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Pamela Pekerman • Your Mom BFF  mom • wife• tv host• editor 💛Time-Saving Beauty•Style Tips•Wellness•Family Fun• Mom Spa Nights 💛YouTube every Monday👇Hustle Like a Mom💛#HustleLikeAMom

I feel awesome when I’m being silly and having a great old time with my munchkins - all the better if we have a matching style moment!

For back to school, I’m planning a coordinating style situation, as well, even letting the kids in on the fashion choice game. 💛 And, we believe every child should head back to school with proper clothing and confidence, which is why I’m sharing this awesome style photo and joining @rocketsofawesome for their #TheAwesomeChallenge — a partnership with @Baby2Baby to deliver outfits to 7,500 children in their program.

Post your own awesome outfit and use #TheAwesomeChallenge and for every post
@rocketsofawesome will donate new clothes to a child in need. It’s your turn @interiorsbymichelle @momtrends @hamptonsmoms @scarsdalemoms - show us what makes you feel confident and awesome! #awesomestyle #momliferocks #backtoschoolshopping

Life does't come with a manual, it comes with a mother. Today, on #hustlelikeamom I am chatting with Marisa Brahney @mbrahney Emmy Award News Anchor @news12nj and a compassionate advocate for pregnancy / Infancy loss.

Grab your Kleenex, as we not only delve into her hustle life as a reporter and news anchor is like, but her heart wrenching - and heart filled ❤️- journey into motherhood. Marisa opens up about the unexpected loss of her new born daughter, and how that has affected how she Mother’s her two loving boys. Plus we talk about raising awareness around infancy loss and her work with @tearsfoundation 💛 •
Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with momspirarional interviews. 🌸💛 #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurlife

Toys and games that bring the family together without an iPad is a win for me. 💛Don’t get me wrong tech, has its place. But, simple, wholesome play is my fav way to spend mornings (and pre dinner) with the munchkins. 💛 Plus it gives me time to handle some mom life or entrepreneur life to dos. 💛 We’re loving our fun finds from @kidzlane #kidzlane which is an extra special shop for me, because it’s a Brooklyn-based brand #alwaysaBrooklyngirl 💛Have a happy, fun filled Saturday.

There is nothing like a Saturday morning hanging out in the new house! The kids and I love the space and all the fun nooks for play time. 💛

In honor of the new house, the munchkins got to pick out toys from @kidzlane my new fav spot for smart and wholesome play time goodies. David got a remote control car and Ilana got a bubble machine. Since mama is a big kid too, I picked the walkie-talkie - which has been a big hit.

The munchkins love their non-tech 🙌 new toys so much that they played and let me get a few work things done this mornong. #kidzlane 💛

Mama's head over to @kidzlane and follow them to see what kind of toys you can get your kids to keep them engaged, laughing and smiling. COMMENT: What toys do your kids love? #sponsored #playtimefun #alwaystimetoplay

#tbt to being on @news12nj talking about products for back to school that are perfect and time saving for all of you mama's. I am so excited that Ilana is starting school this year and I can really get her some back to school goodies! Tune in to @news12nj tomorrow for my Healthy Back to School essentials with host @mbrahney 💛

Today is National Relaxation Day. Can I take a rain check? 💛

Isn’t that a classic mom life moment? Of all the “holidays” to celebration this one should be ours - we deserve it, we hustle in and out of the home. We deserve to allocate 5-minutes RELIGIOUSLY to mindful breathing and soulful alignment every morning (and ideally another check in at night to say “hey fab me, you did great today, now go unwind that pretty mama mind”)

As I sit in the car, after a long day of packing at the old house, preceded by meetings at the new house, madness with the munchkins and tons of TV segment prep, I’m reminded of a cool app I just learned about yesterday! @sanityandself (gotta love the name) is a new guided wellness app that helps moms find time to recharge with quick sessions led by mindfulness, fitness and wellness experts. 💛

I’m going to give it a go tonight (prob going to be 11:30pm, but I’m doing it!) @sanityandself founder Meng Li, who recently became a mom herself, 👏👏 designed this app with us crazy busy mamas I’m mind. Iv’ve been told it’s all about Short-and-sweet 2-45min sessions to restore our sanity with topics ranging from meditations, breathing exercises, sleep rituals, feel-good workouts, massages, relaxing beauty routines and more. 💛 I will share more tomorrow, but if you want to test the app with me, let’s discuss via instalive tomorrow 10pmEST 💛 COMMENT: what’s your go to book/app/tool for relaxation? Any, yes, wine 🍷 counts! #sanitysaver #relaxationtime #meaningfulmemoments

You get a serum and you get a serum! Everyone gets a Radiating Facial Serum.

