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Pamela Geller  Author, FATWA: Hunted in America Editor, Geller Report, filmmaker, and news talking head. All that and a bag of chips.

#californiafires In the 1990's Clinton changed forest management practices to suit the greenies. In 2012 Obama made even bigger changes in forest management practices to suit the greenies. This was all preventable.

It’s an overthrow of our government. An honest vote count is no longer possible in Florida (or Georgia, Arizona, Missouri), and that was the point. The left has declared war on our most cherished freedoms. They are systematically destroying Americanism and shredding our most cherished institutions.

Living under constant jihad war in Israel. It’s the real war the jihad-loving media never show you. Follow @otef.gaza for the news the Goebbels-styled media censors and scrubs.
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מדינה כולה נצבעת בשחור והממשלה שותקת!
*בדקות אלה בגברעם*

Mensch! #midterms2018

21st century kapos make my skin crawl. #pittsburgh

Leftwing @netflix: Program this month features, ‘F*ck, I’m killing all the Jews!’ Did Robert Bower watch it #cancelnetflix

Yaaaaaas ❤️ love this 🇺🇸

So Real Housewives #RHONJ husband Joe Guidice is being deported after serving his time but Shaheed Hussein, the deadly limo owner who is wanted for murder in Pakistan and who was convicted of federal crimes was NOT DEPORTED. Instead he was given 96K by the FBI for terror recruitment. Got that? And you wonder why we don’t trust the @FBI?

These statues are appearing throughout in Brooklyn. Will Americans vote 🗳 for this - the vile, seditious Democrats in #midterms?

🇺🇸 Read it all:

Muslims on @Facebook cheering the brutal murder of young innocent Jews. My followers and I are systematically banned, blocked, suspended from @Facebook for opposing this genocide and incitement to violence. But these savages are given free run of the place. #timeisup

.@realdonaldtrump effect: The unemployment rate has DROPPED AGAIN to 3.7%.The unemployment rate under @BarackObama reached new lows - 10%. How could anyone THINK of voting  Democrat in #Midterms ?

The enemedia refuses to cover this YUUUUUGE news @nytimes  @CBSNews  @nbcnews

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