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Paige Lawrence  Laughs at own jokes. Lives by the motto “safety third”. Loves fiercely. 💙 CEC; Olympian~Sochi 2014.

“Family” is one of nature’s masterpieces.... and this one truly is a work of art. 😍💙 so thankful we got this time all together! #ShitShow #TP #SlamCan #NeverEnoughTimeTogether

Have I told the 🌎 yet how utterly excited I am for this sweet lil Baby to make his/her appearance?!?! I can’t wait to spoil you with hugs and kisses! And hats off to my amazing friend @lketchgullee14 for handling pregnancy like the absolute star that you are!! 💪🏼💁🏼‍♀️ #AnyDayNow #WaitingNotSoPatiently #NotYourDueDateYetButImReady #AllTheBellyRubs #AuntyPaige

365 days from today, we get to say “I do”!! 😍 💙 how fun is that?!?! 😁🇨🇦🇺🇸👏🏻 I love you @richmondchamp!!! #NeedAWeddingHashtag #TadExcited #ShouldStartWeddingPlanning #OneYearPreWeddingAnniversary...🤷‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

🌻 Life is best when you live it with the people you love.🌈 I’m always grateful when I get to reconnect with some of the people who matter the most. #StarsOnIce #StavelyRodeo #GarageDancing

I think I’m getting the hang of this “#EngagementPhotos” thing... or am I doing it wrong? #StillLearning #WhoSaysYouCantTeachAnOldDogNewTricks #MoneysInTheMane #BackWhenTheyBucked

📷: @evanyvanjayne 👏🏻🙌

After an amazing closing week at @royalroadsu I am proud to say that I have completed my Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching!!! Loved the learning and experience I have gained and now excited to go out and take on the world 😉 #CertifiedExecutiveCoach #RRU #NeverThoughtIdBeAGradStudent

I love you. You inspire me. You make me laugh (within seconds of an interaction). You make me deal with all my feels (when it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary). And you make my heart happy. Thank you for being you and thank you for letting me be a part of your team. Happy birthday sweet girl. 💙💙💙💙

“What is ‘too crazy’ when crazy is your status quo”~ Myself

#BackTogether #ThreeMusketeers #SGC

To these amazing ladies that will be standing up with me at my wedding- it’s MY turn to stand up for YOU. I am so proud of you!! @kirsten_mt you skated so beautifully and with such heart.... @ka2sh I can’t wait to watch you fist pump and clap for yourself after you bring all of your passion and love to the ice. Wishing I was there with you but so happy to have you girls in my life 💙💕🐳🌈 #MyGirls #LoveYou #PleaseStopMakingMeCry

“Find someone who makes you crazy for them- not crazy... or who equals your crazy so you can be crazy together”. That’s not a real quote believe it or not, but what I’m really saying is: Thanks for being you and thanks for loving me. 💙💕 #HappyLoveDay #LoveDayEveryday #BeautyIsOnTheInside #💁‍♀️

To all of the athletes who have just taken part in the Opening Ceremonies at the 2018 Winter Olympics- this is YOUR moment.
I look back on my Olympic experience as the absolute best and most fun time in my life, but I also look back on it as my biggest success. My partner and I may not have had completely perfect performances but in my mind, I had my perfect MOMENT. I performed from my heart and lived in the joyous feeling of making a dream come true.
My wish for everyone competing now, is that they take a second to remember the kid who first started doing his/her sport and to remember that innocent and pure LOVE they felt. Remember why you started this journey and take that child out onto the ice/snow with you. Compete from the heart and make YOUR moment.
With all the love from one Olympian to another- You got this.
Let the games begin! 💙💛🖤💚❤️
#Olympics #Olympians #YourTime #TeamCanada #FeelTheMoment #pyeongchang2018 #OlympicWinterGames #WeAreWinter

It’s hard to put words to such a happy moment... so I’ll just say- I am so thankful for you, @richmondchamp, and I can’t wait to spend FOREVER with you! I LOVE YOU 💕💕 #WeGettinMarried #Engaged #NoTakeBacks #YoureStuckWithMe #imtheluckyone #SkiTripToRemember #AnyoneWannaPlanTheWedding?

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