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Roxane Pots  Artist and shapeshifter Page model for @cosplayway

I'm all in. #love

Spring cleaning #studio #myart

Off to work #eyeontheprice

I feel conflicted about the Quinn hype... I love that she has evolved over time, interpreted, like we all are by the world around us. Shes been written and read, but used so much without meaning that she lost part of it. I got into her a few years ago because of the feeling she was a more complex character and way more human than any flesh idol at my disposal. The vulnerable messed up anti hero I needed. I felt safe in knowing there was truth in fiction and the other way around. It made me look with new eyes into my own. I learned through mirrored capability and incapability. Stylized in a way i could relate to perfectly at that age, which is what keeps her so appealing to new generations I think. Although i'm very happy shes appreciated the way she deserves, I miss the quiet comfort of my fellow freak from time to time. I hope she will continue to be re- invented and forever loved.

So i'm a broke master student with a job, whats your excuse? #workhardplayhard #diy #handmade #handpainted #wonderwoman #batmanvsuperman

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