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Palak Bawa  YVR --> OAK | Grad Student | Study, Sleep, Netflix | It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

Happy Mother's Day to my best friend. You are responsible for everything I am today and my biggest role model. And a happy mother's day to all of the moms, the grandmothers, to the mother figures, to those who have lost a mother or a child and to those who wish to be a mother, this day is for you too.

6:35am, Saturday morning. Worth it. #doitforthegram #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge

So I got to donate 8 inches of hair and look like a completely different person in one haircut. #salonpicasso

The happiest of birthdays to you Thom Thom! Thank you for being such a kind soul, for always taking the time out to see me and for making me look like a real brown person! Missing you and the rest of the PVRA crew always

"Oh hey, this is our first picture together!"
"Well it's a good thing there's a huge sad face behind you"

Reminiscing of warmer days, San Francisco, you beaut.

This wall also had a pineapple and boobs on it, a hipsters dream #nojerks

Why yes I am a little obsessed. #allthecolours #jewelrystorage #didsomereorganizing

So I'm the worst and didn't realize it was past midnight but the happiest of birthdays to you! I love you so incredibly much and wish you so much happiness because you truly deserve it. I think if you've lived with someone and can stay best friends it's a pretty good sign you'll be friends forever, miss you! #23 #lespois #1738 #wehavetoomanyinsidejokes

When life gives you too much snow to leave the house on New Years, you make a snowman. #happynewyear

I truly excel at getting stuck in things #enchant

This picture was brought to you by the fact that my mom really enjoys cheesy poses and the fact that Christmas time actually gives me the chance to wear this skirt #happyholidays #accordianskirts #somanysparkles

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