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Pamela Geller  Author, FATWA: Hunted in America Editor, Geller Report, filmmaker, and news talking head. All that and a bag of chips.

Serbian Interview with Pamela Geller:  An Independent Kosovo is a Jihad State in the Heart of Europe
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“I have maintained for years that President Bill Clinton made one of his many catastrophic mistakes when he backed the Muslims in the Bosnian war. Like President Carter backing the Ayatollah Khomeini against the pro-American Shah, the consequences of aiding and abetting Islamic movements are catastrophic, as we have seen in Iran with the recent protests against the Islamic regime.”
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Man Leading Migrant Caravan Demanding Entry Is A Suspected Terrorist, Demands $50,000 Each for Migrants to Return Home
Immigrant-rights agitators dissemble and deceive about “caravan” invaders, calling them asylum-seeking families fleeing violence back home, but the Trump administration has said those cases are a small minority within the 8,000 to 10,000 migrants. And the majority are men, young fit, and military age. This story shows that what has said about there being criminals and terrorists among them is true right at the top. And you can see that this whole enterprise is a shakedown, pure and simple: Ulloa is demanding $50,000 for each migrant to return home. Imagine showing up at another country’s border and being paid off to leave. Yet the enemedia treats these con artists as heroes.

While France burns, Macron gives 18 million dollars to terrorists. France is doomed.
The government of France recently donated 18 million dollars to the “Palestinian” 2018 general budget. [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 13, 2018]. This brings France’s direct support to the PA’s general budget to .....
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They thugs @youtube have demonetized my videos. And now they are DELETING them in the cause of the Taliban. This video has been up for six years and suddenly it’s prohibited? They are scrubbing and censoring the savagery and silencing the few who speak openly and candidly about the greatest threat to western civilization. This is not going to end well, freedom lovers. We will not go quietly into the night.

More punitive measures by another social media monster @youtube - They have demonetized everyone of my channels. This is the next wave in a renewed campaign of censorship and subjugation by uniformly left wing corporate managers.

Facebook has removed all of my posts from the past two months. They are punishing Facebook followers who share my posts.
@Facebook is evil.
This culturally-enforced uniformity of opinion ultimately leads to totalitarianism. Even after the communists seized power in Soviet Russia they didn’t establish total censorship immediately. It took years of gradual steps, each one a trial balloon. They got away with it through smaller encroachments until they established total censorship (source: Ayn Rand). This is where we are headed. If the Democrats take control in 2020, it’s over. Either will go quietly into the night or we will revolt.

COVER-UP Documents Unsealed: Boston Jihad Marathon Bombers Slit Throats, Murdered 3 Jewish Boys On September 11th.

Only a handful of us covered and reported on the unsolved triple murder of three young Jewish men (two devout) on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of jihadi attack on American soil. When I first heard that the older jihad bomber, Tamerlan, knew him, it sickened me. The media called one of these Jewish victims the “bomber’s only American friend.” I knew better. Beheading Jews on on September 11th had to be devout Muslims. Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the quran. Under Islam, slaughtering Jews is the most “righteous” of all kuffar murder.

If police had been trained properly they would have solved this triple murder and saved the lives of the victims of Boston Marathon bombing. But powerful terror-tied groups like CAIR worked with Democrats led by Obama to dismantle counter terror programs and scrub Islam and jihad from all training material.

Holocaust Memorial Desecrated with Islamic Inscriptions and Swastikas, “Islam Will Rule”. No enemedia coverage on this, of course.

Boycott @airbnb

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Why haven’t you broadcast this, you quislings? @cnn @abcnews @cbsnews @nbc @nytimes @pbs @washingtonpost

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