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Do Good. Be Kind.

It’s a simple phrase I used to say to the kids after my final good night kiss. Now, after reading time and our final kisses, I say “do good” and they respond “be kind”. 💛

Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give. As we head into the holiday season, and with today being World Kindness Day, it’s so important for us to remember that STEM and STEAM are all good and well, but teaching the munchkins to be kind is one of our greatest tasks, as parents. COMMENT: What is one way you teach your kids the value of kindness and being a generous human? #kindnesscounts #smilesformiles #worldkindnessday

Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. 💛

That mindfulness might mean leaving the dishes in the sink so you can have a spontaneous dance party, or stopping in the middle of your soccer play to pick a flower for your mama. YES 🙌 that happened !! YES 💛 mama evaporated on the spot. YES 🙏 mama is blessed. Be blessed. Live your hot happy mess life ... I am 🤪 and I’m sharing the cuddles and crazy, and the time saving tips to make our mom tribe better. I hope you’re enjoying the journey with me. I welcome your comments and suggestions for future YouTube videos, TV segments and blog post topics. 💛 •
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Sometimes, mama just needs a few moments to breathe and be alone. Stepping out for a 5-10 minute walk is a healthy way to change the scenery and flip the positive switch in your mind. This Sunday Spa Night, lets remember that pampering yourself isn’t just about bubble baths and beauty tweaks. 💛 Self care is daily rituals, like walking or pausing to feel your breath or journalling your gratitude. 💛

Nature walks be it in the woods, by a pond, or a little park in the city, can help you be a better mom. Yup a 5minute walk every day will help you walk into the house/office with less stress, more clarity and even more energy! Try it. Check out what @thejenniferwalsh shares in her feed about the impact on nature on your brain 🧠. COMMENT: Are you a walker or runner? How do you feel after the walk/run? #naturelover #westchesterliving #walkinginnature

Weekends are for nature walks, exploring Westchester and enjoying the pond behind our house. It’s tech free time. It’s our time. It’s savoring the moments time. It’s learning to appreciate the slower pace of life ... until you have to run after the kids to prevent them from falling into the pond 🤪 #cuddlesmeetscrazy . 💛 COMMENT: What do you do to teach your kids to be still? #weekendtime #naturelover #westchesterliving

Friday’s should always include comfy sexy style ... all the better if it’s a GIVEAWAY CLOSED👖🎉

I’ve partnered with premier Turkish denim brand @Mavijeans to gift two lucky mama’s jeans. Mavi just debuting their new supersoft line, which I’ve been living in and love 🙌. The brand has built success on products of superior quality and on the “Perfect Fit” strategy. The SuperSoft denim collection was engineered to achieve superior fit retention, structure and stretch, all in one. I want you to have a gift in time for the holidays, as you hustle about your merry way. 💛

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This time political it’s personal. 💛
This isn’t political it’s parental. 🙏
This isn’t political it’s pretty simple. 💛
This isn’t political it’s proper. 🙏
This isn’t political it’s pitiful. 💛
This isn’t political it’s it’s a promise. 🙏

Last night, I have the privilege of kissing my kids goodnight. Today I’ll have the pleasure of taking them to the park. 12 parents in #thousandoaks can’t do that anymore. 💛

Can we promise to put politics aside and be proper human beings and not make the same pitiful mistakes by pointing at the NRA or the president, and just keep it pretty simple, think like parents and make this really personal? We don’t need to be radical and take all guns away (even thought I’m not a gun fan period) but let’s at least, once and for all, put a full pan on assault guns. Let’s get proper screening? Let’s limit the amount of bullets someone can purchase. Let’s just start doing something that makes sense. I’m not fully educated on gun control laws, the gun lobby, etc. BUT I’m brushing up now! Because I’m a mom, I’m a human, I’m and American, and I’m sick of it! COMMENT: what groups or resources are you using to put on an end to gun violence? Share as I’d love to “arm” myself with all the facts and get involved 🙌🙏 Let’s be the parents fo the 12 humans that lost their lives this week. Let’s feel the pain of the others that left us too soon, while feeling so safe in school, as concerts, grocery stories .... #enoughisenough #guncontrol #momsagainstgunviolence

Snack smarter and keep fueling up mamas.

As a professional chauffeur, aka mom, I’m now stocking up on on-the-go essentials that keep me fueling and hustling about my day.

@Healthwarrior is a fantastic superfood company that pumps me up with plant based protein via their Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars. Plus it’s #glutenfree #veganprotein #dairyfree and has ingredients mama can pronounce! Big flavor, no bs and mama warrior approved.

Click the link in bio and read the full blog post. Use code pamela20 if you want 20% off @healthwarrior products #sponsored #wellnesswednesday #proteinbar

If you want to LIVE TO INSPIRE, you can start by voting. Correction, start by educating yourself on who’s running, what they stand for and how they align with your goals for this country.

Mamas, I hope you took the kids to the polls, today. I did. Check out stories, or, the Scarsdale newspaper - ya the photographer for our little town fell in love my two sidekicks - to see us voting.

