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paige knudsen  let it be Jesus: married to one of the good guys: girl mom: dog rescuer: photographer: blogger: encourager: & occasional product cheerleader:


I bought two fiddle leaf figs this weekend~one big and one little. I’m beyond pumped. Perhaps y’all should now start referring to me as #plantlady ! 😂😉🤗🌱🌿🌵💚 #fiddleleaffig #wishmeluck

While I’m by no means ready to put on shorts or a swimsuit, I am loving 70 degree, spring~like days in February!! 💚🌱🌵🌿

Because it feels like spring in Georgia today...& that little monogrammed bottom is too cute! 😉💙☀️ #firstbirthday

I ran into a friend of mine yesterday & she asked about all the girls. She said something about Caroline being a sophomore. When I reminded her @caroknud was a junior this year she literally gasped. Legit shocked!
Caroline nannies for her a couple days a week and loves her kiddos. I think it’s mutual.
My girlfriend said “oh my gosh! My heart skipped a beat! We only have one more year with #sweetcaroline ??!! I have to start preparing my kids now!”
Tell me about it sister.
We’re in the countdown mode for sure. College applications, SAT, ACT and all the things. When she texted me the other day talking about prom I thought for a second- you’re not old enough for prom?! No really. For a second I forgot.
It’s a blink my friends. A beautiful wonderful blink. Love on them, learn from them, ask them all the questions, take the pictures, write down their funnies and their dreams. Learn their music & their favorite artist. And maybe even photograph their bedside table.
It’s but a wonderful blink. #raiseemup

Gotta get creative when it’s pouring down rain & big sissy just wants to play! Love capturing special moments for this gorgeous family!
#maternitysession #expectingHawkins #MerrittJean @katerissanencape

Your due date was February 28. I joked with the doctors and my family that I’d have a Valentine’s Day baby girl but no one believed me as first babies rarely come that early.
But on Friday night the 12th just before midnight my water broke- I labored through the 13th “joking” (as much as you can in labor) that surely coming the day before wasn’t the plan. But then at 10 on it was time to push. & sure enough, two & half hours later, at 12:33 am~ Sunday morning on Valentine’s Day~ you came into the world. I became a mama & thought my heart would burst!! You’ve been climbing mountains & overachieving ever since!! I love you so much my first Valentine. & I can’t wait to see what TWENTY FIVE has in store for you!!! Sending all my love from Atlanta to San Francisco!
CraZy proud of you baby girl!! #savannah #thebirthdaygirl #valentinesdaybirthday #twentyfive 💞

“If touching love is touching God
no wonder I'm in heaven, when I'm holding you” johnnyswim

Happy Valentine’s Day to my always & forever!!
You’ve loved me with a selfless love-
fiercely tender, loyal and effortlessly strong.
allofmylove2you ❤️

I’d love to take credit for my girl’s strengths.
But in actuality I’ve always said I feel their giftings & strengths are theirs. All theirs.
I’m just the mama behind them cheering them on & being blown away when they “out-do” me!! Does that make sense?

All four of my girls are so completely different with such beautiful unique hearts.
Today @madiknudsen has done what she has always done so well. I’m never sick & yes I have been in bed for a couple days {yucky achey cold/not flu🤧🤧🤧}.
She spent the entire day in the kitchen. After going to the grocery store for all her ingredients she made THE MOST delicious chicken noodle soup. I mean.
She’s baked vanilla cupcakes with blueberry buttercream frosting. From scratch. & she made blueberry macaroons. From scratch. & these flowers at my bedside, yep. She brought those home for me as well.
I’m convinced when my girls (all of them in unique ways) walk in their giftings this is them rising up and I am indeed blessed. {and well fed } #madisongrace #servantheart

It’s almost the Valentine’s Day-Birthday for the Valentine’s Day Birthday girl.
#twentyfive #valentinesdaybirthday 💙// Savannah by the amazing @jennifer_blair_ // #bhldnbride #savandtrev4ev

A few years ago I listened to a couple podcasts and wasn’t really a big fan. For several reasons. Just not my personal preference.
If I was running, I wanted loud music.
If I was working at my desk, music still my go-to.
Recently though I’ve added a long, late afternoon walk a few days a week. And I’ve found some podcasts that I love to listen to while walking!

