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Pamela Horton  Gaming Personality :: @ToasterGhostGaming :: [In Game: Neratrite]


“Did I just step in dog poop?” 💩💩
📷: @kacy.meinecke

Thank you @vtiredkat @bigbossboze and @co_mill for coming to see me and eating Panda Express with me! I’m so grateful so many of my friends are making time to come see me in my recovery. I’m so lucky. 😍😭 #WomensSit2018

So happy that @michelemorrow came to see me today! She brought me a heating pad that made my tummy feel like rainbows! Love this giiiirrrlll! 😍

My tummy hurts and I’m being pretty dramatic about it.

“The patient needs cuddles, stat!” Nurse Squirrel said to Doctor Moosecat. Pamela’s post-op care was in the right paws. 📷: @ianhecox

I am happy to report that my hysterectomy was a success! We got a late start in the OR but my all-lady surgical team took the BEST care of me.
After surgery I was in a lot of pain so they gave me intense pain meds and I immediately fell asleep when I got home.
Big thanks and so much love to @ianhecox for being my rock. He’s done so much for me and I am incredibly grateful and soooo so lucky to have him.
Thanks to #Moosecat for immediately resuming guard duties the moment I got home.
Thanks to my sisters @trishiesue and @mkimminau for sending me a care package that came with a little llama doll I can snuggle.
Big thanks to YOU GUYS for supporting me so much throughout all this!! You’ve been so patient and so kind and I’m lucky to have you all. ☺️😍 #lynchsyndrome #lynchsyndromeawareness #hysterectomy #LAVH

Big thanks to @amandabrianphotography for shooting some new photos for @toasterghostgaming! We have a lot of... uh, personality. Yeeeaaaah. 😎

Went to see my bubs @heffernanlemme and @steve_lemme perform their stand-up special at @alextheatre and it was so GUD. Check their website to see if they’re touring in your area! Heffernanlemme.com #supertroopers #beerfest

Sometimes I play with camera angles to make it look like I’m a beefed up manly man. 😎💪🏼

Sassy sassy office matchy with @kwizten! Even our nails match! #hardcore

I forgot to post this earlier... I wake up with a smile every morning cuz I have a Moosecat on my pillow cozied up to my head. 😍😍 Makes this kitty mommy so happy! 😍😍

Tomorrow’s back to business and going hard before my surgery on the 16th. LET’S DO DIS! 📷: @kacy.meinecke

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