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Thought I found a way

But the bigoted mind of mine
won't budge and let me make it out of its fanatical concerns where my fervor to feel my heart comes to fall as my mind turns into a stone and stands over my aspirations

tearing it apart
piece by piece
I stay

I stay
to abide a life I can't fight
I stay
to feel my skin and bones crumble

I stay
to be the impeccable marionette that bobs at what's asked of me to draw

And I stay
Thought I found a way
But my mind won't quit
_ *Our mind is gullible to over thinking. We think & assume, make more assumptions to bring them irrational thoughts to life; only to make ourselves believe into negation of what is straightforward, of what seems easy. We question hope & call it a lost cause as it is sensed as fabricated cover-up to make ourselves feel less miserable. We deliberately beat ourselves up & conclude we can not withdraw the mind from what we can not suppress as a phase & we think, we think some more. We think & think till it hurts. We think & think till we are lost. We think & think till we fall. We think & think till we declare ourselves to be the perfect puppets of them thoughts that can not escape us. And we give up on hope of ever embracing good,of ever living at peace. We are all so used to difficult..we can not seem to let our skeptical thinking pass. We urge to look at failure & be engulfed in flames of yesterday by allowing it to burn our tomorrow down. We smother hope. Tongue-tied we let them unworthy fears grow & hope escape hearts. Don't let your heart ever run out of hope, don't let it go empty. You're not a puppet. Times of yesterday may have been painfully slow & difficult but that necessarily doesn't have to be your constant. Don't let it define you. You're bigger than that. You're stronger than that. Relish your thoughts to a beautiful place & retreat. We can*
-Pahi Shetty

In collaboration with @dhanush.shetty
Artist - Dhanush Shetty
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#Solid ground✨

We choose.

We choose to grow. We choose to curl up & give in to our fears. We choose to become the good we seek. We choose to let the worst in us show. We play pretense to make ourselves believe we're naive. We let ourselves drown in the ocean full of vulnerabilities. We cry & cry over things that never will matter to another. We snatch others happiness,others rights only to become the greater vision of who we believe we truly are meant to be & that's how we stay just to our hunger & unjust to the deserving. We give chances to win. We curse the world when lost. We bite our tongues to not hurt another. We spit hate so it pierces through hope of another & lead them to fall. We're the good. We're the worst. We're the right. We're the wrong.


Time makes us strong. Time makes us weak. Time teaches us to hold onto courage. Time leads us to collect fear & take shelter in,to reside in & sink in believing its harsh realities. Time carves wounds on our fragile heart as mind wails,soul aches. Time heals our aching heart,mind,soul too.


I cry. U cry. Our cries. We all cry together to make sense of our living,our lives.

Why can we not together guide our thoughts to a better place?Why can we not together take time to help one another & let them know it's okay to be scared, it's okay to feel sad but it's not okay to stop living life without hope. That there's a better day than yesterday & today;that they're not alone in this.
Let the good in us win & the worst in us fall. Fix your heart to fix others. There's enough hate in this world. There's enough of pain in this world to deal with. Reaction to only fulfil self is chaotic. We're to never satisfy the thirst for more. Why can't we choose to help each other get up & stay put in this hardship instead?

Let apathy remain in ruins & empathy bloom. Fight the demented that resides in you. Turn it off,turn off the mind that makes you strip your love that sings within. Keep your head sane & know better;know the difference we're trying to seek in the world actually lies within us,within our reach. Let it reflect the kind of world you'd want to live in. Let the just exist. Live the dream.

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