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Pahi Shetty  Mumbai |Abu Dhabi Twitter|Snapchat:Pahishetty91 Curly haired. Game of Thrones. Optimistic|Obstinate. Writer|Reader. Loves my daily dose of 'KTJRDSNK'


You've found all my past and present,
Stage by stage, I tear you apart from your sanity and still you wrap your arms around me with such great warmth

I care about you, Alese

It breaks my heart to see I am the one who disassembled you, covered you up in blue

I can't help myself from falling out of love with you and taking you for granted

Spread out your wings and fly to a better place where I won't be able to break you down, beautiful
Don't let me hurt you anymore
Don't make me put you through hell again
Don't let me ruin your innocence, your shades of vibrant colors

Alese, love is not for weak willed people like me

Let's burn our tomorrow and sigh over it's ashes for the very last time

I can't hold your hand
Feel through my veins, I have grown bitter
let me no longer destroy you

Hey, selfless person

Don't be a desire of another selfish human ever
Try to make an escape off this cruel world,
You are the most purest form of love I have ever encountered in this lifetime of mine
And I still couldn't find a way to love you right
But managed to create a perfect art of brokenness in the name of love to be noticed by many who'd dare to swing on this one tremendous shake that never happened to lift my courage
Instead, broke someone who dared to and left her empty handed

Alese, you don't need anyone or anything but the truth of my misleading methods

I'm sorry to have fooled you into believing I was the one for you
Times I chocked on confessing my love were not under the act of deliberation but my heart resenting it

Your touch has never felt unfair
Concentration of my life was more based on the fact of being centred to only my needs, only my matters of comfort
I surrendered myself to my bitter heart and never could I walk past the filled bitterness of my heart
Forgive me, love
Tear my name down your skin and breathe through the privilege of being free of giving up on your liking, life, love
You've been living the monotonous pain for way too long
Break the cycle, Alese

Hey, selfless person

It's my turn now to give you what you deserve the most

Smile, beautiful. Smile. -Pahi Shetty
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Caving hearts to rhyme with each other's, we bleed in our dead hopes
Feeling the hit, failing by desires we come to may be "love" aftermath of our falling cores

How is that possible?
Feeding our insides to no longer hold on to what keeps it going is  preposterous, isn't it?
Are we to be foolish in the name of love?
Is there no alternate term to describe pain of giving up?

Hello, selfless being!
You have come to be so naive, haven't you?
So let me get this straight
You are willing to put everything past me, us? 
You are willing to succumb to every tartness too, of letting go what you have liked for so long? 
You won't even let me take turns with you of hating what I have liked, not even a moment to pretend? 
I'm never home at nights and you live them all mornings of doubts alone 
You too can make your life pretty, love
Why put up with someone like me who don't know to care about anyone else, other than my selfish self?
I know you let me ruin your day, 
I know you try really hard to keep that smile of yours intact 
I see you pretend 
I see you pose all those pretends and say I am not going to break your spirits up
You say you don't need to be fixed

Alese, don't do it
Alese, don't put up a fight with yourself
Stop being so comfortable with lying to yourself
Stop biting your lip
Alese, I know how bad you have been wishing upon all those sleepless nights to vanish
I see you cry alone through the noon
I hear you moan at nights and I pay deaf ears to your pleads,
We lay in the same bed and I don't look at you at all
Not even when I know you're staring at the back of my head and hoping for me to look in your eyes

Don't do it, Alese
Don't you please do that anymore
Stop being so comfortable with me trying to cause you pain -Pahi Shetty
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Swallow me in your thirst of wants that only comes to exist at your hours of temptations

The dripping devotion of mine where wanting of an unheard several prayers wish upon to no longer ring like siren in this heart of ours which was held as one & whole still beats to be freed

Wash away my quest of knowing what holds us together, what wants us to grow distant

What beautiful thing hasn't been questioned on its existence

What dreadful thing hasn't been invited with open arms to wreck those beautiful possibilities

Runaway from the tricks your mind plays were said by many wise men and women

Walk away from the beginning of the swollen sulks of many unwashed hopes that linger in our forever hopeful heart were said by many wise women and men

But you make my heart inflate with excitement at shedding my vulnerable self

Aren't we losing track of time? Aren't we fading away from this moment?

I'm waiting for the morning to come too
The night's been bountiful

But it's the wait for exhausted tragic end that pushes us to stay together, hon

Bring me the end already, love

Why do we need anybody when we've got each other to break our spirits up!

