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paige's finsta  i dont know what i am

wearing all black 4 my homie, summer. rest in pineapple merch

ur welcom sequoia 🎧🤑 @sequoiatreeee

Day 4:

Day 3:
i gotta say that 4th hours pretty lit

Day 2:
this is what my algebra class does before we take tests....

i'm going to try to start #100daysofhappy because why not (truth: i want more posts on this acc)

this sub in my science class got me fUCked up, so she was yelling at me to turn my phone off and so i "turned it off" and put it on my desk and then she was like "nO ALL THE WAAY OFF" and i was like "ok chill damn" and she said "wHAT DID YOU JUST CUSS" and i said "sure my phones off now" and she walked away. then, a couple minutes later she stopped talking to the class and looked at me and said "pAIGE I TOLD YOU TO TURN YA PHONE OFF SO TURN IT OFF AND KEEP. IT. OFF. " i was like " bruh it's been off wymmm" and she got so mad it was funny tbh

i'm so dumb help

@tessthecucumber_ I WAS INSPIRED

here's a vid of me singing my fav christmas song (ft. me actually trying halfway through, bad harmonizing, and getting in trouble for screeching BAADAMBADAM) (day 5)

THESE ARE MY BFFS AND THEY ARE THE COOLEST PEOPLE EVER LIKE THX FOR BEING IN MY LIFE (@raegan.danley , @sequoiatree_ , @sequoiaj_ , @48sandwiches , @smoke.a.jay ) (day 3)

throwback to when @sequoiaj_ almost died because Biscuit was hype (DONT TALK ABOUT MY LAUGH BECAUSE I DONT USUALLY LAUGH LIKE THAT)

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