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Pamela Pekerman  mom + wifey + TV host + more 💛time-saving tips & #MeaningfulMeMoments are my jam 💛YouTube every Wednesday “Hustle Like a Mom” show 💛#HustleLikeAMom

Wish I felt as chipper as I did in this photo, watching David play in the pool. But, the stomach bug has bitten me, after messing with both my munchkins! I can’t tolerate any food, yet, so I’m hydrating with coconut water @zicococonut 💛

I’m coco for coconuts 🥥 in many parts of my beauty routine, (link in bio for blog post) but especially for happy hydration.
1. Tastes great
2. Loaded with potassium, a key electrolyte, which keeps muscles strong, helps reduce stress & anxiety, and supports healthy blood pressure - basically every mama needs this!
3. Keeps skin hydrated and youthful (also use the water as a facial spritz for antioxidant benefits!)

COMMENT: what homeopathic cures do you have for stomach flu? 😷💛 #momsdontgetsickdays #hustlelikeamom #coconutwater #insideiseverything

One of the best ways to de-stress for me is to workout!  I have made fitness a priority, which is why I love finding smart products that help me stay fit even when I can’t make it to the gym.  I really love using the @thedbmethod machine because it helps me do the perfect squats while ensuring I don’t hurt my lower back! Plus it fold flat, and slips right under my bed. 💛

But I want all of you mamas to enjoy this bootylicious device. So, I have partnered with one of my  favorite moms to give one lucky winner a @thedbmethod workout machine! All you have to do is 💛1) follow @kristinmcgee, @pamelapekerman, and @thedbmethod
💛2) Like this photo
💛3) Tag a friend who you want to workout with
*bonus entries tell us how you de-stress
(Make sure you are following all of the account we will be checking)

Entries to the giveaways will be accepted until 3:00PM EST on 04.23.18 EST. 1 Winner will be chosen at random and announced on 04.23.18 Open Continental USA only. Per Instagram rules, we must mention that this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13 years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use #giveaway

As moms, we are always juggling, often times juggling more bags than our bodies should physically be able to carry.

How often are you lugging four or five grocery bags, laundry hangers, a water bottle, the mail and a child or two!? Yup, me too!

To all the magical mama jugglers, you are sorcerer of special, the wizard of wackyvil and the circus wrangler of crazy. Keeping on juggling and hustling, you’re doing great!! 👏👏🙌🙌 #hustlelikeamom #jugglinglife #magicalmom

Today was International Juggling Day, a quirky holiday I often use to pitch fun TV segments like - product that help moms hustle, double duty bury, time saving home essential ....
But this week, this month, and most of this year, thus far, I’m juggling much more on the home front.

Today, I paused to just be there in full mind and body and coziness for my princess. Her tummy still isn’t right, and all she wanted was mama. 💛

Mamas, we are hustlers and jugglers and, occasionally, magicians, but most of all, we are the oxygen our kiddos need on the good, the bad, the bland and the glory days. Marinate in that awesomeness tonight, as you put yourself to sleep ... or pass out on the staircase #hustlelikeamom #realmomlife #momishere

“There is a wealth of happiness and romance all in a golden afternoon.” - #DisneyQuote

To continue the theme of de-stressing, which essentially is a key pillar of motherhood!, another thing that helps me unwind is taking a walk in a park. Nature is a natural nurturer, that works magic on the nerves. Did you like that alliteration? 😁

A quick 5-minute stroll mid-day helps me juice up. I love sharing my love of the birds and bees (ok not bees) how about trees with my munchkins. We love to skip around, enjoy a waterfall in our soon-to-be new town, or sit on benches and vedg out.
FYI when I find myself driving all day, like today (see insta stories) I’ll often pull over on a quite street and just take a quick walk, ideally in a park. 💛

COMMENT: what’s your go-to zen zone, de stressing hot spot? #hustlelikeamom #loveofnature #walkinthepark #afternoonstroll

“When life gets you down, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” - Finding Dory #Disneymovie

It’s Stress Awareness Month, and that makes me extra mindful that I need to refuel myself, so I have the positive energy to guide my tribe of 4 into the coming week. Also, not let anything from yesterday stop me from swimming forward! 💛

So, while everyone sleeps in good health 🙌 (see insta stories for the mama saga) I’ve snuck out to the pool for 15minutes of zen, mindful breathing and blueberry eating. PS this doesn’t happen at home - kids always wake up early, or I’m too tired to even meditate or house choirs ... so I’m taking my shot now!! 💛

COMMENT: what do you do (or try to do ... it’s not always easy mama, I know!!) to calm your nerves and fuel up in the mornings? #mindfulmonday #mindfulmama #destressing #morningmeditation

“Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.” - Winnie the Pooh 💛

Someone asked me how the trip went, particularly given the craziness of the last 36hrs (see insta sprites), and I said that I fell more deeply in love with my family, my tribe of 4. This unit is my joy, my purpose, my blessing. My entire being could just burst from the goodness that flows into me when I witness all their magic and glow. 💛

COMMENT: what are you most grateful for today? Me, I’m grateful that everyone is feeling better and sleeping in our hotel room. (See insta stories to see why that’s extra joyful now). How about you? What moment of magic are you grateful for today? #disneyworld #disneyphoto #mommymoments #blessedmom

“So this is love, so this is what makes life divine.” – Cinderella 💛 •

Marring your best friend is better than having a castle full of gold! This is the only person you actually choose, just as they are, to laugh with and love. Even kids can be a maddening (oh ya, and magical) surprise. 💛 Magic. Marriage. Madness. & more memories to come 😘 #blessedwife #loveissweet #cinderellascastle

Motherhood is like being a hamster on a spinning wheel, you just have to keep moving, for the wheel to keep spinning. 💛

But, it’s so important to make plenty of room for a pause, a laugh and a whirling good time in a tea cup. We loved the magic and the madness (let’s just say this mama needed to namaste herself from time to time🙏) of our first day at Disneyworld. 💛

COMMENT: what’s your favorite ride at Disney? Ours was the Mad Tea Party! #disneyworld #madteaparty #disneyfun #mommymoments

And with that, we are off to Disney!! I will never be too old for Disney, or too lost in the madness of motherhood to enjoy the magic of every moment! And if you’re wondering, yes I’ve been on the brink of blissful cries all morning long. 💛 #hustlelikeamom #mommymoments #firsttimeatdisney

This little light of mine 🙏 Motherhood, as I always say, is about the crazy and cuddles. Today, I got a heaping happy dose of both. (Some of it documented in Instastories - so take a peek)

With 12hrs to go until we leave for Disneyworld, I’m once again firmly planted in a pool of gratitude for a life filled with love, laughter and a posy of awesome human beings I hope, if nothing else, grow up to be kind, good-hearted people. 💛

COMMENT: With the magical kingdom on the horizon, I can’t help but ask, what is your biggest wish for your children? #disneyworld #disneymagickingdom #frozenbirthdayparty #kindnessmatters

Some days I have it altogether.
Most days, I’m piecing things together as they come.
All days, mama needs Rose. 💛

We’re off to Disney in 48 hours and there are a million things to do for the trip, our new home, my new website, TV segments that I pray I’ll have time for, not to mention mama needs a mani ASAP. Here’s to trying to piece it all together, being your best, not beating yourself up (okay trying not to!) and drinking plenty of Rose! 💛

PS some time tonight 🙌 I’ll post a fab tips for traveling to Disney for first timers. These are tips from travel mom experts 💛 willing to share their secrets! #momssupportingmoms #momshelpingmoms #mamaneedsrosé #hustelikeamom

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