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Shruti Babu  🔅A day in the life of a mom of👭 🔅Austin, Texas🤘🏽 🔅Motherhood 🔅Parenting in Pajamas 🔅

🔅This week our daughter slept 12 hours each night. She has eaten only organic, home-cooked meals. With just a little effort, she learned to play a musical instrument (violin), and since we removed the word “NO” from her vocabulary, we haven’t had a single episode of back talking.
🔅Our family has replaced screen time with foraging in our garden for dinner, and I’ll be honest- it hasn’t been easy, but boy is it worth it! 🔅We are officially one week FREE of poor behavior and fake food. It’s safe to say we have figured this parenting thing out!!!
🔅I have no idea who originally posted this message, but I’m proud of them so I decided to share it 😂😂 #sundayhumor #definitelynotmydaughter

🍓My absolute new favorite insta page is @foodbites. If you have picky eaters on your hand- trying to introduce more fruits and veggies to your littles -or just like fun food pages check out @foodbites
I mean how cute is this!!!🥝

Last week my friend Corina was at the @blantonmuseum and it seemed like so much fun so we went to check it out!
1. @blantonmuseum is FREE on Thursdays so go then. Is it kid friendly? It’s free, they will be exposed to some beautiful art, and it’s indoors (really nice on these 100 degree days) so take them- my kids liked it and we were there an hour which was the perfect amount of time for us.
2. Park in the Brazos parking garage and take your ticket inside - the museum will validate it for the entire day! The lady at the museum told me it would be only $4 after she validated but when we left the parking garage it was free ( we were there for an hour)
3. After an hour the kids were pretty bored at the museum but my mom and I really liked it. Keep in mind my kids are 6 and 4. There is one thing they loved which was the room that had 600,000 pennies. That was pretty cool.
4. Afterwards we went to @noblesandwichco where kids eat free on Thursdays so that worked out nicely.
There you have it! A really cheap and educational way to spend a Thursday! Thank you @corinapix for all your amazing advice!!!

💜A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other💙

We absolutely love @desibabies new puzzle! Check them out for really cute Indian stickers, coloring books, puzzles and board books. Rakshabandhan & Diwali are right around the corner and these make the cutest gifts for both occasions!

It’s officially one month until my final surgery ( the reconstruction) I don’t know why but I’m super nervous! This time the surgery will be 8-12 hours and I’ll be in the hospital for 5 days!! 😬
It’s one thing to go through all this but while you’re going through it you have to make sooooo many decisions.
In yesterday’s appointment I was told I was going to have to start taking a pill EVERY SINGLE day for the rest of my life for 10 years! This pill is called Tamoxifen and has been around forever so it will be fine butttttttttttttt.... apparently there’s also another new pill called Xeloda which is a chemo pill. My oncologist wants me to consider taking this as well. I’ve already done every single thing I can to make sure this cancer never comes back so I guess this is just one more thing to be safe. Okay so here we go... 1 month till surgery means 1 month to live my best life before I’m out of commission again. Let the countdown begin! #cancer #chemo #breastcancer #fight

🍪 Lookie lookie whos on a cookieeee!! A great big thank you to @kelliesbakingco for making my family these amazing selfie cookies! These cookies are soooo cute and make such a perfect gift for birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers and much more! Check out @kelliesbakingco for these selfie cookies for your next occasion!!! #cookie #gift #austin

As most of you already know I had one goal for my kids this summer- to learn Gujarati. I was born in India and grew up speaking Gujarati and really wanted Ava and Gia to learn it as well but didn’t know where to begin. Several of you told me about @sanskarteaching so I decided to reach out to them and am SO glad I did. After following their program ( we watch it almost every single morning) and playing this Gujarati memory game every day the kids have learned so much! They are really starting to piece stuff together and make full sentences and that just makes my heart so happy. A great big thank you to @sanskarteaching for coming up with such a wonderful program! The memory game they just came out with is such a fun tool to go along with the program because it makes learning fun. At the end of this month I’ll do a Instagram live so you can see their Gujarati in action which is pretty cute! If you have any questions about it don’t be scared to ask me!

When @bharatbabies found out I was going to be pretty much stuck indoors all summer they wanted to make sure we had plenty of amazing books to read. They sent over all these books but I have to say Always Anjali has become a favorite. @beneaththesheetz tells a beautiful story about a girl named Anjali who isn’t proud of her name but soon learns to love it! Beautiful illustrations by @jessicablankdraws and A great big thank you to @mayasuri for sending our family all these wonderful books! We have been reading them all non stop and highly recommend these books for you and your little ones as well! #books #read #educate #knowledge

Guessssss what we did today??!! I finally took Ava & Gia to pierce their ears!!! Why did I wait so long? I have no idea. Did you know most pediatricians pierce ears? Yup! And that’s exactly where we did it. Apparently people do it when the kids are about 3-9 months old but I just didn’t want to do it that young. I always wondered if I should have just done it when they were babies but I’m glad I waited. These two look completely different to me today I don’t know why. They just look so grown up! 🌟UPDATE- apparently tattoo places are amazing places to get your kids ears pierced as well- super clean and hygienic! According to a lot of you that’s where I should have gone. I had no idea! Thank you!! 🌟

Love your life! Take pictures of everything. Tell people you love them. Smile often.Talk to random strangers. Do things you’re scared to do. So many of us die without remembering all the little moments. Take your life and make it the best story ever.
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2 months ago these four beautiful ladies surprised me and we all went to San Antonio, Texas for a weekend! It was such a wonderful time and I really miss all these pretty ladies! Time to do this again soon! #sanantonio

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