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paige knudsen  let it be Jesus: married to one of the good guys: girl mom: dog rescuer: photographer: blogger: encourager: & occasional product cheerleader:

Celebrating you two today!! Ridiculously proud of you both & will forever be your biggest cheerleaders!
Happy anniversary & fully believing there is even more of the best ahead for you! ✨💫🌟
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“I know you by heart”
A Little Princess // Evie’s two year session 💞

I said yes to this brave beauty six years ago & it forever changed the trajectory of my life. I thought about that decision for about 12 minutes-maybe it was 5 😉, dan gave me a resounding yes and then I partnered with @noondaycollection . Some of my best forever friends were made within the sisterhood culture.
I was honored to travel to both Guatemala & Africa and meet artisans. & you wanna know a sweet part of that story? I stumbled upon all of this while essentially missing out on another opportunity and feeling like I had let someone down. He always writes the best stories y’all. The best. True story. .
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So this is how Madison rolls.
She’s leading a new hire orientation at @anthro_atlanta today. So she decided to bring in homemade pretzels & Cokes for the ladies.
What makes this even cuter?
Well Philly is known for their soft pretzels as well as the birthplace of @anthropologie (she interned at HQ last year on the artist collab team 👌🏻-shout out @urbncommunity ) & Atlanta is the birthplace of Coke.
Sounds like a perfect welcome to the Atlanta team to me !! ❤️✨ .
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Someone’s pretty excited about baby brother or baby sissy coming very soon!!

you are covered in grace today--
we must swim in His grace to learn more about who He is & remind ourselves of who we are in Him.
The more we know Him the more we become like Him.
The more we grow in His grace the more we will glorify Him!
In this world of perfectly designed this & that’s along with unattainable photoshopped other images that roll in and out of our minds may we all know that we can walk in freedom. We can start each day knowing His promises are full of grace and goodness regardless of our feelings. 💛

My blue eyed girls 💙

Thinking of all you mamas who sent the little one off to kindergarten or are moving your baby into a college dorm this weekend. You got this!
Perhaps it’s time to make sure you are fueling what makes you come alive. Art lessons? Trying out barre? Or simply dusting off a journal and making the time to write down the thoughts you’re working through. Don’t just head on to the next thing. And then the next thing. And then one more thing. Make sure & be intentional with YOURSELF too!
You got this! 🤗☀️👊🏻

You anoint me with the fragrance of your Holy Spirit; you give me all I can drink of you until my heart overflows.
So why would I fear the future?
For your goodness and love pursue me all the days of my life.
psalm 23.5&6

Tender moment between this precious young couple 💞 // expecting baby wood

& just like that…the youngest is off to her first day of school-senior year!.
& hey all you mamas, you know what i was thinking? if it’s your baby’s first day of kindergarten or your first week with the baby away at college, it’s okay to be happy/sad in your new rhythm. it is.

every mama feels the quickness of each day. the new mama feels that her six week old, delicious babe, is already changing so fast. and the mama of college freshmen looks into the face of her 18 year old & sees the face of a precious preschooler looking right back at her. no one needs to remind us the days are long but the years are short. or something like that.

we’re raising those delicious babes & chubby faced toddlers to be filled with confidence & independence…but we’re really doing that for our own hearts, right along side them, simultaneously. amiright?

you can be happy/sad today. you can. excited to see what this next chapter looks like, whether her backpack is filled with crayons & a nap mat, or her backpack is filled with gear to travel abroad. to be expectant as she becomes her own person and see what her dreams are & what makes her heart stir. & i really think it’s okay to be sad too. i do. i don’t see it as a dreaded fear but more of an appreciation of where you are and comfortable enjoyment of where you’ve been.

it’s okay to appreciate what was & then grieve it’s passing. i think it’s just another face of gratitude. i think our hearts need just a little more time than our minds do during transitions & new rhythms.

give yourself some grace today mama
they’re gonna be aok…
and honestly, so are you. .
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We wrap up summer Monday & send the last little one off to school!! I’m desperately trying to change the dialogue of “lasts” and choose to look at this season as “finishing strong”. ☺️
We’re so proud of all our girlies and truly love watching them walk into the stories the father is writing for each one!!
All the little seeds planted when they were little ones are indeed growing into strong and solid beautiful trees!! #senioryear #carolineelizabeth #littlebit