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1 year anniversary ❤️


So little update i am after this "surgery“ second week into training after 7 months pause and i feel still the same so my heart was not probably the issue. However not gonna stop again i will continue workout and see how it goes in some time. Maybe my body needs to adapt to this again. I can workout only with 50% of weights as i lifted in this picture to not feel dizzy 😕 . Some exercises like squats, legpress etc. are out of question since heavy exercises make me superdizzy. I will keep searching what is wrong with my body (seeing physiotherapist, more blood work) and hopefully it will improve itself and i will be able to go with 470kg on legpress again 😛 . Sadly one thing i know i wont achieve this shape i had last year in summer 2017 😕 .

In the morning 1 year ago 😎

So finally some current pictures of me. I am third day after surgery already at home and feeling good.
Surgery went smooth i got my wpw syndrome (AVRT) removed succesfully and i should not have any more tachycardia during my workouts etc. At the end of the surgery doctor told me i had complicated way to my heart that there was a congenital nerve so he went throught the other leg with catheters and burned it from the other side too. As you may know i have been having issues during my workouts it all started last summer when i was unable to complete my workouts i felt dizzy and my heart beat was very high i was having tachycardia during my workouts so i stopped working out after 20 minutes and went back home. Although I started having these problems
last year i had this defect since birth. It just grow up during time as you are active person and causes these problems. So basically what i did i worked out less and last 7 months i was unable to workout at all because i had really big problems. So there i go picture on the left is from the hospital where i was before 3 days and picture on the right is my current shape weighting around 76 kg in the morning 😀. So what i will do now is i am gonna rest for 14 days and then i will again start working out and hope that the muscle memory will help me. Post ekg showed i am 100% healed and i do not have any more heart issues so i am really looking forward. Peace brahs

Summer is close. I am looking forward to going on a vacation with my love again 😘❤️

tbt summer 2016 😢. Want to see my current shape?😄

Lets start with that instagram spam again. Next month i am back in the game brah 😎✋🏿

lubkam ju 😘😘😘

Just 1 and half month and i will be hopefully back in training after almost half year without working out at all! Big transformation coming soon brahs 💪🏿(tbt 2016)

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