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Paige Ashton Pierce  4x PDGA World Champion (2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017) Team Dynamic Discs, Keen Footwear, HandEye Supply, Whale Sacs, DCurve, and Humm Kombucha.

You don't have to leave with a trophy to win. To see this incredibly talented woman conquer the feat that has been draining her mentally this entire year after an un expected injury was remarkable. Not only did she cash in a major championship LEFTY, she did it with a huge genuine smile and impressed every person that was lucky enough to witness a throw of hers. So honored to have been your partner yesterday, you truly can do anything you set your mind to and I admire that so much about you. In the words of your father, "dang."

Huge shout out to @thediscgolfguy for covering the first US women's doubles in 10 years! Had a blast today playing with my lefty banger Pocadoras (@oldmadandthesea), birthday girl Sandy Gast and her partner Pam Reineke, and of course the two wonder women @zoeandyke and @valariejenkins who had an absolutely clutch last few holes to end up winning! Let's get this event started, biggest women's field EVER!

Waterfall vibezzzz

Almost time for USWDGC to start and after getting a look at the courses I think I will be throwing some more putter and mid range side arm approaches. Good thing I have my Classic Blend Marshals and my Lucid EMac Truths prepped after a long year of wooded golf! As always @alyssavanlanenimages on the photo. #DynamicDiscs #HummSquad #DCurveSunglasses #HummKombucha #WhaleSacs #HandeyeSupply

Focus, determination, excitement, tunnel vision, CONVICTion and many more emotions in that final round! It's amazing to have a photographer that can convey them through incredible pictures that will always bring me back to the moment captured. So grateful for pictures of this final round at GMC. 📷: @alyssavanlanenimages

What a wild weekend. I think I have felt every single emotion in the past few days. As you all know playing good disc golf is very dependent on a strong mental game, I had been missing that key element early in this week. Add to that the terrible precision on my release point and you get a 6 shot deficit, something I thought I would not overcome today. With the help of @tstana7 on AND off the course I was able to execute off the tee and putt confidently. Not only did you help me, but your product (Whale Sacs) saved me multiple strokes. I was a sweaty mess today with all those nerves! Tina, you truly are remarkable, you helped me clear my mind so I could get back to golf AND you caDDied for me on one of the sweetest victory laps I will take in my career. I am so lucky to call you a great friend. So excited to see you and Eric tie the knot here next year. My only regret was that I was not on that lead card with my friend @sarahhokom , the fiercest competitor I have ever played against. I KNOW things would have been different if that was the case. I absolutely love battling with you no matter the outcome. By far the best angles in all of disc golf. See you at USWDGC where we can pick this back up. Huge shout out to @alyssavanlanenimages for the best pictures in the business. Huge shout out to the entire TE-15 family. Y'all continue to remind me everyday why I play this game and sacrifice all this time away from my family.
THROW SOME D'S ON IT! #TeamDynamicDiscs #CONVICTion #HummSquad #DCurveSunglasses #HummKombucha #WhaleSacs #HandeyeSupply #KeenFootwear


Great night on the water in Maine with the crew.

Sometimes you don't need words.

Vibram Open, what a week! I am exhausted, overwhelmed, grateful, and humbled. In no way did I think I would be the one jumping in that pond last night but it goes to show you that anything can happen and that it is never over until it's over. In the rain all I was thinking was that I needed to stay clean and get pars and let whatever happens happen. It's pretty crazy that when you stop thinking so much and just throw everything seems to work out better. I learned a few lessons this week and had so many good times with friends. Including my caDDy for the past 4 Vibram's @kk5kid who really is an absolute necessity in rain rounds! It felt really good to finally get off the tee well, now I just need to iron out the kinks with my putt! We are off to a couple promotional events in Maine and New Hampshire and then to play in the Nantucket Open this weekend! #BeDynamic #WhaleSacs #TeamKeen #HummKombucha #HandeyeSupply #DCurveSunglasses #HummSquad #CONVICTion

Next Tuesday at the hollows! Be there!!

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