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TATTOOS By Paisley Poptart  💖🍭🇨🇦 90s POPculture vancouver tattoo APPRENTICE since Oct. 2017 & fine artist since birth. 🎨🌈 . . ⭐️DM to inquire📝 . 🌸 personal IG: @paisleypoptartxo

🤗🤗🌈⭐️TTTHHHIIISS!! I LOVE tattooing Pokémon. I will never stop. THANK YOU to everyone who’s allowed me to enchant a Pokémon on you. THANK YOU. I love finding out what your favourite Poképals are. I LOVE IT! I have so many but my top is Raichu, Stunky, Trubbish & Mareanie. Interesting right??? YES! Comment below some of your favourite POKÉMON !!!! 🤗🤗⭐️🌈

BOOKING NOW! ❄️💦🔥🍃⛰👻For my BIRTHDAY MONTH, I am offering ALL TYPE POKÉMON for only $180 FLAT palm size - SWIPE next page for the Pokémon that will not be included in this deal as I have done them already! I am very much open to the newer GEN’s as well! If your birthday is in August as well, I am more than happy to offer you a discounted price of $140 to celebrate our bday month together W00T!✨⭐️AUGUST ONLY!⭐️ •legendaries will be extra•

🌈🌸⭐️the start of something enchantingly amazing 😍 finally getting into what I truly aspired when I got into tattooing - whimsical creatures & mysterious goddesses✨ WIP based off my “Opal Princess” painting I did a year or two ago - Kate entrusted me to turn this fairy into a tattoo! THANK YOU so MUCH for the trust and patience for this radical project!!! 😝😝😝😝 stoked to finish this.⭐️🌸🌈
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I am beyond exhilarated to be working alongside such a meaningful cause and to brighten anyone’s future and adorn whomever wins beautiful and empowering tattoos. Sailor Moon has always been a true favourite of mine & represents the strength in working together, friendships & female empowerment. Thank you so much @vanexpoonline for blessing me with this opportunity. Forever grateful! .
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Have you been thinking about getting your first #SailorMoon #Tatoo? Maybe you want to add to your ever growing collection of beautiful #bodyart. Well you’re in luck! @paisleypopart has donated a gift certificate worth $300.00 to the charity! All you have to do is come by this year’s #VANEXPO #InternationalSailorMoonDay: #Vancouver 2018 event in support of #WAVAW and get a raffle ticket for a chance to win this awesome prize! We’re so excited!
Let us know what type of tattoo you would get. How long have you had this vision in your head but never made it a reality? We know we’ve always wanted one.


DATE: Saturday June 30, 2018
TIME: 1:00PM – 11:00PM
LOCATION: Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown
1110 Howe Street, Vancouver BC, V6Z 1R2, Canada


CHARITY: WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre

#ISMD #VancouverCharity #GirlPower #VancouverEvent

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