy of doing the lite thing, and finding food (and drinks!!) that makes mama feel good.

Nicole is a food, lifestyle and drink commentator, who makes me laugh so hard with her mom truth bombs, I’m ok getting the wrinkle marks from it! Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with inspiration mompreneurs. 🌸💛 #motivationmonday #momtruth #mommotivation#mompreneurlife

Buzz off wrinkles and tired skin. This mama is putting her hand in the honey 🍯 jar and pulling out royal, youthful glow.

I’ve been gathering a bunch of Honey products for a beauty round up for my blog, and the queen bee 🐝 is @jafracosmetics revitalizing Longevity Balm. It’s part of the brands New Jafra Royal collection and is infused with Manuka Honey as well as Jafra’s cutting edge Royal Jelly RJX  technology which delivers the powerful nutrients of Royal Jelly with more power, potency and precision for added skin benefit.

FYI on Manuka Honey - I’m taping a Good Day NY segment tomorrow on this ultra sweet beauty booster. Manuka Honey soothes and hydrates the skin with antioxidants, while super nutrient Royal Jelly, rich in proteins, vitamins and amino acids, restores and provides deep nourishment. Follow #bts tomorrow as I feature this beauty find and others @fox5ny . COMMENT: what’s your sweet beauty routine tonight? #beautyroutine #momsundayspanight #skincareroutine

It’s been a busy week, and there’s no better way to unplug than spend time outdoors with the munchkins and the hubby. (Okay a face mask is also a good idea - see Instastories). But m, ya, Westchester is chock full of wonderful nature loving events that we are earring up - literally. 💛

Two weekends ago we went to Cornocopia at #philipsburgmanor. Thursday, we walk 10minutes to a cheesy farmers market. Tomorrow, it’s apple picking and a walk around #KensicoReservoir. We love doing anything fun outdoors. Living in Westchester we are so much closer to the farms, the free flowing breeze, and endless wholesome fun. COMMENT: What do you love to do during the fall season, to unplug? #naturelover #familylife

Everyone has their “uniform”, the go-to fashion and accessories that make them look good, feel great, and keep on hustling. My go-to accessory is a statement necklace, usually from @fairchildbaldwin.

For instant wow, I later it over a simple white tank from Gap of a flowey dress from my other go-to (and fellow hustling mama) @ramybrook. The necklace is super light-weight, made of multi strand beaded resin and an adjustable magnetic closure. It’s easy on, easy off - great if you have a child that likes to tug because it will not rip! It comes in a rainbow of colors... reminds me, I need a new color for fall! 💛

COMMENT: what color should I buy next? Grigio/Gold, Cafe au Lait or Marble Lilac? Vote on instastories and share your go-to accessory.

The idea that any mom has got it figured out is ludicrous! Which is all the more reason to listen to moms that you think have it all together drop their #momtruth bombs! And that’s what I’ve been doing all week long on @momsgotthisshow #MOMSGOTTHIS podcast hosted by my dear friend @stacyigel and new mama friend @michplustwo.

There are four fab podcasts that focus on career evolutions, mom journeys, the highs and lows, the products that help us save time, the work-mom life flow, and our dreams and aspirations for our kids and ourselves. 💛

Click the link in bio, listen to my interview but do subscribe to this fab show which has amazing moms every week💛. COMMENT: do you listen to podcasts or do you prefer visual interviews ie YouTube or Facebook live? #hustlelikeamom #mompreneurs #momchat

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