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Heads or tails?

Tricks of the light.

Made by my own atheist hands.

Looking appropriately sceptical about techo-utopianism.

#designbeku #sankalpa377 making things we love with people we love

Day 2: #sankalpa377 #designbeku making posters, songs, slogans

It me. (padmini = lake of lotuses)

Directorial decisions: devising a performance around the rights the 377 judgement grants us! #sankalpa377 #designbeku

Imagining design ideas while Mamta Sagar explains the 377 judgement lyrically to the Sangama community. #designbeku #sankalpa377

@varunaasura brushing up on the law on our first #designbeku outing! #sankalpa377

You can't see it but @krishnaudayasankar is wearing a CAPED CRUSADER blouse yo. Holy superhero satorial excellence, Batman. #blrlitfest

Hazards of sewing with cats.

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