I have such fond memories of going to the polls with my grandfather, back in #midwoodBrooklyn - Avenue L and East 16th street 🙌. He, along with the rest of my family, grew up in an oppressive, communist regime. Voting is a privilege. Being an American is a privilege. Do not let the load, rude voices overshadow the loving, rational voices.

Speak softly, Carry a big stick, and VOTE 🗳!
Comment: did you take the munchkins to the polls today? #votingmatters #votingwithkids #everyvotecounts

Guilty if you do. Guilty if you don’t. Mom guilt is real - it’s caused by society, by other moms and by our own inability to turn within and follow our gut.

If your gut says you need to ramp off and be a stay at home mom - do it.
If you’re gut says you need to start a new business while you’re nursing because corporate life isn’t for you, do it.
If you’ve been an entrepreneur hustling since your early 20s and now you want to change the flow and be more work from home, f’n do it.
Find YOUR mama flow. Live YOUR happy formula life. Don’t allow voices to block the flow of what you know to be correct for your RIGHT NOW. I’m using caps because I’m saying this you mamas and myself !!

If you’re feeling mom guilt for not making it to every PTA meeting, bake sale, etc. but you f’n love your job then you have to check out my friend’s new book @rhiannonally MOMMY PLEASE DON’T GO TO WORK.

This fab news anchor @41actionnews and former anchor of Miami & NYC is a Momx3 who, guess what, loves her career. And, she loves her babies. And she’s going to figure it all out ... and this book is about showing kids that mama’s work is important to her and to the community. 💛

I think it's very fitting right now as my own munchkins sometimes ask why I am going to the office and need to close the door or on a business trip to tape a segment, and I try to explain it all! 💛

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Since we gained an extra hour, today, I am having champagne with a side of a caviar - actually I’m just going to attempt to get the kids to bed by 7:30PM vs 8:30PM and indulge in some caviar hair products from @Alternahaircare.

I’m all about alternative and smarter beauty products - and that includes my haircare routine. So, indulge in luxury, high-performance ingredients, and the power of caviar with me, tonight. Using scientifically drive, clinically proven and skincare worthy ingredients on your hair @alternahaircare iconic Caviar collection is an happy hair win! It’s formulated with pure caviar extract—rich in omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins A, C, and D. These all work together to help restore hair's lipid layer to its optimal state - aka the healthier, shinier and younger-looking hair.

Every product contains pure caviar from the roe of non-endangered sturgeon fish, sustainably farmed in France. And the products are formulated without parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. Translation - mama gets happy, hydrated hair without harmful additives to her or the runoff water.

COMMENT: So, what are you doing with the extra hour, tonight? #haircareroutine #momsundayspanight #selfcarefirst

Tonight, we’re gaining an extra hour - fall back clock and fall back in love with books. Okay, so you never stopped loving books, but life got in the way! 🤪 By the time you find any free time your brain likely can’t comprehend a book.
Last month, I made reading a priority, again. And, we always find time for the things we put first. Right after mask and mosturizing time, I swapped out the evening news for a good book.

I like to read for a bit every night before I got to bed. I find that it helps clear my mind and makes me feel more rejuvinated than watching TV. 💛

PS Today is Book Lovers Day, so I’m using the extra hour to finish up The Choice by Dr Edith Edgar. COMMENT: What are you reading?

There’s no bad day, if you end with Rose. 🍷 💛

I’ve been working thru a lot of mental junk, much of it revolving around adjusting to our new suburban life, managing the home, furnishing/designing in time for Thanksgiving (not all going to happen - sorry guests), meeting new moms, signing up for too much/not enough parent activities, debating if the new nanny is helpful or too much of a learning curve, not being able to city meeting because I have to drive kids 8:30-9:30am, 3-6pm ... okay you all know this ladies. You’re doing it. You’re figuring (or fauxing) it out. Many local moms have shared their adjustment stories, and have offered to drink and dine with me - thanks! 💛

Three days ago I hit a wall and decided its time to start editing. I am an editor, after all. So I’m skimming down and focusing on a few core items outside the home, because the team in this house needs me more now. And, I need to be great at that job + make time for my own wellness. You’ll see me talk about Shop4Vasculitis and I might launch new Hustle Like a Mom in two weeks OR wait until January. For now, I’m off to Costco, then kids pickup, then a little writing and it’s time for Shabbat. 💛

Those who say you can have it all, need to make a little adjustment to their mantra. You can have it all, just not all the time. And know that there is always a give. You just need to decide at various times what you are willing to give up. Right now my beloved, my kids, my sanity, my sleep and my charity work are coming in first place. There will be another time for more TV segments, hosting events, networking at parties and such. I’m still hustling like a mom, I’m just always adjusting the hustling and hope YOU MAMAS are evaluating and listening to your GUT and living your HAPPY FORMULA LIFE. 🙏 #mamaste #fridayvibes #momtruth

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