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Paige Ashton Pierce  3 time PDGA world champion (2011, 2013, and 2015) Team Dynamic Discs, Keen Footwear, HandEye Supply, and Whale Sacs.

There aren't enough words for you @acurrantn you are a truly a special being. Happy birthday, see you in July to celebrate.

I ALMOST got a 2 on hole 25 (with my lucid sheriff) at DeLa today during the meet the pros skins match. With this event featuring the ladies in the skins AND the amazing all women's daisy chains tournament last weekend it's no wonder I didn't go to Konopiste! Thank you California for treating us ladies so well! After the round was over a fan asked for my autograph and told me to "throw with conviction this weekend" made my day! Excited to get this tournament started on Friday! #BeDynamic #CONVICTion

Great weekend at Pinto Lake for The Daisy Chains Disc Golf Tournament! I really enjoy the familiar faces, the helpful staff and volunteers, all the extra activities, and the great course. I love that I have to throw a variety of discs and shots. I didn't have one go to this weekend, my whole bag worked together to help bring home this one. One disc I did rely on though was the Deputy, it is such a great putter. I am so excited to spend more time learning it and becoming more precise on the greens in the weeks to come! Also fun side. It I threw a lucid sheriff pin high (40 ft right) on a 603ft downhill hole! #BeDynamic #PaigePierceConvict #DeputyAndSheriff

Who narrowly missed it better ๐Ÿ˜‚

Alright Eric, your #EMacTruth beat my #PaigePierceConvict on this beautiful, low ceiling, double mando, tunnel shot! #BeDynamic

Cinco celebrations ๐ŸŽ‰

You are beautiful.

After the most hectic start to any season to date... this next 9 days of nothing on the agenda, no alarm clocks, and no obligations sounds perfect. Simply traveling this beautiful country and celebrating this ones day of birth. If you need to reach me send me an email, I'm going off the grid as of now. #NatureBlazersAreBack

Just pimpin down the streets of Emporia.

Jacob, you take good pictures. Thank you. #GBOMoment #BeDynamic #HandEyeSupply

This is why I play #DiscGolf what about you? #BeDynamic #BeExtraordinary #BePassionate #GrowTheSport

I am so excited for the GBO! Come on over to @eric_mccabe and I's table at the fly mart! I will have 8 different items available including Dynamic Duo dyemax, Worlds Waterfall dyemax, Identity corner stamp, Handeye Fingerprint stamp, Team Keen stamp, Convict shirt in turquoise and grey, and (not pictured) my signature Whale Sacs! The discs will be on a mixture of some of the molds I carry in my bag: Marshal, EMac Truth, #PaigePierceConvict , Enforcer, Defender, and Sheriff. All of the profits will help support our tour with the exception of the Team Keen discs, the money from these will go directly to charity! I am super pumped on the way all of the products turned out, HUGE thanks to the graphic eye of @shaffdog13 @handeye_supply @tstana7 and @torkelperson #BeDynamic #KeenFootwear #HandEyeSupply #WhaleSacs #DynamicDuo

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