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Paige Monroe  SINGER/SONGWRITER 💜🔮 synth soul 🔮💜 💿new music under construction💿

Get loot like that trump bitch, Ivana

Friday Mood 💸💸 off to the studio today for business meetings yes b get it

Do we love party city is it all a lie

#worldsuicidepreventionday seek help because there is always a way out. We have had some very public celebrity deaths and or near deaths in the media recently, this puts the topic in full view for us to see. I’m sure we all know someone or have been in the darkness ourselves, it can get better and it does. Suicide awareness is slowly becoming a daily conversation, and not just a taboo topic when it circulates around social media. Seek help or help those that you can recognise who need it. My door is always open to those who do and I know theirs are open in return x

September is when everyone goes back to school, fresh starts, new term. I’m back in the studio developing my new sound and working with a great team and you may see a release by the end of the year 🖤

Tomorrow marks the first day @quayweststudios and I will be working side by side to create my new music.....very very exciting things ahead. BORED OF NOT RELEASING MUSIC 🎧 💅🏼😈 stay tuned x x x

2 years with my worldie best friend 😍x never been so happiii best years of ma life x

I love my children

OH MY GADDDD thank u so much to my amazing parents for this early birthday surprise. Saving for so many things a car just didn’t seem like something I would own just yet, I’m so thankful. 😭😭 haven’t stopped crying ahah I HAVE MY OWN CAR AHHHH

Loving this song atm ❤️ side note - my hands are weird as I have fake nails AND fun fact - doubled jointed fingers so my hands so look weird when I play sorry😭🙃 #singersongwriter #singer #cover #luciddreams #unsignedartist

Babe ur so blue

I love those girls in windows

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