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Paige Ashton Pierce  3 time PDGA world champion (2011, 2013, and 2015) Team Dynamic Discs, Keen Footwear, HandEye Supply, and Whale Sacs.

I am so excited for the GBO! Come on over to @eric_mccabe and I's table at the fly mart! I will have 8 different items available including Dynamic Duo dyemax, Worlds Waterfall dyemax, Identity corner stamp, Handeye Fingerprint stamp, Team Keen stamp, Convict shirt in turquoise and grey, and (not pictured) my signature Whale Sacs! The discs will be on a mixture of some of the molds I carry in my bag: Marshal, EMac Truth, #PaigePierceConvict , Enforcer, Defender, and Sheriff. All of the profits will help support our tour with the exception of the Team Keen discs, the money from these will go directly to charity! I am super pumped on the way all of the products turned out, HUGE thanks to the graphic eye of @shaffdog13 @handeye_supply @tstana7 and @torkelperson #BeDynamic #KeenFootwear #HandEyeSupply #WhaleSacs #DynamicDuo

Lunch with the fam at Ethan's school. He was rocking a #DynamicDiscs shirt and spitting some hilarious "yo mama" jokes. Mom, try to make sure he doesn't forget how to ride a bike again before I get back!

Another Pro Tour is in the books. This one was in Jonesboro, Arkansas at Disc Side of Heaven on, in my opinion, the hardest track we have played so far this year! I feel incredibly lucky to have returned home with the trophy this weekend after all that went down between @sarahhokom and myself. Of course I enjoy winning, but more than anything, I love to compete. When it is a close finish and winning is dependent on every single decision and every single shot... that is why I play. That feeling coming down the stretch and having to execute with all the nerves and anticipation rushing though you, that is the magical feeling we are all chasing. Every time I get in a close finish with Sarah, this is what transpires. Always exciting and always a pleasure. I look forward to the next one! Thank you to @smashboxxtv , @discgolfprotour , and @rheia760 for the coverage of the ladies that seems to be becoming more of a standard! #BeDynamic #TeamTrilogy #HandEyeSupply #KeenFootwear #WhaleSacs #PaigePierceConvict #CONVICTion 📷:@alyssavanlanenimages

This was just before the playoff this weekend at The Texas State Championships. I had quite a few mental errors in the wind which translated into a lack of confidence on the putting green. Even though the putt that would eventually crown me the victor this weekend was only about 16 feet, it was very nerve racking and made me realize I need to spend more time working on repetition on my putting stroke. I feel so relieved to get the monkey off of my back of never winning in a playoff 😅🐵! Headed to Jonesboro tomorrow for the 4th Pro Tour of the year, excited to see what battle will transpire this week! #BeDynamic #PaigePierceConvict #CONVICTion #TeamTrilogy #HandEyeSupply #KeenFootwear #WhaleSacs 📷: Chase Hayden

Great seats at last nights Rangers game thanks to Todd! Top pic is Napoli coming back to the dug out after his double in the bottom of the 9th that sent Mazara in and made things exciting! Bottom pic is Hamels and Darvish!

Very excited about these new molds I received recently. Both fly like dreams and feel amazing in the hand! #BeDynamic #TeamTrilogy

Officially one month until GBO! These are a couple of the products I will have available for sale there. Shout out to boss man @jrobertmccall for stepping in on modeling the new PP identity convict shirt! And to @tstana7 for hooking it up with a custom fundraiser PP identity whale sac! #PaigePierceConvict #DynamicDiscs #BeDynamic #GBOCountdown

Oh Texas ❤. Love the Texas swing being during wildflower season. Also this was the location of @oldmadandthesea and I's first slo-mo video... may have to do another one.

Look what has finally arrived and is up now on the DD site!

Get you some!

I call this one my strawberry bubblegum 🍓. JT is my fave and only a song of his could truly express how much I am in love with this disc! The official PP signature edition will be coming in very soon I hear! #PaigePierceConvict #BeDynamic
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Do you throw the #DynamicDiscs Lucid Convict? If so, what shots do you throw it for? The Convict is a straight to overstable fairway driver loved by professionals and amateurs alike. Specifically our very own @paigeapierce who loved it so much she wanted the Convict as her signature disc! Wish granted, official PP Signature Convicts coming soon to!

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