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PΔLΣĦФΓ§Σ  "The Powers that watch at the boundary are dangerous. To deal with them is risky. Yet for anyone with competence & courage, the danger fades."

Just dropped some one-of-a-kind, printer's test sheets into my online store from a series of recent rock festivals. They always go quick, so snatch up the one you want for a totally unique art piece for your wall! Use the code BEHOLD to receive $10 off orders of $50 or more as well as free enamel pin. Click the link in my profile. #rockontherange #fortrock2017 #northerninvasion2017 #gigposters #soundgarden #metallica #mastodon #primus #korn

Getting started in a series of Eastern mythological deities, beginning with Hanuman the monkey god. I really love how he is visually represented in the temples of Thailand. Looks futuristic and ancient at the same time. #hanuman #ramayana

Just updated my site with some new projects to check out. Also use the discount code: BEHOLD in my online store this week for $10 off your order and a free enamel pin thrown in for all orders over $50. Click the link in my profile. #dcsnowboards #spaceecho #snowboard

Griffon Vulture completed for my series of skate decks for a new company launching this year called Canvas Skateboard Company from skateboarder @colinwebgrover #skateboardart #skatedeck #vulture #palehorse

The last 3 festival gig posters I designed featured Soundgarden as a headlining act and the third show that was scheduled for tomorrow night will become a memorial and celebration of his life. Chris Cornell we're sad to see you go, but we wish for you the peace that you were searching for. #ripchriscornell

Detail color phase of this Griffon Vulture piece I'm working on for Canvas Skateboard Company launching this year from @colinwebgrover #vulture #skateboardart

Detail flower progress from a larger illustration in the works. Having fun playing with halftone shading techniques.

Ringling Class of 2002 and 2017! Congrats to my youngest brother @s.parks94 on graduating art school! So proud of you dude. Time to take over the world!

Artwork is completed on the first 3 decks headed off for production for a fresh, new brand launching this year called 'Canvas Skateboard Company' from skateboarder @colinwebgrover Really looking forward to seeing these come to life soon! #skatedecks #skateboardart #owl #eagle #raven #palehorse

See my custom @deanguitars as part of the "And Justice For Art" exhibit at Tampa International Airport! Thanks @cursemackey!

Heading back home today after another whirlwind trip through Tijuana/San Diego/LA. Travel and culture can be incredible sources of creative inspiration and have always fascinated me. I love that art and creativity are universal languages that connect us all and present portals into the worlds of others. After getting to glimpse behind the scenes at The Crash Lucha Libre in TJ, I couldn't be more thrilled for the future of this bizarre and beautiful sport! This shot is from the ring entrance tunnel at the famous Auditorio Municipal Tijuana. #luchalibre #thecrashluchalibre #serpentico #oraculo @luchathrilla @lucha_cruz @maskedrepublic Photo by Nate from @damascusapparel

In a most unlikely & epic matchup, Oráculo & Serpentico combine the forces of good and evil for victory at The Crash Lucha Libre in Tijuana Mexico! Amazing performance Amigos! @luchathrilla @lucha_cruz @douglasjamespro Had a blast with @maskedrepublic and @damascusapparel 👊🏼💥#serpentico #oraculo #thecrashluchalibre @palehorselucha

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