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❝Freedom To Be Fierce❞  💰Build A Functioning Business 📣 Do You Have Enough To Retire? 💖 ☕️ & 📓 ❸ Secrets For Midlife Business Owners:

That’s right. You DON’T need to learn 1,001 tactics and get every single marketing and client generation course known to man.

Most of the time it’s just a matter of getting the solid, proven fundamentals down.

I say this all the time.  We NEED each other! Going at it alone leaves too much room for procrastination, negative self-talk, and massive INACTION. We need someone to hold the slingshot steady so we can propel ourselves forward at a high rate of speed. Who's your "ride or die" partner, coach, or support group in business and how do they help you get farther than you'd get on your own?

Do you walk into a room feeling like the perpetual beginner? Or are you the rock solid, white HOT master of your industry that gets instantly noticed by everyone else?

Logically, we all know that none of us have it "together." So why are we still trying to paint the picture to our audience that our lives are picture perfect?
Sure a beach vacation is totally worth the social media posts, but you know what your clients and customers REALLY want to see?
The dark side. The ugly parts. The failures along with the successes. Why? Because it lets them know that they're human too. And conveying your humanity to your dream clients is the BEST way to get them to bond with you.

What personal challenge or triumph story will you share today with your audience to create that bond and draw them closer to you?

Usually we're so caught up in our own insecurities we can't see the actual power we have to inspire others.
But when we show up as ourselves everyday ready to help those who want the help and have proven they're willing to work for it, THAT'S when we are truly UNSTOPPABLE.
What single action will you take today to show up as your most authentic you?

Ever go into a store and find something you absolutely LOVE? But it's a little more than you wanted to pay. You reason with yourself that you could probably find a generic version and save some money. Yet, all day long it nags at you. All you can think about is how you wished you would have bought it when you had the chance.
Don't deny yourself the business of your dreams because there's a higher cost to it. EVERYTHING worth having usually requires a bigger commitment.
What's been on your mind lately that you've denied yourself the challenge of pursuing?

Any head-in-the-sand procrastinating ostriches out there? What's one thing in your business you have a hard time facing when it rears its ugly head?

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned so far in your business? What painful mistakes have you made that had you swear up and down that you'd never repeat them again?

What's the most ridiculous thing your friends or family members have said to you about starting and running your own business?

What's the "craziest," most unexpected thing you've ever done to re-establish balance when life got too hot to handle?

So let me ask you... how many "crap courses" have you been through? What questions did you have about your business that you were disappointed you never got answered through these courses?

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