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Pamela Pekerman  Lifestyle & Mommy Expert πŸ’‹ As seen on TV πŸ’‹ Time-saving tips + Me Moments are my jam πŸ’‹#MeaningfulMeMoments πŸ’‹

As mom's, we want to make sure our children know that the greater good matters, that going outside your wants and needs is the greatest feeling in the world. πŸ’‹Today on the blog #PiecesofPam I talk about my commitment to supporting @vasculitisfoundation, and how helping others has actually helped me heal, following the loss of my father due to #vasculitis. πŸ’‹Its taken me 8 years to regain my footing, and live my #HappyFormulaLife. I'm grateful to every single person @vasculitisfoundation who works to increase awareness, educate and fund research of these rare autoimmune diseases that cause inflammation of blood vessels. πŸ’‹In life we have many choices. Choose to be a source of light and love. Choose to turn tragedy into triumph. πŸ’‹I'm so inspired by the amazing work of @denisealbert @bhudgnasty @vinoforvasculitis who understand that healing really comes from helping. πŸ’‹please click the link in bio to read more about my journey and how you can make an impact during #vasculitisawarenessmonth --Thank You. πŸ™πŸ’‹

Wild 😜 fun and style @centralparkzoo. Does anyone else think mom needs an award for getting kids out of the house, keeping them alive and entertained at the zoo, communicating 4hrs with them and then taking them to a real aka adult restaurant ? πŸ’‹I passed out last night at 9:30pm, before the hubs even came home from work. Tonight I'm rewarding myself πŸ‘‘ with a glass of wine 🍷 and quite time with a book. What? A πŸ“š book. πŸ™πŸ’‹How was your #fridayvibes #fridayfunday ? #familytime #familygoals #sunglasses #centralparkzoo

We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all. πŸ’‹ That's how I feel about my family, my motherhood, my life. πŸ’‹ I'm not perfect. I don't have all the answers. I'm not claiming my way is the best way. But, my way sure is the best way for me! πŸ’‹πŸ™ Over the past few weeks, I've been blessed to do so many mommy segments, meet and connect with so many different types of moms, and truly appreciate what it means to be part of an inspirational non shaming #momtribe. πŸ’‹ My recent encounters have inspired me to launch a #MommyMoments series on my blog (potentially an exciting media partner as well πŸ™). πŸ’‹ I want to shine a light on the mom who's living her #HappyFormulaLife. She could be a CEO, celebrity or Cindy down the street. If she's happy in her motherhood, I want to talk to her! πŸ’‹Stay tuned for more updates. I truly would not be driving my ship were it not for everyone in my life, including my social media ❀️mom squad. #mamaste #mamabear #PamelaPekerman #PiecesofPam

My week, in photos. Working, playing, smiling (sorry wish I captured the one of me crying after tempura tantrums!) pushing on, hustling, living my #HappyFormulaLife. It's not easy being a mom, it's not easy figuring out your next step, it's not easy working, it's not easy being stay at home ... it is easy to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE when you are being true to yourself, honest with your desires and authentic with your messaging. #mamaste #mamabear As I nap (yup I really want one right now, fingers crossed it happens) nap my way through Friday and into Mothers Day weekend, I'm grateful to own my motherhood. πŸ’‹This will be the best #MothersDay ever because I've quieted the internal noise, listen πŸ‘‚ to my gut, and dance πŸ’ƒ to my own beat. Wishing all you mamas a BLESSED happy Mother's Day. .... who's taking bets on whether I get a 1hr nap 😴?? πŸ’‹πŸ™

Because if @denisealbert can smile her was thru cancer #futurecancersurvivor, I can shimmy my way to support her campaign for @susangkomen #danceforbreastcancerchallenge. It's a sisterhood of support and love ❀️Do a little dance, make a big difference, get down tonight wa wa πŸ’‹ Follow @themomsnetwork @denisealbert for her amazing journey - talk about a #powermom #hustlemom πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘hats off to this amazing woman, who has been a source of hope and inspiration for so many women going thru #BreastCancer πŸ’‹#momtribe calling on @michellefinkelshteyn @kristyn.mednik @lizanthony @mkgtoo @lauraclaps @roxynbc6 @neehacurtis @patriciaontv to do a little dance πŸ’ƒ #charity

