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Paisley Johnson  byu WBB || WA✈️ UT

The feeling knowing you start school again in a month...
But I miss my Kiwi’s and I can’t wait to start this next years season. Good things coming and know we all are working 👅

Idaho weekend vlog coming out soon🌶

New pledges 😈 cause freshman year is OVER👅

Congratulations Dillon and Haley💛 •on your eternal love

A little feel of heaven🐾

I can’t wait to go home😁

Got an A on my EWS research paper that I wrote and turned in the day of. So You could say I’m the class-A procrastinator 🐢

Love you puppers 🖤

What an experience it has been to be able to play in a cougar jersey. I have learn and developed my game so much this year because of my coaches and I could never be more grateful for them. I was able to play by amazing athletes that challenged me every day in practice and I get the chance to represent an outstanding university. Freshman season has flown by. I would never give up all the growth and realization for anything.

Find that beautiful Zen

Taken immediately after @20cassieb sunk a fade away reverse lay-in like it was nothing 🤷🏼‍♀️

That’s what it’s like 💕
Bring it in for the Lady’s