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Page Kennedy  Torn Pages album.Straight Bars2 out now @pagekennedy twitter/SnapChat/YouTube if u wanna laugh yo Ass off like an Asian girl.

Are you a Cat or Dog person? (Like if you like animals)

Look at my first baby boy. Look what he turned into. A damn mumble rapper. I’m a terrible father. #BabyWolfGod Roast TF out of these niggas. @_timothykennedy

How long does it take women to get ready? @official_janina

Breh why y’all keep saying this girl in @champagnepapi my twin? What’s her @ tho. I’d smash. Incest goals 🤷🏾‍♂️ (Paige Kennedy)😭😭😭

This is my favorite video. @directedbydiego destroyed these visuals. #WelcomeToDetroit go watch it. “Must of Killed Pam and her son (Pamela Anderson) and let Bay Watch” for a rapper we love when the pieces line up perfectly for us.

What’s your favorite bar of mine? #LookingForPagers following whoever says my favorite line.

When your girl falls asleep waiting on you to come home #CottonCandy #ButDidYouSmashTho

I miss #HipHop so much. 📸: @poteetfilms (Full video on YouTube) #MissYou #SPDS

Pick one

When yo parents tell you “Sit Cho lil ASS down somewhere” @3dnatee is my sister. I love her. Most talented female rapper in the game. If you ain’t up on her yet wake up. #ICantLoveYou coming soon. #SPDS #AlreadyLegendary

Caption this #ICantLoveYou #SPDS

Pick one

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