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The cruise offered a lovely mix of solitary and social fun, quiet moments and big blowouts, perfect for the extroverted introverted weirdo that I am. 😜

Peter without color. Still totally adorable 😍


We leave waves in our wake
Not unlike a ship's
A trail of stories and dreams
A sign that we once were
Only to disappear
Like we had never existed
#SuperStarVirgo #LoveStarCruises #AlwaysFamous

I miss reading with this view 📖❤️⛴ #SuperStarVirgo #LoveStarCruises #AlwaysFamous

Because, in many ways, I am Peter Pan. ✨Love @gmaz's take on him ❤️

I loved discovering the ship's quiet corners #SuperStarVirgo #AlwaysFamous #LoveStarCruises

Of all my tattoos (and there are a lot of them), it was Peter Pan and Rainbow Brite that almost made me pass out. I guess getting a tattoo is a lot like dating—it's the cute ones that can really hurt. 😆

Here's the truth: I was a little nervous about my first cruise. Sure, I can swim, but what if I got seasick? What if I can't stop thinking about the fact that we're in the middle of the sea? I brought my anti-anxiety pills, just in case. But I didn't need them. What I needed were these awesome people who made every second of the trip fun. What I needed was @kptraveler who was the perfect host, who was hilarious and fun and thoughtful, whose magic brings strangers together and turns them into friends. What I needed were pitchers of coco shake, shots of tequila, midnight karaoke and a roommate like @cerah. What I needed were quiet moments in the library, early morning Zumba and late night walks to secret corners. What I needed were Havaianas on my feet and Peter Pan on my arm. What I needed were empanadas in Ilocos, chips in Taiwan and duck in Hong Kong. And because of these things and because of these people, when I remembered that we were in the middle of the sea, I was hit not with terror but with wonder. ❤️⛴ #SuperStarVirgo #LoveStarCruises #AlwaysFamous

I took this picture right before my tattoo session and now, when I look at it all I could think is, "Oh bitch, you don't know what's coming." On the plus side, some people say that after getting your inner arm tattooed, getting other body parts tattooed feels like a massage in comparison. 😂

Of course you knew this was going to happen, right? 😬 What I didn't know was that I'd be @gmaz's last client at the old @mofo_tattoo location. And I didn't know that getting tattooed on the inner arm was going to turn me into a big wimp. Holy crap, I thought I was going to faint at one point. Thanks for being so patient, Jimma. (And for being a little amused.) I seriously love your work. Would love to go back for more. (But maybe not on my inner arm. 😆)❤️

An incredibly relaxing way to spend an afternoon: reading @chuckpalahniuk and watching the waves roll by while cruising home ⛴⚓️🌊❤️ #SuperStarVirgo #LoveStarCruises #AlwaysFamous

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