Have you entered my BEAUTY GIVEAWAY with @copperandcrane ?? Three winners will be selected at random to win this new skincare fav of mine. 💛

Click previous post for rules. Good luck mamas + #GlowNight 💛 #instagiveaway #beautyroutine #beautygiveaway

Mama's I have a BEAUTY GIVEAWAY: CLOSED for you!! 💛

Last night, I spilled the beans on a new skin and body care brand @copperandcrane that’s all about lux scenes and pampering moments of joy. Here’s your chance to win the radiating facial serum from @copperandcrane which is a lightweight oil that absorbs quickly, leaving a soft, supple surface on your tried-as-a-mother skin. I like to dab it on a clean face morning and night. 💛

I want you mamas to feel your best as we head up for Back to School season, and the changing season which can dehydrate your skin. I have partnered with @copperandcrane, to give three of you the radiating facial serum! 💛

1)Follow @pamelapekerman and @copperandcrane
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Three winners will be selected on Friday August 17th at 10pmEST. Good luck!! #instagiveaway #beautyroutine #beautygiveaway

Today is NOT Mom Sunday Spa Night, but Iast night was all about moving in the munchkins and crew into the new home. Tonight, with kids in bed and loads of boxes left to unpack, I’m taking a time-out to indulge with @copperandcrane bath and skin care goodies.

The brand is all about creating little moments of indulgence, to maintain a lifestyle of self care and love. Bonus points for the lux packaging (hello holiday season will be here soon) + it’s all Sulfate, paraben, phthalate + cruelty free. 💛

Tonight, I’m lathering up with their Satin Body Nectar lotion to hydrate and nourish my body while also soothing my senses with delicate smells of a Balinese vacation. Meanwhile, my face is getting love from the radiating facial serum. It is a lightweight oil with Bitter Orange Flower Extract which moisturizes, but absorbs quickly, because mama doesn’t have time for a sticky mess. The serum hydrates your skin and makes it feel softer and more supple. ⭐️💛 Catch a glowing GIVEAWAY with @copperandcrane TOMORROW. 💛⭐️ #spatime #mondayevening #momtime

Ain't no hood like motherhood mamas. 💛Today, on #hustlelikeamom I am chatting with Jessica Luengo, the founder @naturallycleaneats aka my fav health bars. She is a mompreneur that makes Clean Eating Nutrition Bars that taste delicious and are loaded with ingredients you can actually pronounce. We chat about what it’s like to break into the food industry, and of course how to manage life being a mama and working 💛 These bars are also great for the munchkins! 💛

Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with momspirarional interviews. 🌸💛 #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneu

Happy Son and Daughter Day! 💛

I absolutely adore my munchkins, and I love that they are so close! Being their mom, and watching their bond blossom, is a blessing. They are walking lessons in the value of patience, mindfulness, and pure (non judgmental, absolutely pure, need-nothing-but-you-as-you) love. 💝💙💗
Amidst the hustle and bustle of life we need always remember to mindfully connect with our amazing children. Mamas, we created these little humans, which is awesome super power. So, let’s make sure we don’t walk away without an extra hug, kiss or cuddle. 💛

COMMENT: What lesson(s) have your children taught you? #siblinggoals #momlifeisthebestlife #siblinglove

Dancing my way into the weekend and so very grateful you’re all still on the journey of #momlife meets #entrepreneurlife with me. 💛To thank the near 10k of you, a fab BEAUTY GIVEAWAY is coming up + more to follow.

So many new friends have joined our #momtribe THANK YOU! 🙏💛 And thank you to everyone who has stuck around while I revamped the site (yet first new blog post this Sunday) and added a shop of my fav tested and obsessed over things (hope you love them too) and craft TV segments all with a time saving Hustle Like a Mom focus. 💛 You mamas rock and I hope to bring more and share more to make all our live a little raiser amidst the cuddles + crazy of motherhood. 💛 •
COMMENT: what types of giveaways would you like to see this fall? Wellness, beauty, style, home, kids stuff?? I will aim to please 💋💛 #Fridaymood #happydance #gratitudeattitude

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