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[Staff @ Punggol 21 CC: Auntie Lilian, we bought a cooker for you‼️
Auntie Lilian: You all want me to COOK for you right?!! 😂]

Like a doting mom who cares for her kids, Mdm Loo Lee Lim (affectionately known as Auntie Lilian) always brings good cheer and positivity wherever she goes, often whipping up her homecooked signature dishes for the busy bees in the office!

Having served in PA for 40+ years, she is also Office Mummy to her colleagues, readily sharing her knowledge and guiding them along.

Mdm Loo will be retiring on 1 June 2018 and we wish her a well-deserved retirement! Come back and visit us with your famous kueh pie tee soon! 👍

Have you got an Office Mummy just like Auntie Lilian? We'd love to know, comment below!

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[Giveaway Contest!] It’s almost time to roll in the school holidays! Can you guess what’s this course under our School Holidays Series that has got us saying ‘saranghaeyo’? 💖

Follow us on Instagram, leave a comment below and 3 participants with the correct answers stand to win 4 movie passes each! Hurry — Contest ends this Friday, 25 May, 11:59pm. 🙋🏻‍♀

Fancy soaking up the sun and getting your fill of vitamin ‘sea’? 🌞

Enjoy some breeze and picturesque views by joining us at our Stand Up Paddling course.

Head over to and search for ‘Paddling’ to sign up now!

"Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something." ~Max Lucado ✨✨ The #Bedok residents are perfect examples of the Gotong Royong spirit. Spread some love and warmth today!

It's FriYanny! After a long week, it's finally time to rest on our Laurels for the weekend! 🎉

Featuring our dancers from Chingay 2018. PS - all we hear is "community" 🤭😂

Music credits: House of Evo

Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim friends! May this #Ramadan bring joy, health and peace to you. 😊

"She's still stuck in her box?!" 😱 Things get pretty real between this mother and daughter.
Find out more about them on our Facebook page (link in bio)!

Need DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Here’s the last of our series – there’s still time! •
For the mum who bookmarks baking tutorials on YouTube and enjoys showing off her creations to the family. This time, bring the tutorial to her ‘live’ and have fun challenging her to a ‘bake-off’! 👨🏼‍🍳 Ugly biscuits or not, we know our mums will always appreciate them.

#mothersday #sgmothers #sgmothersday #sgmum #sgmummyblogger #diy #diyhacks #sgcraft

Need DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day? We are here to help! 💡
For the sentimental mum who has kept all of your drawings and cards, even when they were just scribbles. Now that your art skills have obviously improved, put a smile on her face by adding another card to her collection. Try not to glue your fingers together this time 😜

Need DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day? We are here to help! 💡
For the cheerful, optimistic mum who always makes you laugh and roll your eyes at the same time with her cheesy jokes. But deep down, you wish she’d never ever change. 🌞

Need DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day? We are here to help! 💡

This is for the mum who stocks up on snacks and biscuits not simply because they are on sale, but because she wants to make sure you never go hungry. Assemble and present her with your version of a handy ‘snack-kit’! 🍪☕
#cookingskillsnotrequired #mothersday #sgmothersday #sgmothers #diyhacks

Join us in the celebration from 4.30pm today at Keat Hong CC! 🎉 There will be a variety of performances and activities such as bowling and drone-flying for your family to enjoy. Admission is free.
See you there! 👋🏼 #keathong #keathongcc #ilovekhcc

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