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Pamela Reif  21 💗 🥜Food Account: @pamgoesnuts 📺YouTube: PamelaRf1 // for workout videos!! 🌍Blog: 📚Book: Strong&Beautiful 📧

Hi NYC 🇺🇸 flew over for the premier of the new #oceans8 movie starring Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and sooo many more 😍🎥 even had the chance to interview Sandra, Cate & Awkwafina (will share that as soon as I’m home, already got the material) 🤓 #cansomebodypinchme #interviewingthem 😍😩🙏🏼 -
also loved getting insights in what the actresses learned at their sleight of hand trainings to be prepared for their robbery 😎 I can now also steal wallets & phones out of your pockets like a prooooo 😎😎 thanks so much for having me @warnerbrosentertainment & thanks for the chance to meet the other girls from all over the world ♥️♥️♥️ #nyc

do you trust your gut feeling? Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I trust myself, my intuition & my life. This has always been normal to me but the more I meet different kinds of people, the more I notice how anxious and confused others can be. I have always believed that if I work hard in life, if I listen to the balance that my body asks for, if I follow my heart and if I focus on being happy I will ALWAYS end up in a good place. Obviously I can’t be sure about that & I never know whats going to happen in the future but I really appreciate how much balance, safety & comfort I have inside of me. Simply by relying on myself. And even if there are negative things happening, I always trust my life enough to know that it’s going to sort out sooner or later & that this won’t even SCRATCH my inner peace. -
picture by @annanassaft 🖤

Hope you all have an AMAZING Tuesday 🖤🖤🖤 don’t forget to appreciate everything life has to offer ‘cause time is running by sooo fast 😛 I know it’s probably weird to hear that from someone like me, but: put you’re phone down for a second, stop focusing on other people’s lives and soak up what surrounds YOU. And - breathe deeply 🤓 #yep #neverforget #ooommmmm #andthathighlighttho -

keeping track of my time with @cluse ⏳ the new white version is my fave right now! Honestly wasn’t sure if id like it thaaaat much but it’s now the only one I brought with me cause it’s perfect for all summer outfits haha!! And you know the deal: get your fave additional strap for free by adding 1 watch & 1 strap of your choice to the basket. Then add “PAMELARF” and get the strap for free 💗💗 #clusespringfling #cluse

Can you spot the Hollywood Sign? 🧐😅 #youmightneedsomeglasses 🔍

#BTS from my @pumawomen shoot earlier this week 🖤 went to LA directly afterwards to celebrate the launch of the new Defy Sneaker with @selenagomez 😛 how do you like it? I LOVE the color way and it’s sooo comfortable I will only stop wearing it while it’s in the washing machine if it got too dirty lol 🤤 #puma #defy -
🎥 video by @sergiujurca -
💄 styling by @astridjerschitz

.. is hiking cooler if you’re doing it in LA?🌞 #runyon

... there are only very few things in life that I love more than sunsets. #romanticalltheway #hehe

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s @puma shooting 🤓🖤 und wer will ein Shooting mit mir für die August Ausgabe der Fit For Fun gewinnen? 🤓📸 am 30. Mai fotografiere ich zusammen mit @puma eine Fotostrecke für das @fitforfun.magazin und wenn ihr bei der folgenden Challenge mitmacht landet ihr im Los Topf um mein Shooting Partner zu werden 🤜🏼🤛🏼 -
Bedingung: ladet euch die #PUMATRAC App runter (Link in meiner Bio), startet die „Train for Fame“ Challenge und trainiert! Je mehr Workouts ihr macht, desto höher wird euer Score. Wer einen höheren Score als ich erreicht kommt in den Los Topf 🙏🏼💗 ihr habt bis zum 18. Mai Zeit (also noch 4 Tage) 😛 #vielspass #puma

.. pure ♡
by @annanassaft after sleeping in her van in Netherlands.. woke up the next morning, saw that magical light and walked down to the beach ✨ no make up, no styling

♥️ Mom 👩‍👧 in honor of tomorrow’s Mother’s Day @cluse invited me to talk about a special something about my mother. WELL where do I start .. every women is beautiful, but my mom is the most beautiful woman I know. I have always felt her unconditional love and I know she would share everything she got with me. I talk to her every day, no matter where I am or how full my schedule is. Our bond is extremely strong - maybe sometimes too strong - but I wouldn’t want it any other way. And our characters are for sure different, but yet she taught me so much in life.. From how I do my make up & hair, to how to eat healthy or how to be an independent woman. I’m forever thankful .. I love you mom ♥️ #MothersDay #TreasureFromMyMom #cluse -
🕗 wearing the new White Collection on this picture 🖤 get your favorite strap for free with every purchased watch ✨ coupon code:„PAMELARF“

this might be unbelievably random to some of you: but I’m so proud to have my abs back when sitting 😂😂😂 abs are a lot about posing, lighting & flexing but to actually have abs while sitting is something I didn’t have for the last 1 year 😛😂 was extremely motivated the last months, consistent as hell, hit the gym about 5 times a week, didn’t eat any processed sugars, cut & tracked my calories in order to lose that extra fat ... and tadaaaa: abs are back 💗 it’s easy in theory and it can also be „easy“ in practice if you really WANT it! 🙏🏼 no excuses, no late night binge eating, no „let me have a bite of your chocolate cake, a bite won’t ruin it“ or „oh let me have 2 of your potato fries 🍟”!! Don’t know for how long I’ll keep my current form - but I’m veeery proud that I was able to be that consistent for about 3-4 months 😇 and most importantly: I’M FEELING FREAKING AMAZING 😛😛 #yas #motivation

🇬🇷 All smiles in Mykonos ☀️😬 have you ever realized that I have so many more smiling pictures whenever I’m at the beach or in the sun 🤓 #happiness #greece

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