While I don’t need them to necessarily be heavy on the intellectual side I have discovered I prefer the ones that have some take-away value. Does that make sense? It’s all personal preference but my current faves include-

@supersoul that featured @brenebrown & maya angelou.

a top fave is def @anniefdowns ~ which finally lassos in the image relevancy~ her interview with @simonikigweba where he chatted about spaghetti squash & polenta 😋

Okay. Your turn. Share some of your faves with me!

I’ve been a lifelong collector. While I’m no world traveler, bringing home a small piece of art, piece of pottery, a book from the bookstore ...anything really is special to me. These “things” have sorta become like tangible photographs & make me smile as I remember. & special treasures my girls bring me from their travels are just as priceless~perhaps even more so!!
I recognize this generation leans more into experiences than things but I love ‘em both.
what about you? {little mug from a new fave spot in seaside & elephant carving from #savandtrev4ev trip to Thailand 🖤}

Beautiful new pieces in the recent collaboration between @cathypentonatelier @ @savannah_mh !!🖤. Both are so wildly talented!! #seekerofeverydaymagic // image by @cathypentonatelier {direct link to shop currently in my stories}

A few posts back (or was it on stories?🤔) I mentioned I’ve been enjoying some podcasts. @anniefdowns is one of my absolute favorites!
Recently she interviewed @raechelmyers and @biblewilliams from @shereadstruth - incidentally my absolute favorite bible study writers:creators (is that a thing?)... & sweet rl friends. Anyways the podcast is one of THE BEST explanations about the practice of Lent.
Lent isn’t a rule or a have to. It doesn’t make us a better Christian. I encourage you to take a listen! Play it while you’re taking a long walk or while you’re whipping up dinner. It’s just so good. {And Raechel, I wanna play the ending back four times too. 💙I want draw closer to Him. Thank you & Amanda for creating such beautiful materials that encourage each of us to be in the word. & Annie, this atlanta girl was so touched by your “god sees me” today post your time at the Benz 🖤❤️} #shereadstruthlent oh ps. It’s easy to remember this year- Lent begins on Valentine’s Day & ends on Easter Sunday which is April fools day. 😊💟

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ― Albert Einstein // @jesstodd86 #audrey // & also proof that shooting winter sessions in Georgia can sometimes feel like spring 😉🌸

This one will turn 25 on Valentine’s Day ~ last night on @nbcthisisus when Randall told his first born she’d need to live at home with him until she turned 25 and then have lunch with him once a week in her big fancy office and tell him everything. Yeah that. 😰 ❤️ #sanfrancisco

Priceless // the architectural rendering @savannah_mh drew of their first home & gifted to me at Christmas. Sent it to @framebridge for framing and super pleased! ☺️💞 I’ll treasure forever!! Thank you sweet girl! #firstapartment

Congratulations @caroknud & @linzk8 !!! Qualified for international DECA competition !! Yesss!!! #decascdc #marketing 🖤

Sounds like we’re looking at six more weeks of winter. ❄️☃️ The way I see it is an extra six weeks before I need to worry about wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts out in public 🙈. #groundhogday // gorgeous @madiknudsen

Good morning February ~ so glad you’re here. ⛩🌁🏮// photographed this time last year while visiting my Valentine’s Day birthday girl. 💞❤️

“you’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face & show the world all the love in your heart“ Carole King #beautiful @madiknudsen

Good gracious. I’ve been watching season 1 of #thisisus trying to catch up. Im on the next to the last episode and I’m wrecked already. Completely. I’ve seen all the crockpot references- don’t spoil it for me. Season 1 remember? I have two large galleries I need to work on. How on earth is life supposed to go on? I’m putting the iPad down and walking away. However I may have to come back midday and binge for just a little. Pizza take out may be on the menu babe. {William?? Y’all. 😭😭😭}

“Oh yes sweet darling ~ so glad you’re a child of mine” Carole King // #sweetEm #junior

“do small things with great love” Mother Teresa // while shooting families or couples the heart behind what I’m trying to capture for them is all the tiny little expressions of love~ the stolen kisses, sweet way their hands touch and the completely unposed moments where the sunlight falls right in the midst. 💙🌤~ #huttonanddaddy @ashtonhiggy

Most days I feel the instagram world is a sophisticated quinoa & kale lunch with Perrier & I’m a basic old school pb&j complete with gluten & a Diet Coke {add lemon wedge please} kinda girl. 🤷🏻‍♀️