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I recently took the kids to a @michaelsstores Take Your Kids To Work event. I love when my mompreneur and mom life combine! David and Ilana were so happy they got to play with things that I don't have at home - like slime. I liked crafting at 1pm and having it be classified as “work”!

@michaelsstores just launched a website especially for kids. On you can shop for age-appropriate craft finds and creative toys that get the kids learning creating and into tech-free time! Plus, you’ll start to see more toys and creative activities at Michaels in-store, just in time for holiday shopping. I know you’ll appreciate the project inspiration on the website as much as I do because it gives mama loads of winter-winning ideas for the munchkins. PS tomorrow on the blog, I’ll be sharing two simple crafting ideas. Stay tuned.

I love a good mom chat, loaded with major truth bombs. Nobody drops funny and momspiration mom truth bombs like actress/producer/super hero of silly @busyphilipps.

Last week, @michaelsstores event, I had the pleasure of interviewing this hustling mama, who’s new book 📚 This Will Only Hurt A Little comes out tomorrow. The book is a hilarious, heartfelt, and refreshingly honest memoir about her life as a working actress and mom.

In our mom chat, this busy mama dishes on her new book, new talk show @busytonighttv (👏👏) with E!, being a mom, non tech time, crafting and a whole lot of crazy meets cuddles. Ya she’s really a busy Busy mama.

PS Someone extra special also makes a cameo in this only-for-IGTV episode of Hustle Like A Mom. (It was a take our kids to work kind of day.) Also, Stay tuned for a format change to my show! Click link in bio to subscribe to my YouTube channel!! #busymom #hustlelikeamom #momspiration #busytonight

Just say yes - yes to yourself, yes to self care, yes to any meaningful me moment - even if it’s a quick mask before the start of a new week.

Mom Truth Bomb Alert 🚨-
I haven’t had a full Mom Sunday Spa Night in months. That extended 5pm-9pm me time doesn’t happen anymore - too much going on around the new house. Too many details to keep crossing off the NEVER ENDING TO DO LIST from all fronts - you know what I’m talking about mama! #hamsteronawheel.
But, dang it, I’m just saying yes, now, at 9:45pm to a mask and salt bath.

I’m brightening up the evening and my skin with @yesto beauty #yestobeauty. I’ve been obsessed with this brand for years - when it was still called Yes To Carrots 🥕!! Mamas, let’s say yes to Bright, Bangin’ Skincare that’s Cruelty-Free, super adorable and bursting with uplifting packaging. 💛

Let’s say yes to carving out even 10-minutes of masking, yes to knocking out the negativity we often inflict upon ourselves, yes to smiling, yes to giving ourselves the time we need to look and feel brighter. Maybe that’s a lot to ask of a mask, but I find that when I routinely carve out me time, especially at night, I wake up with more joy, let negativity and a heart ready to hustle through whatever the day has in store. #MomSundaySpaNight
#knockoutnegativity #SelfCareFirst

#tbt to yesterday when I said I was going to post my amazing pro fitness tips from @bfitnewyork but my body said - girl ice up, and go to bed. 💛 •
Making it up tonight and sharing Bryna’s full wellness wisdom on the amazing benefits your body will experience from daily rolling, especially with @rumbleroller - this roller has bite. Click link in bio to read NEW 🆕 BLOG POST. And check out our video 🎥 on #igtv 💛 •
guess who’s back to blogging again!? 🙌 I missed you too mamas. More to come from the pros I trust in wellness/beauty/style + momspiration + time saving tips + cuddles meets crazy + Hustle Like a Mom videos 💛 #HUSTLELIKEAMOM #wellnesstips #foamroller #rumbleroller

Sometimes you gotta roll with what you got - tonight that means no blog post (sorry mamas, see Instastories to see why I’m behind). BUT, I’m hustling and rolling out a few tips from my amazing personal trainer @bfitnewyork creator @rehabnyc on what it means to roll out using a grooves roller like @rumbleroller .

foam roller will length a muscle and improve circulation, but a rumble roller has spikes which will do all the foam roller can do plus get rid of adhesions (what feels sore) in the body.

@bfitnewyork TOP 5 REASONS TO ROLL
A. Increases joint range of motion 
B. Prevents Injury 
C. Improves circulation
D. Reduces muscle soreness  E. Releases tension in the body 💛

@bfitnewyork ROLLING NO NOS
A. Avoid roll over joint, only muscle
B. While every body is different, as a rule of thumb consider switching from rumble rolling to regular foam rolling, when you hit the middle of your second trimester of pregnancy 🤰 As always, consult with your doctor for guidelines based on your pregnancy.
C. Usually the source of pain is located near where the body is feeling limited so roll around the pain first. Then come back to the knot to see if it has dissipated. Repeat.
D. Take your time and keep breathing during this whole process. Holding the breath creates more internal tension. Breathe in when you find an adhesion. Breathe out when you’re working on releasing adhesion. Repeat. Treat this like mindful me time #mamaste 💛

