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— multifandom  ❝leonard snart, robber of ATMs.❞

[ #westallen ]

dedicated to this precious couple 😫💗 i listen to runnin home to you on repeat everyday and it gets me everytime 😳😂😍

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[ #theflash ]

barry oh my god💀💀 the flash comes back on tmr i'm so excited!!!! also supergirl comes on tonight & i'm ready for my karamel babies 😍😍

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[ #arrow ]

seriously tho thea cant be replaced um ------ i wanna do q&a but i doubt any1 would answer so

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[ #carlosvaldes ]

wishing a wonderful happy birthday to carlos!! 🎉🎉 cisco is my 2nd if not 1st favorite male on the flash 😭 but anyway happy birthday to him 😊

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[ #legendsoftomorrow ]

i started watching prison break and i love it but it makes me so anxious omg

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[ #prettylittleliars ]

hii here's my new theme 💖 also, happy pll day 😂 it's the beginning to an end 😭i've waited so long that i forgot almost everything thats happened & i cba to rewatch

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[3/3] new theme!
i changed my user from @/itstheskaikru to @/palmcrs

[2/3] new theme!
i changed my user from @/itstheskaikru to @/palmcrs

[1/3] new theme!
i changed my user from @/itstheskaikru to @/palmcrs

— teen wolf
tysm for 100 followers!! 💗i'll be starting my new theme soon 😌❤️

— teen wolf
i've reached 100 like 4 times but lost a follower a second later 😂 that's great

— arrow
i wish they would've lasted tbh, they were cute but ..

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