Drink up mamas, you're special day (which should be EVERY dayπŸ’‹) is coming up. I shared my #mothersdaygift ideas w @snooki + @jwoww #momswithattitude πŸ’‹ Full disclosure: some pr firms refused to send me product because of preconceived ideas about these two amazing moms!! They are dolls, doing the mom hustle just like you and me. πŸ’‹ They are real, raw and really funny. Check out my appearance link in bio ( πŸ’‹PS I've met so many different types of moms with their own style and #HappyFormulaLife . It's SO important to stop shaming, start sharing and embracing our amazing #powermom #momtribe πŸ™ πŸ’‹#workingmom #strongmoms #momhustle #millenialmom

What is a #powermom ? Who decides what it means to be a good or bad mom? What does it mean to have a balanced life? πŸ™Oh, pray for us! Motherhood is the hardest and most fulfilling job I've ever had! πŸ’‹ It has taught me to slow down, stay silly, & evaluate what success truly means. I'm not the mom/woman I thought I would be, back in my 20s. But, I'm sure as heck glad I took a pause to listen to my gut, readjust the wheels, and carve out a new journey to my #HappyFormulaLife πŸ’‹This weekend I was blessed πŸ™ to attend @powermomsummit to connect and learn from other moms carving out their own slice of joy in #workingmom land. πŸ’‹Everyone has their formula to joy. Just make sure you are constantly doing a gut check and really living the life YOU want, mothering the way YOU think is best, & taking care of YOU #MeaningfulMeMoments πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

#tbt shooting the s--t, oh and working, in Miami. πŸ’‹ do what you love. Love what you do. I love sharing time-saving products and clever ways to create #MeaningfulMeMoments. πŸ’‹I continue to have "aha" moments (too many to count, especially today @diva_moms #mommoguls) where I'm reminded that authenticity trumps all. πŸ’‹ everything I do, say, share is filtered through my unique point of view of the world. Even when I talk about a great Rose or a cool beauty find, it's always from the viewpoint of a mom trying to feel and look her best, manage her mama game with a little less madness and #AlwaysBeYourBestYou thank you to everyone that watches my segments, follows this feed and reads my blog. What you see is REALLY what you get. I hope your having a blessed day and loving your #HappyFormulaLife

A basket of beauty goodness, anyone? My beloved @vitalproteins has come out with a powdered, organic bone broth (chicken and beef options). πŸ’‹just add water and enjoy the collagen beauty benefits in your gut, hair, nails and skin. πŸ’‹ I can't rave enough about this company because they put in the time to come up with the purest, least processed, healthiest collagen and peptide products. πŸ’‹ I'll be blogging about their new collection, so stay tuned! Also check out my new mama friend @shutthekaleup who uses this product in clever recipes we should all try. #collagen #collagenbeautybooster #organic #yourbestself πŸ’‹#vitalproteins

That's a wrap on my pre Mothers Day vaca with mama bear @askmalvina πŸ’‹Mom was a great set designer, photographer & nutritionist for today's @nbc6inthemix taping. πŸ’‹Miami mamas, tune in May 8th for #PamsPicks #mothersdaygift ideas. πŸ’‹PS the romper @shop_alexis is part of @gilt #PamsPicksXGilt sale. Check it out! πŸ·πŸ·πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Good morning from Miami! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ I'm sharing my favorite rosy and nude accents on this loving Monday morning, before heading town to poolside breakfast with @askmalvina. πŸ’‹πŸ·πŸ· Head on over to the blog to learn more about they barely there style and beauty finds. πŸ’‹ Have a blessed day and tune into our mommy shenanigans via Instastories. #mommyandme #rosy #nudebeauty

Saturday afternoons are for strolling around with the munchkins, in Manhattan. πŸ’‹ Saturday nights are for the hubby and/or #MeanignfulMeMoments. Mamas, if you're looking for ways to treat yourself (or give your beloved hubby some Mother's Day gift 🎁 ideas) check #PamsPicksXGilt @gilt my picks for what moms really want. Link in bio. #PamsPicks #PamelaPekerman #mothersdaygift

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