I fix my face every night, every day so you won't feel disgusted by my deranged beauty "You fail me everytime", you spite out the words shattering my courage of holding on to us

You try so hard

Foolish heart of mine tries so hard to be loved, to feel love

Oh, what would I not do to stop making my heart collapse
Oh, what would I not do to make my hours of complicated thoughts come to an end

It hurts so bad

I don't think I'd be in a place to gather & embrace some more of upsetting stings from you, love

Your love loves staring at me when my fragility comes to its best
it loves to mock my desires of being yours & sits where you & I collide at our weaknesses

I loved, I loved, I looked at you & bled out dry
I bled, I bled, I looked at you & I broke my chest

Take my hand
let me dive into your deceiving heart
Take my hand
Help me settle down with your feigns

Does my brokenness no longer make you feel brave?
Oh, lover of mine
Fuck you!

Model-Shilpa Shetty
Writer-Pahi Shetty

We visit the most wrecked areas of our lives seldom
We linger in pain
We loathe in agony of our heart
We throw ourselves into the darkness of mind & believe there is where we're to hold our best
We don't even try to save us from being pulled down

We tear our sanity apart in thirst of freeing ourselves from the untouched realities as the lived ones were dipped in desolation
We exchange words of discouragement & fall

Suddenly we crave to soothe, ease our waits that pursue in fairness of uncertainties
Gracefully we gaze into hope
Gracefully we gaze into abyss of distress & chaotic urges

We pin ourselves down


Stretching out to lies, we close our ears & blind ourselves to feel less hurt & wrap our arms around some more fibs to sedate our weary mind & heavy chest

In the night, you break alone
In the day, you bleed yourself dry
In the night, you gulp down the fear of getting lost in the beauty of kindness of others
In the day, you run away from sham touch of care

Night's are longer
You light candles all over the floor in hope of a magic to surface
There's smoke around you, smoke encircles you & slowly starts to smother you

You gasp
You breathe heavily
You gasp for air
Conveniently you let yourself get suffocated by the surrounded smoke

Smoke fills your lungs
You turn blue

Help! I've lost

You don't remember who you're without your yesterday
You don't want to miss out on your tomorrow

Will I recover that broken piece? We drown ourselves in this thought & dread
We open our mouths

We swing by our chocked dreams & anticipate
We anticipate questions;
Will I ever be allowed to live free of my guilt that I hide deep within my gut? How & where do I seek the tracking & explanations to why I exist? How I can steal the look away from my just & tremble at mistakes of others while I take pride in mine? Will I ever have a moment to seal what I truly like & not what I fear to try on others' approval?

Could that explain why I am here?

What I want would never surface in my favor
Holding on to my hope will never let me leave
Nothing's to fade, nothing's to change, nothing's to make sense of me

Help! I've lost myself -Pahi Shetty

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We accept the heart that suits best at our lowest
We give ourselves to ones who maintain the masqueraded face of benign well
To feel thumping departed days of a possible bliss on our skin has been a constant dependency dosage of uproar in present, screeching halt at 'moving on'
Between us and them, we rip our throats out to hush our screams
Between us and them, we plead to stay in this unwanted stare of perpetual mistrust
Undying needs make us hide our emotions under the surface of our forever smiling face, simulation intensified

5 4 3 2 1
Countdown begins
Oh, we all are united at sore heart's desire to never give up
Under the surface of our flesh and blood, we battle within to love the left pieces of our lives; simultaneously holding someone else's tart heart in ours in the name of love
Surrounded by people who grow vague by days of our fidelity, we still dare to never let them down
Silly heart, surrounded by losses of once savoured to be craved; weighs itself down now with hopes of never giving up on feign kisses of feign lovers
Chasing their dreams we happen to forget what our dreams look like/looked like
Sirens are not going to be put off yet so easily "Get immune to this, love" whispers juggle in our ears
However we have already grown immune to the resonating sound of y'all
A mesmerizing lullaby indeed, soothing our dismay; dreadful nights won't quit until you creep in our ears, whispers
Funny how we find love in pretends and commit to this unbearable ache for as long as rhythmic play of ruse don't end, for as long as you are wanted by them to enliven their ungracious hearts
Still and collected from exteriors, we blindfold ourselves into believing there's no good in exposing our doomed hearts to irreverent faces we have come to love

5 4 3 2 1
Seal my heart
Not always will love be enough to make my heart bloom
What I have come to give up on isn't your love but mine for my heart
Fool won't stop seeking deceitful hearts to make it whole again,
Fool won't stop trying hard to tear itself down in this quest

Fool won't stop to care

5 4 3 2 1
Heart? Runaway. Runaway.

Model - Shilpa S

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