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Paint Lab  Painting studio in Santa Monica open to all. Classes, events for kids + adults + walk in #painting #paintlab #everyonecanpaint #Santamonica #art

Express yourself through art! We have an introduction to painting class this Monday, July 16 10am-12pm! It's $48 plus the cost of canvas which includes materials and instruction. Call 310-450-9200 to reserve your spot!
#artclass #artisfun #paintingclass #paintingisfun #lovetopaint

We still have some limited spaces for our summer camp! Sign the kids up and see their inner artist grow! Now through August 31. Call 310-450-9200 to sign up! (Must call 24 hours prior to camp date)
#summercamp #artcamp #painting #iloveart

Looking for something fun and artistic to do this weekend? We are having our Brushes & Bites Singles Night this Saturday, July, 14th at 5-8pm! Instruction and materials included in the $47 cost along with complementary refreshments. Call 310-450-9200 to reserve your spot!
#singlesnight #funweekend #painting #nightout

Come join us during our Painting workshop, Monday 10-12 pm. Mention this post and receive 10% off on your canvas!

Get your museum on @theautry @skirball_la @lacma courtesy of @bankofamerica @MerrillLynch and after you're inspired come to paint @paint_lab 15% off this weekend with cards. #lovetopaint #familytime #art

Let your creative juices flow and become an artist. We have a painting class happening this Monday, July 9th 10am-12pm. It's a $48 class plus the cost of canvas with all materials and instruction included. Call 310-450-9200 within 24 hours prior to reserve your spot!
#artisfun #painting #becomeapainter #artclasses

4th of July Sale on All Art Supplies. Now through Sunday up to 50% off everything! A great time to stock up & save for those creative summertime projects! #artsupplysale #paintingsupplies #paintingisfun #santamonica

Thank you, Jayme, for celebrating your birthday with us yesterday! It was so much fun seeing you and your friends be creative and artistic!#iloveart #paintingisfun #bdayfun #bdaypainting

Ladies and Gentlemen Singles Night! Instructed Brushes & Bites July 14th 5-8pm. Come alone or bring a friend. Only $47 per person. Includes all materials, instruction and complimentary refreshments (21+). Call 310-450-9200 to reserve your spot!
#singlesnight #artclass #paintingisfun #iloveart

It's summertime! Why not sign up the kids for our fun and creative Summer Camp where their inner artist can grow! We offer classes for kids of ages 6-12 and teens 13-16. Our camp offers two different sessions one in the morning 9am-12pm and one in the afternoon 12:30pm-3:30pm (for teens we only offer afternoon sessions). Call 310-450-9200 to reserve a spot (must call within 24 hours prior to the camp date) #paintingisfun #loveart #artcamp #summercamp

Save 30% on all books this weekend!! #weloveart #lovetopaint #artbooks #paintlab

Sign up for our Intro to Painting this Monday 10am-12pm or Wednesday 11am-1pm. Call 310-450-9200 to reserve your spot! $48 plus the cost of canvas. Includes all other materials & instruction!
#artclass #iloveart #painting

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