Full blog post coming manana. For now check out my Muscle Rolling 101 video with @ on IGTV.
COMMENT: What do you use for your muscles after a before or after a workout? #foamroller #fitnesstips #wellnesswednesday

When you have your hands full and need a healthy happy lunch, dinner or breakfast option - hey, no judgment on pizza for breakfast ... enter @CAULIPOWERED 💛

It’s a delicious cauliflower-crust pizza, which the kids and I love! I mean LOVE with caps. They can't even tell it is cauliflower. #momwin I've recently partnered with @CAULIPOWERED to help launch a new initiative for K-12 parents to nominate their school for a chance to win a @OneSun360 Teaching Garden, scholarships, and a year’s worth of cauliflower pizza! 💛

Now through October 15th, 2018, you can enter via Instagram by tagging #CAULIPOWERYourSchool and @CAULIPOWERED showing why their school should get a teaching garden or by visiting: PS - Every entry through the website will receive a $2 coupon off CAULIPOWER as a special thank you for supporting healthy food in schools!

"My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent." Ruth Bader Ginsburg 💛

On a day when we celebrate exploration, new journeys and the American spirit, I can’t imagine a woman more spirited and fit to give us some motivation than RBG. If you think you have an uphill battle to establish your career imagine being a Jewish woman, which a young baby, in the 1950s and the audacity to want to become a judge. 💛 if you haven’t read “My Own Words” do it and create your own movie in your mind, before the actually RBG movie “On the Basis of Sex” comes out December 25. 💛

And, if you love powerful women, hustling moms, Click link in bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch my mom chats with inspirational mompreneurs like @randizinn @kristinmcgee @danamyersxoxo 🌸💛 #motivationmonday #mommotivation#mompreneurlif

On the way back from Chicago it's time to re-hydrate before, during and after the flight ✈️ and keep my Sunday Spa Night rituals rolling even when I’m in the air. 💛

Tonight, my hero hydrator is @h2oplususa protective matcha facial mositurizer. I’ve been using it day and night, all weekend long, in Chicago, and I’m loving the lightweight whipped moisturizing effect. Despite flying and the nasty weather in Chicago, my skin doesn’t feel dry or look dull. The antioxidant loaded Matcha 🍵 Green Tea helps protect against free radicals which want to break up your skins collagen (not on this face!), as well ward off heavy metals and other environmental pollutants. Then, the high percentages of fatty acids found in Rice Bran extras (aka secret ingredient number two) provide ultra hydration and improve overall skin radiance. Glow on mamas, Glloooowwww on! 💛

Sounds like a skincare winner to me. COMMENT: Who’s a fan of @h2oplususa

Hailing a cab, hailing some relaxation, hailing a little adults-only time, hailing a happy weekend getaway with hubs in Chicago. 💛 He will always be number one, above all else. Making time for romance, for alone time with your partner, creating daily rituals of love, mapping out mini breaks from home, these are all essential to keep the fire 🔥 burning. 💛 Whether it’s a walk around town, or cutting it up on the dance floor, I love my love. COMMENT: do you make time for a weekly date night? Monthly? #marriagegoals #marriedtomybestfriend #minigetaway

Let’s celebrate. It’s do Something Nice Day! 🤗💛🙏

“Doing Good is a simple and universal vision. A vision to which each and every one of us can connect and contribute to its realisation. A vision based on the belief that by doing good deeds, positive thinking and affirmative choice of words, feelings and actions, we can enhance goodness in the world" Shari Arison. 💛

As we approach the holiday season (yup it’s coming!), I’m super excited to put the final touches on the 2018 #Shop4Vasculitis campaign. It’s a chance for you to shop for a cause and help raise money for the @vasculitisfoundation which many of you have heard me talk about. Check out stories as I share more about this cause + how you can support. COMMENT: What charities are you passionate about? #dosomethingday #bethechange #livewithpurpose

Mama's this past month has been a bit crazy between dropping the munchkins off at school, taking the train into the city and then taping segments, you could say my only weapon is my smile. My smile is my secret weapon when I feel like I am going to have a moment I just smile and it too shall pass. There are times in your life that things are out of your control. The munchkins are happy, the family is healthy, we love our new house and many more happy things.

My trainer @bfitnewyork gave me a kick in the butt, yesterday, and not just from her fabulous workout @rehabnyc . Sometimes we need reminders to take care of ourselves - ie mama needs to put on an oxygen mask before she can help her munchkins!

So, aside from promising to be in bed by 11pm, making sure I eat enough (ya it’s been that kind of month/seasons), I’m also using the power of a smile to give me that extra mood boost. Schedules change, kids get cranky, dishes don’t all get washed, that project you wanted didn’t come thru, your house is loaded with boxes and your brain is loaded with cob webs (about that book reading 🤪) but you just have to be fleixble and go with it. Smile till it feels real, smile till you feel fabulous. Fake it till you make it (to a glass of Rose!) to get through the cuddles and the crazy. COMMENT: What is your secret weapon to get through the day?#smilesfordays #alwaysstaypositive #momlifebelike

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