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Paleo f(x)  World's largest Paleo event. Health, nutrition, fitness, sustainability, & everything in between. 2018 Early Bird Tickets 👇

#PFX17 was the biggest year YET! There's so much information to process, and so much butter coffee to digest, so we're taking a short Instagram hiatus...check back with us in a few days for more great content to help you create your vibrant life! #yourvibrantpaleolife

From the entire team at Paleo f(x)™, THANK YOU! #PFX17 was the biggest and best year yet. More speakers, more exhibitors, more attendees, and more excitement than ever before. We couldn't have done it without YOU, our community, and we couldn't be more thankful for your continued support.
Here's to a bigger and better #PFX18, and here's to changing the world!

The thyroid reset with Dr. Justin Marchegiani! #thyroidreset #PFX17

Have you tried these bars yet? They're pretty EPIC😃😃 #epic #meatbar #yum #PFX17

Gender Roles, Conditioning, or Genetics Panel is stacked to talk about this fascinating topic.

#pfx17 #gender #biology #society #environment

The O hormone... Oxytocin, Dr. Grace Liu taking all about the happy hormone!
Oxytocin is the chemical in our hearts, brains and guts which is associated with cementing human and animal bonding, connections and learning. It is a multifacted hormone, like all neuropeptide hormones. In studies, Oxytocin protects against heart disease, diabetes, gut inflammation, cancer and fungal/microbial infections. It has been shown to also heal wounds. Without oxytocin, studies show mastery of performance and learning are hindered and halted. I will discuss how our gut microbiome symbionts make Oxytocin. I will review the latest research on how your performance, learning and gut health can be biohacked with pro-Oxytocin strategies. #happyhormone #ohormone

How do you find out if you're in #ketosis? @levlnow can help you find out. Check out their patented breath analyzer that tells you exactly how you can stay #keto.

Learn about the Hero's Journey. What is the defining moment that leads us into adulthood in the modern world. This rockstar line up of @aubreymarcus @mike_bledsoe @noragedgaudas Ryan Frisinger Kevin Johnson and Zach Poitra is going on now at the @sunlightensaunas stage #PFX17

#BJJ at #PFX #FTW. @10patx is bringing the heat!

What might explain this reduction in brain size?
Our diet. Less brain food, less brain.

#brains #pfx17 #doh! #modernsuperiority #huntergatherer

@primal_bliss talking about a new perspective on modern dating! #moderndating #PFX17

Do you have small intestinal bacterial growth (SIBO) and what to do about it. Head over to the @enviromedica on ramp stage to learn more from @drruscio #PFX17 #yourvibrantpaleolife #healthyself

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