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Pamela Pekerman • Your Mom BFF  mom • wife• tv host• editor 💛Time-Saving Beauty•Style Tips•Wellness•Family Fun• Mom Spa Nights 💛YouTube every Monday👇Hustle Like a Mom💛#HustleLikeAMom

Wellness isn’t just about your health, what you eat, what you do to your skin, what you do for your workout. Wellness is about what you do to improve overall wellness of the world around you, which intern fuels the wellness of your soul.

I hope you can join me @rehabnyc @bfitnewyork @romofit for a mind/body/soul workout benefiting @vasculitisfoundation . 🙏 #CleanseforaCause on Monday July 30th 6:30-7:45pm - workout and then mingle + heathy happy-filled swag bags await. Location NYC @lululemonnyc on 5th ave and 17th St.

RSVP link in my bio - only 50 spots open.
Class is free, but we hope you will donate $10+ all $$ benefits @vasculitisfoundation #vasculitisawareness #bethechange #wellnesswednesday

Mama's I hope you can join me for a workout with celeb trainer @bfitnewyork with ALL proceeds benefiting @vasculitisfoundation !!!
Come and Cleanse for a Cause #bethechange 🙏

On July 30th 6:30-7:45pm, @bfitnewyork is offering her sizzling @rehabnyc class to raise money for #vasculitis research + awarensss. Experience a charged up version of REHAB with xChain @romofit and Live DJ taking us on the journey. We will sweat for a great cause: The Ilya Peckerman Fund Benfiting @VasculitisFoundation.

Meet and sweat with me Monday, July 30th @lululemonnyc on 5th ave and 17th st NYC (RSVP link in bio, $10 suggested donation) as we start the week with mind, body, and soul charged up for the better! Attendees will also recieve Swag Bags filled with healthy goodies. 🙏💛

As a former fashion editor and trend forecasted, I would turn a special shade of mellow yellow when yellow was trending high. Most people look terrible in yellow, that is until you find your fav version of yellow. 💛

This year, I found my best yellow - mostly because my best little man, David, loves yellow and kept asking “Mama can you buy a yellow dress.” Of course mama, played it safe and began to buy under $25 dresses from Amazon. The dress in this photo was a major splurge - $34, from Amazon. It’s a happy shade of yellow, that’s also a happy price. COMMENT: What’s your favorite color to wear? #sunshineyellow #amazonprime #standoutstyle

What I wish I was doing all day ... swipe on ... what I was actually doing today. 💛 Moving is exhausting. Like motherhood, it requires lots of planning, drinking, and planning to drink. And that’s all the wisdom I can muster at this hour. COMMENT: Anyone else feel like it’s Thursday already? 💛 we got this mamas ... we just don’t got sleep 😅 #mondayevening #mamaneedsrosé #momneedsanap

Juggling being a world- renowned dermatologist and a within-your-world renowned mom, is no easy task. But, @drwhitneybowe my guest, today, on #hustlelikeamom does just that!

In our mom chat, we talk about her book The Beauty Of Dirty Skin, her favorite beauty products, how she juggles motherhood, and the keys to sun safety for the family. In a separate video, she’s also giving us mamas the dish on the benefits of probiotics and the beauty of good bacteria. 💛

Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with inspiration mompreneurs. 🌸💛 Also, drop a here or on YouTube to let me know what you’re loving, what you want to see more of, less of, etc. I welcome all your feedback as we grow this show and support our mom tribe. #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurlife

With arms wide open I embrace the week ahead focusing on:
Dignity towards humanity.
Devotion for family.
Determination to live.

This weekend, was a mix of laughs and loss, birthdays and a funeral, the celebration of amazing human beings that have lived thru some of the most epic moments of the 20th century - Soviet Union communism, Holocaust evacuation, Warsaw concentration camp, Chernobyl power plant explosion, the founding of Israel, the best and worst of humanity.

Many speeches of praise were given. And I walked always with two key lessons learned:
1. be more connected, physically connected and present for your family and humanity - truly be the change! Don’t just hashtag a cause, commit to being a vehicle of change in your community, even for one human, a real in-person force of change💛
2. appreciate the wisdom and history of the elderly. In many cultures, the elders are praised and valued, not pushed aside like we often see in the states. Call grandma, take her out, make her laugh by just being there. Consider volunteering at a senior home, bring the kids along! I’ve always wanted to take my beauty closet samples and do a day of beauty at my grandma’s senior care center ... shit why not do that!! Anyone want to join me for something like that? 🙏
COMMENT: What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from your grandmother/grandfather? #livewithpurpose #armswideopen #valuelife

Here's to sunny days and the weekends where we can be silly and have a great time. I cherish making memories, and I’m in love with the preschool stage my munchkins are in right now. Any chance I can keep them in this adorable bubble for a while longer 💛COMMENT: Any other mamas in the adorable bubble, wishing it never pops? 💛 #preschoollife #momoftwo #staythislittle

Motherhood isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. The kids are not perfect. No day is perfect. Life is Wabi Sabi - perfectly imperfect.

