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Paige Elizabeth  Keep the warmth of summer in your heart and focus on what matters. Just some parts of my life through pictures.

There’s no heart for you like mine & there’s no love for me like yours. #withlove #carryingon

Let me know when you’re ready to go back baby! 🌴😉 I cant wait for more trips & exciting things with you. I’m grateful for everything you provide for me & our home together. I love you 1000000x1000000 💜#withlove #iloveyou

Some people you can’t replace.✨ #withlove

we watched the sunshine dance across the water & I was hooked on it. 🌊 #withlove

I love you momma,
As I’m getting older I’m realizing how important our family is to me and how I would move mountains for any of us. I’m also realizing how much I miss you and my siblings now that Sarah & I have moved out and we’re all scattered around. I want you to know I’m a call away, a text away and a couple minutes away. We might now have it all together but together we have it all. #withlove #always

We watched the sun set every night but the most captivating and fairytale worthy sight I saw was him.💜 #withlove #madlyinlove

This post may be a little sappy.😉
It’s funny how I’ve heard every here and there throughout my life “when you know you know” and I had never thought twice about it... and I guess I’ve never ACTUALLY “known”.. but I’ve started thinking about that saying so often since he’s came into my life.. now I’m thinking it might not be a coincidence. I love you Colby John and I’m so glad all my wrongs have finally made a right. Life with you is so sweet. (P.s there’s gonna be lots of pictures from Hawaii) 💜 thank you for loving me the way you do sweet boy and also taking above & beyond care of me. I finally feel completed & free.

Good girls don’t grow on trees 🌴 #withlove #happyplace

I’m really missing summer.😥 good thing @colbycampbell32 and I are going to Hawaii in about a week.😏🌊 #withlove #excited

It was all 🍑-y after that. #withlove

His smile makes any cold day one of my warmest days.☀️ #withlove

Where you are, I will be. ❤️ #withlove

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