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Palmgrens  Established in Stockholm 1896. Welcome to the world of Palmgrens.

Our trustworthy companion - the horse. The rumor is he’s over 200 years old, but he prefers not to talk about his age... He is made of solid wood and pure charm, and has greeted everyone who has visited us at Sibyllegatan 7 since 1951 #palmgrens

Cane meet’s cane - a love story about the six-way weave. Captured by @palmgrens1896_seoul #palmgrens

Desktop blues. Print from @artichoke_fresh_prints and bag from the 70’s. #palmgrens

Prep for a weekend getaway #palmgrens

The six way weave. #palmgrens

Passportcover patterns #palmgrens

There’s a new sheriff in town! Say hi to Chester, our new team member. #palmgrens

Organized chaos #palmgrens

Leather landscapes. #palmgrens

Catch up 📰 #palmgrens

Be square! #palmgrens

Sunny side up! #palmgrens

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