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Good evening 😎

Shape was ok back then 😢

Cortisol at 611 nmol/l and still making some gains. What is you excuse brah? 🀣🀣

What happened? Why i am inactive almost 2 years? After getting 2-4k per photo and growing my page succesfully i suddenly stopped why? Well as you may know or not all was caused by my heart defect which i was born with. It did not cause any problems to me until 2016. In this year all changed in terms of lifting. Every workout after the day it happened was fear from dying everytime my hearth started rising i stopped exercise immediatelly with fear. Last year i had operation that was succesfull and got me rid of this problem. At that time i was 8 months without any training i literally shit all my gains in the toilet all the $$$ this sport cost. However i started again after surgery and gained some weight back. But the problem was not over i still felt there is something. So i did informed my doctor he saw my ekg and said i have to go one more time for this surgery. So i did 3 days back. After he looked inside me - it is done via catheters that goes to you heart throught veins with only local anesthesia. After that they were testing my hearth for types of arrhythmia etc. Well they found out that what they did last year was succesfull and they removed my issue they even did rise my heart beat to 300/minute lol it was really scary i thought my hearth will stop at this level however it did not i only got fibrilation which went off after few secs but it was really scary moment. Doctor said this is ok my heart is strong and there is not any danger for me for now at 300/min lot of ppl would have fib thankfully you cant make your heart go 300/min from just exercising. But i have some other issue which is not dangerous thankfully but itdoesntmake me feel good during workouts. But i will have to overcome this somehow because now i seem to be healthy again without any major issues. Only feeling in my head that this can happen again in the gym scary me enought to cancel my workouts before they are done. 2 years from when i stopped working out hard and 8 months when i stopped working out at all however i did not gave up and i will do my best to bring best naturall physique i can. This was the worst experience since i started working out and i hope this period is going to its->

80 kg/184 cm πŸ˜€

Actual back

Time to bulk πŸ–

I just turned 23 today. Getting old lol, however baby face remains brah πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚. I hope that this year will be different from my previous in terms of gains and health so i can start posting again and share my progress.

Aesthetics over size brah. Current shape 2018 comeback? Mby 😎


Natural aesthetics brah 🌿

Retired bodybuilder 😏

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