When you accept that nothing is perfect, everything actually looks perfectly imperfect. Marinate and meditate on that as you head into a summer weekend full of plans, pools, parties, picnics, perfectly imperfect memories, and other p words I can’t think of because I’m perfectly out of brain cells, after a perfectly long #campmom day of cuddles meets crazy. 💛

PS check in it my girl @candicekumai new book + podcast which is full of Japanese wellness wisdom, including more thoughts on the art of Wabi Sabi. 💛 #wabisabi #perfectlyimperfect #fridayfunday

As moms, we feel guilty when we’re at work, we feel guilty when we’re “just” domestic, we feel guilty taking a nap, we feel guilty when the house isn’t perfect, we feel guilty when we take time for our workouts or our manicures. Enough with the guilt. 💛

I’ve been trying to catch myself from falling into that rabbit hole of guilt, and just focusing on living my own version a happy life. What does that mean to you? What does it mean to live with more joy and less guilt? What would make you a happy mama? 💛

For me, happiness means being healthy and strong, so I’ve committed to three workouts per week. And this summer, that means the munchkins join me for my Friday workout with @bfitnewyork @rehabnyc. 💛

They draw or play on a magic carpet (aka a meditation rug) while I work out. They see that mom is also getting strong, plus I love introducing fitness and healthy living. My fav moments are when they get off the magic carpet and run my way for “huggies” which means my side planks become extra hard to hold, but extra sweet. 💛 COMMENT: How do you make time for your joy, and push guilt to the side? #guiltfreeliving #fitmoms #hustlelikeamom

I love all things healthy and happy so Wellness Wednesday is always a great chance for me to share healthy finds that are rocking my world, and I hope will rock your too.

Currently, I’m obsessed with @organic_pharmer_ny co-created by Dr. Susan Blum, a Functional Medicine wiz 🙌 whose insights on gut health and whole health wellness has changed my life! Anywho, she is the medical genius behind this place (two locations in Westchester) which is all about delicious plant-focused foods, juices and smoothies that are #glutenfree #soyfree #dairyfree #eggfree. What the chefs cook up is epically good on your taste buds and your gut health. 💛

Their avocado “toast” with lox is off the charts amazing. And def try the zucchini basil frittata. You can order some food and drinks online, but next time you visit me at the new house, remind me to take you to @organic_pharmer_ny so you can load up on more healthy goodies. COMMENT: What’s your go-to healthy food stop? #healthyfood #healthymom #westchestermoms

NYC humidity is no joke! Even if mama did have time to get her hair done every day, Mama Nature would frizz me out the moment I stepped out of the salon. Recently, I discovered the glory and glam of @lele_sadoughi headbands. •
You will literally feel like a queen in these happily bejeweled, hide-the-unwashed hair, help-me-out with the frizz headbands. Whether you live in humid NYC, or steamy Miami, we could all use some help with our hair, especially when managing munchkins during the summer is quite time sucking. So, sometimes the best option is to just put a chic hair accessory on, so you can #HustleLikeaMom in style. #momhair #summerhair #simplehairstyle 💛

COMMENT: What is your hair saving tip when you’re short on time?

If moms were given as much respect as the Queen of England, treated with as much awe, viewed with such reverence, mamas would be much happier. So, here’s to a new episode of HUSTLE LIKE A MOM, we’re moms are properly praised for their work in and out of the home.

This morning, on #hustlelikeamom I am chatting with @karen.giberson the president of @accessoriescouncil. The council is a not-for-profit trade organization, representing over 300 accessories companies including mama hustlers like @rebeccaminkoff @lele_sadoughi and @alexwoonyc . Karen draws parallels between mothering her two grown children and the care needed for supporting so many designers/brands. She also shed light on how motherhood, and views on moms in the corporate world have changed since she gave birth to her first child 23-years ago. 💛

Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with inspiration mompreneurs. 🌸💛 please drop a here or on YouTube to let me know what you’re loving, what you want to see more of, less of, etc. I welcome all your feedback ask grow this show and support our mom tribe. #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurlife

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