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Pamela Pekerman  mom +wife + TV host + editor 💛time-saving tips, drinking Rosé & home spa nights are my jam 💛YouTube every Monday👇Hustle Like a Mom 💛#HustleLikeAMom

When you know you’ve found your Prince Charming, fireworks always go off. 💛

Happy National Kissing Day. I hope you’ve been kissing your man, your munchkins, your mama - but not with the same style 😃. 💛

For tips on how to keep your lips kissably soft and youthful, click link in bio. COMMENT: What’s your favorite lipstick or lip care products? #kissing #kissingday #lovemyhubby #livingthegoodlife

Let’s get motivated to live our best lives, mamas. Today, on #hustlelikeamom I am chatting with Jessica Luengo, the founder @naturallycleaneats my fav health bars. She is a mompreneur that makes Clean Eating Nutrition Bars that taste delicious and are loaded with ingredients you can actually pronounce. We chat about what it’s like to break into the male-dominated food industry, when to say yes and when to park your ideas, and, of course how to manage life with a business and kids. 💛

Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with momspirarional interviews. 🌸💛 #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurlife

To the man who made me believe in my womanly and motherly confidence. To the father that worships his children. To the little man that someday (long from now!!!) will make me a proud grandma .... to the men that love their strong, sexy women, Happy Father’s Day. 💛 #fathersdayfun #dadsrock #fatherandson

Happy Fresh Veggies day 🍅 🌽! The munchkins and I love our veggies, and make a game out of eating our rainbow 🌈 ! But getting them into healthy eating habits started from day one, which is why I used to give them @pure_spoon yummy, cold pressed purées created by this fab mama-on-a-mission Alyson Eberle. Pure Spoon makes the best in fresh baby food (because the process of making it is way better than competitors, retaining more nutrients !!) that is shipped right to you. Savvy new mamas like @daphneoz love them! COMMENT: what veggies and fruits do your kids love? And do you do anything creative to squeeze in more veggies into the munchkins? #eatyourveggies #eattherainbow #mamaonamission

Nothing makes me happier than finding stylish items that are easy to put on, easy to wear, and have extra storage. Mama needs pockets to store the junk .... errr essentials ... she collects from her kids. 💛 •
“Mama I don’t need this bandaid.” “Mama can you hold my car.” “Mama I don’t want this hair clip anymore.” “Mama here’s a rock from the playground.” 💛

Well, this mama is smiling pretty with some super cute, pocket-loaded dresses I’ve been scooping up from @amazon for under $30!! Now that’s a reason to smile and properly celebrate National Smile Day! COMMENT: what makes you smile? Do more of it!! And if you need momspiration, check out my Instastories. #smilejustbecause #nationalsmileday #dresswithpockets

Because sometimes they are angels. Because sometimes you can’t imagine life without them. Because sometimes they drive you mad. Because sometimes they whip out the smile. Because sometimes you realize 5 and almost 4 years have gone by since you YOU pushed them into this world. Because sometimes they ask for extra hugs and kisses at night. Because sometimes the mornings are manic. Because sometimes the days are long. Because sometimes you can’t handle it. Because sometimes they team up against you. Because sometimes you are wise enough to realize that life is better than a dream, and that without you, mama, their world isn’t possible. 💛 Wake up tomorrow and reclaim you positive “I am”. I AM a giver of life. I AM f’n awesome. I AM hustling like a mother. 🙏💛 #mamaste #midnightmusings #hustlelikeamom

Who knew probiotics were the key to glowing skin and less wrinkles?!! In my latest video, I chat with @drwhitneybowe about probiotics, good bacteria and which stands will boost your skincare routine. ☝️ CLICK LINK IN BIO and check it out on YouTube. #probiotics #glowingskin #alwaysbeyourbestyou

Ever since, my first experience in a Himalayan salt room, I’ve always wanted to buy a pink salt lamp. The color alone is so soothing, but it’s the respiratory benefits that really won me over. 💛

I visited @breathesaltrooms several times over the last few winters, particularly while I was conjestes and recovering from a cold. I left each time feeling revived and able to breath like a normal human being. 💛

That “feeling” is natural wellness wisdom that my Russian family, as well as many other cultures, have long known - the pink salt is the sh*t. It releases healthy negative ions into the air, which improve freshness. Inhaling these ions can help with inflammation, reduce mucus in lungs, and alleviate symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and certain allergies. When you eat the salt (FYI I get my pink salt @costco !!) it can help balance blood sugar, improve your body’s hydration and help with muscle cramps. So, I’m super excited to light up my Himalayan salt crystal lamp tonight, and breath in some good vibes, good ions. 💛

COMMENT: Do you own a salt lamp? If so, have you noticed any benefits from it? Has anyone tried this to help kids during winter cold season? #wellnesswisdom #himalayansaltlamp #eveningroutine

There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. Today, on #hustlelikeamom I sit down for a mom chat with @nicoleyoungstyle a fellow TV host and now, new mama. 💛

Get ready to laugh, learn that every mama has her drama, and get mama motivated by Nicole’s mompreneur journey. She’s talking about about her upcoming book “Do The Lite Thing”, healthy cooking and entertaining tip, her new website focusing on your healthiest happiest body, and her yummy baby boy who’s about to turn 1.

Click link in bio ☝️to visit my YouTube channel and watch this mom chat and many more with inspiration mompreneurs. 🌸💛 #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurs

It's that time again #Momsundayspanight, and this evening I am keeping it simple, Southern style with some fresh-tasting iced tea.

@HonestTea is my go-to when I’m too lazy to brew my own tea. They are organic, use ingredients that are fair trade sources, and their new Golden Turmeric Pineapple Herbal Tea flavor is delicious wellness boost. Beauty boosting benefits aside, turmeric can help with memory function. Hello mamas, did you get that? Ya, you probably already forgot, so take a seat, take a sip and spa it up with a mindful glass of ice tea. COMMENT: how are you planning to unwind and prep for the week ahead? #mindfulmama #icetea #notanad #momtime

Happy National Rose Day! This glass goes out to all the mamas who enjoy Rose just because ... or because they NEED to enjoy a glass! Cheers to your motherly greatness. COMMENT: Do you have a favorite Rose? #roseallday #momneedsadrink #rosewine

Kicking off the weekend, by celebrating Best Friend Day, with my bestie+ sister @interiorsbymichelle. You were there from day one, it’s just SO fortunate that I love hanging out with you 🤪 drinking with you, splitting my lows with you, elevating my highs with you, shacking your kids with my kids so we could talk or just do NOTHING. Yes, as a mom I too now value that! You are the wind beneath my wings ... but, I mean, don’t I give you good views? Looking forward to more laughter, love, and sunsets in St. Tropez. 😀 COMMENT: Tag your bestie and let me know why she’s your Rose buddy! #bestfriendsday #alwayssmiling #fridayvibes #drinkingbuddy

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