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Consultations with Uncle Wade regarding Reagan era RV’s, hopes of skateboarding with a knee replacement in your mid 50’s, Oakland, Ca, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. #surfclubdurham

There are many things I like about this image. 1. First and foremost, I’m with two of my favorite skaters. 2. @burnout took the photo (the best visiting artist to ever present a talk for my students). 3. @briannealwainwright and I had just finished skating the ramp inside and we went back out to find the circus was over and @lizziearmanto was still there and about to be the first female skater to do the loop. 4. @tonyhawk had his car pulled up and was blasting Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure #namedroppinglikeaboss

It’s amazing to see how much love the skateboard community has for @briannealwainwright Everywhere we skated last weekend people recognized him from some tour or contest from the past and appreciated what he did then and is still doing now. Legend gets tossed around quite a bit but if you’ve been around for a minute and know your history, Brian sums up, LEGEND. Thanks for letting me tag along, Brian (and @tonyhawk ). I’ve got more video and photos to come. @powellperalta @roller_bones @moxirollerskates @187killerpads @s1helmets @trackertrucks @moflo888 #eastcoastvert #farmramp #münstermonstermastership #verticalrollerskating #northcarolina #thatdudes52

Plane time killers

not with a bang, but with a whimper #selfmedicate #whenvertattacks #backyardvert

Rigging and moving two Moores - one day. #artinstalloftheday #henrymoore

detail #oiloncanvas

simple things... #backyardvert

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